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where are all the women

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Started by Curioussteve at 20,Nov,20 15:29  other posts of Curioussteve
I'm a 56 year old male, married for 20 years .

Looking for one off or lots of meets, to choose right person, I need to be as sure as possible through our chats etc that you seem to be the right person .
I donít want one line replies but would like worth while details about you and how and why you think we could have fun together, problem is where are all the women, why is no women want to talk, and if they do, they say they are not interested in anything with anybody, why come here then ? come on ladies, where are you ?

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New Comment

By Scorps at 21,Nov,20 01:10 other posts of Scorps 
Not here!

Proof, that reading is FUNDAMENTAL...

You, CuriousSteve, along with thousands of others always CONVENIENTLY ignore the sign-up page, where it CLEARLY states...


1. Many men expect that they can show their pics on this site to women. In fact, most of the comments will be from other men, mostly gay.
2. Many people expect good comments on their pics, but in fact you may receive bad comments or even be insulted. So if you are not ready for this - DO NOT PROCEED.
3. Some members of this site may be fake, not being who they claim to be. Some can intentionally make provocative comments in order to mock you. So, be wise.
4. Many "FEMALE" members are FAKE, NOT REAL WOMEN, but men pretending to be women. They are NOT employees of the site. The world is simply full of liars."

Yet, you came here anyway, and then start bitching or inquiring like, WTF?

Piece of friendly advice, Men AND Women view these types of places VASTLY different. Therefore, the one's that are on sites like this, are the fringe, and even then, I assure you, their not gonna act like dogs in heat, like most men do. If you just so happen to find one like that, odds are it's a MAN too! Good luck!

By bannon at 20,Nov,20 20:00 other posts of bannon 
I think you will be lucky. Try a bar, or a dating site.
There are a few demented old gay boys that might chat to you if you want to campaign for trump.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

See the forum "Is there any girl that I can have a conversation with?" you will get teh idea.
By dgraff at 20,Nov,20 21:32 other posts of dgraff 
Why would some one come to a 98 percent gay site looking for woman it makes no sense to me little girl

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