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Favorite position to cum in while fucking

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Started by grifkami at 04,May,20 01:34  other posts of grifkami
For me personally I love changing positions while I'm fucking, usually at least 4 or 5 times before we orgasm. But when we are approaching climax, I almost always like me and my partner to be in the good old missionary position, with the bottoms legs spread wide open. I love seeing my partner ejaculate And the basal expressions they make during their orgasm! This video sums it up perfectly for me:

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The only thing I would change if I were the top would be withdrawing my cock to shoot my load on my partners stomach and cock. I have certainly done that, and a few sex tapes I've made with previous partners, I always pulled out of them to blow my load and show off that much desired "Cum Shot", but I always have much more intense and powerful orgasms when I fuck to completion and cum inside my partner (even wearing a condom). Temporarily pausing my stimulation to withdraw my dick to finish myself by hand decreases my pleasure a considerable amount. When I'm being fucked, I really don't have a preference where the guy shoots his load. Whatever gives him the most satisfaction is typically fine with me. What are other guys' thoughts on this? And also do you have a different preference of the position you cum in depending on whether your giving or taking a dick.

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By Scorps at 04,May,20 07:36 other posts of Scorps 
Mmmm hot vid! Good ole missionary is my favorite too, with both sexes. There's NO pulling out though. 😉 I've often been told they can feel the heat from my cum making the orgasm that much more intense for both of us as I do like being talked to rather dirty.
By Jamie at 04,May,20 16:43 other posts of Jamie 
I agree Scorps..

By nekekal at 04,May,20 16:20 other posts of nekekal 
I need to have my cock inside, mouth, cunt, ass, when I cum. If I have to pull out it is just a hand job with good foreplay. I can masturbate, but for a real orgasm, I need to have my cock fucking or being sucked. Cum in the mouth. Swallowing prefered.

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