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By dgraff at 29,Mar,20 17:12
I know Iím completely out of Yukon I can by beer but it takes to long to get a good buzzz just drinking beer

By dgraff at 29,Mar,20 13:47
In Pennsylvania we have state stores run and owned by the state so all state run operations are closed no hard liquor and penndot is closed and the Pennsylvania turnpike is open to easy pass only I can still buy beer if I care to

By dgraff at 29,Mar,20 13:39
Oh Iím sure he would have no other way but to be by my side

By dgraff at 29,Mar,20 12:10
It really close with in 4 inches

By dgraff at 29,Mar,20 09:11
I certainly hope the home owner had the arm stuffed and mounted it would look great over the fire place

By dgraff at 29,Mar,20 09:08
I even took a little drive around the area this morning looking for them I know what they are driving even

By dgraff at 28,Mar,20 23:14
So there is a scam going on in my area 4 Puerto Ricanís are going door to door telling older people they are from the government hazmat team sent to clean and disinfect there home once in your home they pull knives and rob you I certainly hope they stop at my place tomorrow I will answer the door with a cane let them in lock the door behind me and pull my 45 long slide out of my pancake holster in the back of my pants and rob them to see how they like it

By dgraff at 28,Mar,20 21:27
I would break his nose and think nothing of it my hand is as big as his whole face

By dgraff at 28,Mar,20 21:22
No but Iím saving my newspaper just in case

By dgraff at 28,Mar,20 18:14
Nice you should do just fine Iím doing much the same

By dgraff at 27,Mar,20 22:26
If I hold my armís straight out I measured 6 ft 2 inches from finger tips to finger tip
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If I had feathers I think I could fly

By dgraff at 27,Mar,20 21:27
With out getting long winded I only came in contact with a whole 3 people today and I managed to stay 10 ft away from all of them

By dgraff at 27,Mar,20 21:24
Hahaha I can do with out veggies Iím a carnivore I eat meat lots of it

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 09:59
I could but I wonít my neighboring states are in worse shape with this Coronavirus then we are no thanks I will go with out and give my liver a rest

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 06:11
I donít see Cody conducting himself that way his father was a police officer so Iím sure he has more respect for the law then that hell I think I remember seeing some thing about country couple son being a police officer in Florida the police are just doing their job itís the government restrictions but keep it in mind with this super virus 🦠 world wide we need the restrictions to keep us healthy

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 05:31
Nice 👍 count me in

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 05:24
I call that ghetto shine itís moon shine with the government restrictions I buy that brand to some times

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 05:21
Hahaha I drink a half gallon of Yukon every weekend I must be the oldest party boy on this site

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 04:50
Oh how I would love to

By dgraff at 26,Mar,20 04:47
Iím with you guys in Pennsylvania the state stores are closed so I canít even stock up on my beloved Canadian Yukon jack Iím down to one half gallon hell that will only get me through this coming weekend then Iím out and it sucks
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Unless I can get my friend kebmo to ship me some

By dgraff at 24,Mar,20 22:16
If we go on lockdown conditions you can still go out side you just canít leave your property well my property consists of 22 acres of woods trees rocks and mountain laurel so if I run low on food I will grab my favorite rifle and take a walk Iím sure muggsy wonít mind eating deer turkey rabbit or squirrel 🐿 or maybe even a black bear 🐻

By dgraff at 24,Mar,20 07:00
No thank you no Coronavirus burgers for me Iím eating at home from now on

By dgraff at 23,Mar,20 07:07
No not really I donít like doctors and hospitals period and Iím not so fond of government telling us what we can and cannot do either

By dgraff at 23,Mar,20 04:45
Hell no in my country a weekend stay at the hospital cost me 12,000.00 then yet they put you on medication that cost me 258.00 a month so bottom line is they save your life only to run you in the poor house

By dgraff at 22,Mar,20 22:35
Bla bal bla yet another democrat comes out of the wood work to twist the truth around go pedal your sad story to the media or some one who gives a fuck if you stinking Democrats would have listen way back in January this super virus wouldnít even be in the United States 🇺🇸

By dgraff at 22,Mar,20 12:56
Who is uncle Donnie??? Is he like cousin it oops I mean cousin lix

By dgraff at 22,Mar,20 12:54
You Montana guys have a couple confirmed cases of corona virus and it could get out of hand quickly donít take it lightly

By dgraff at 22,Mar,20 07:58
Itís crazy Iíve never seen anything like this before

By dgraff at 22,Mar,20 07:26
Hahaha good idea 💡

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 22:01
Yeah I guess so
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Now I just heard there has been cases of looting in surrounding cities Harrisburg and Lebanon

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 21:33
Pennsylvania is on a mandatory 9:00 pm curfew now

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 21:31
I heard the French ticklers work the best
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Remind me to call my Edward Jones broker Monday morning and tell him to invest some of my money in condoms

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 18:38
Well if lix said so then it must be true

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 18:35
I had a ball python when I was younger there to much work to care for and you get little enjoyment out of them

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 06:28
I know I love your curve can I have a taste instead of a look

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 05:44
Awwwww heís cute donít you just wanna take him home

By dgraff at 21,Mar,20 05:30
Hahaha 😂

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 22:23
Itís getting crazy I still am opening the garage but cars must be dropped off and when my parts delivery people show up I have them yell through the door what I owe them I write them a check and slide it under the door after they leave I open the door and grab my parts using gloves of corse

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 10:48
Yep that will be next as panic sets in and looting and all that come with it

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 07:11
Yeah me to I own 22 acres of the mountain behind my house

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 07:09
They should burn that country to the ground and start over maybe just maybe they can get it right this time

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 07:04
good one

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 07:01
Does every one understand what the Corona really is??? Itís the Ebola virus with a lime twist

By dgraff at 20,Mar,20 06:57
Iím no doctor but I will gladly have a look

By dgraff at 19,Mar,20 06:13
I just bought 4 loaves of maiers Italian bread yesterday so Iím good for a while

By dgraff at 19,Mar,20 06:08
I have no problem with my Apple I 10 x I charge it once every other day but then again SYD is about the only app I use

By dgraff at 18,Mar,20 10:01
I knew there was some joke or saying about Eskimo pussy but I couldnít remember what it was
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Oh and what about French woman they donít shave their legs so I wonder if they shave their face

By dgraff at 18,Mar,20 07:04
Hahaha I like this question I would say Eskimo woman get pretty hairy I guess to keep them warm

By dgraff at 18,Mar,20 06:59
Iím not a selfish man my wish would be that some one would stumble on to a way to kill off the Coronavirus itís getting out of hand
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And at the risk of sounding like a beauty pageant winner
I would also wish for world peace ✌🏻

By dgraff at 17,Mar,20 07:15
Another good thought