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By dgraff at 21,Oct,20 11:39
You talking to me cupcake

By dgraff at 21,Oct,20 05:44
Hahaha you might be right I bet even his boobs like pizza

By dgraff at 21,Oct,20 05:42
I wonder if she stomped her hoves and cryed

By dgraff at 20,Oct,20 22:40
Never seen a set of those

By dgraff at 20,Oct,20 22:39
Well if she was pissed off then my day is complete

By dgraff at 20,Oct,20 22:11
Nice beer goggles

By dgraff at 20,Oct,20 22:08
I think itís a language barrier she seems to speak in tongues but we canít understand her with Aussie mans cock in her mouth

By dgraff at 20,Oct,20 21:59
You heard it here first folks

By dgraff at 20,Oct,20 06:22
Birds do love grubs

By dgraff at 19,Oct,20 20:16
Well thatís odd what color were they in the screen shot

By dgraff at 19,Oct,20 19:01
Yeah itís purple

By dgraff at 19,Oct,20 05:21
I agree phart the pussy ass libtards are afraid Trump had it and pulled through with flying colors hell I may have had it and donít even know it back in March I had a spell were I could feel some thing trying to drag me down but it wasnít strong enough I donít think itís the killer they say it is

By dgraff at 18,Oct,20 19:41
Hahaha oh well

By dgraff at 18,Oct,20 19:08
The video says like and subscribe if you want rowens killer to get the death penalty and I did but I would like to see them kill him in cold blood and cut off his head and hold it up for the townís people

By dgraff at 18,Oct,20 12:12
It was tricky at first

By dgraff at 18,Oct,20 09:34
I think it could be possible when I was younger I used to love to shoot my double barrel shot gun while I was on ice skates

By dgraff at 18,Oct,20 07:21
As everyone knows this topic is a sore tooth with me my question is just what do the black people have to bitch about as I see it we have come along way in 50 years change does not happen over night I remember the 1970s very well now those are times they had a gripe I remember young white men getting together on a Saturday night going to the city of Harrisburg in beat up pickup trucks going brooming no one got hurt and it was fun

By dgraff at 17,Oct,20 09:05
How true thatís exactly how I feel

By dgraff at 15,Oct,20 20:47
And donít forget we delete at least 5 members a week as of lately today is the first time in a long time there has not been a abuse report but still a 16 thousand member drop is a big number in just 7 years

By dgraff at 15,Oct,20 18:17
36,723 members on June 16th 2013 when I first found this site
20,898 today the end is nearing

By dgraff at 14,Oct,20 20:20
Yeah seniority thatís the word I was looking for

By dgraff at 14,Oct,20 20:15
True but in our situation the jurors seem to think itís ok to do their own investigation adding to the prosecutorís case and thatís not how it works I vote strictly on the way the reporter sets it in front of me and if itís Poorly presented it should be dismissed as abuse not valid then if someone else has more information they should report it themselves that way the nuts snooping around other members pages hunting violations will either learn the right way to present a report or they will quit snooping
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Iím just not in to sneaky shit

By dgraff at 14,Oct,20 18:51
Iíve said right from the start the whole evaluation system is all screwed up and not fair to anyone the guilty go free the innocent get booted what gives me a garage owner from Pennsylvania or you an insurance executive from Michigan or a Sasquatch Bush woman from Australia the right to decide who stays or goes
I think we should go by age and pick the three oldest members and thatís the panel a yes a no and a tie breaker that way itís set in stone no argument no regrets

By dgraff at 14,Oct,20 14:35
Oh my that I donít know and neither does he he just got the blanket last week so I guess time will tell

By dgraff at 14,Oct,20 06:35
I pulled my vote so verosally could go bye bye I didnít care if it stayed or went with me it was a matter of principle hey you know me always the one to buck the system but seeing how everyone votes kinda does give me sense of who would throw me under the bus so to speak I have notynyt and Steven 81 labeled as snitches narcs tattle tails and flat out little bitches nothing more than bounty hunterís
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Itís taking me 7 years but Iím learning

By dgraff at 14,Oct,20 06:19
Markis has one and he loves it itís heavy warm it stays in place when you roll over itís filled with some kinda beads

By dgraff at 11,Oct,20 17:21

By dgraff at 11,Oct,20 16:47
I can believe it that pinko fag prince world black listed me over a picture of my Trump 2020 hat

By dgraff at 11,Oct,20 16:42
I never had anything to do with sir crumbs I simply commented on phart s post itís no secret guys like Huxley and I have a natural problem and he even said himself he and I will never be friends we just agreed to coexist on the same site and I refused to act like a 4 year old with him

By dgraff at 11,Oct,20 10:33
So you mean that smart ass is still running around this site some were

By dgraff at 11,Oct,20 06:35
It looks delicious to me

By dgraff at 10,Oct,20 08:24
I understand Huxley deleted his account

By dgraff at 09,Oct,20 06:18
Letís all sit down and smoke a fatty
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It will make you feel good

By dgraff at 08,Oct,20 19:20
I smoked pot for a month one night

By dgraff at 08,Oct,20 05:23
I heard they are giving stickers out after you vote this year
If you vote for Trump you get a I voted today sticker and if you vote for Biden you get a I pooped today sticker

By dgraff at 08,Oct,20 04:54

By dgraff at 08,Oct,20 04:24
Sorry I donít hear as well as I used to

By dgraff at 07,Oct,20 22:55
I wonder if she has a bulge in her pants like mrs Obama

By dgraff at 07,Oct,20 22:21
Hahaha maybe I got her name wrong Iím watching the vice presidential debate Biden running mate

By dgraff at 07,Oct,20 21:38
OMG I just noticed that Pamela Harris has muscular shoulders and an Adamís apple

By dgraff at 07,Oct,20 05:13
My thoughts on that case was when it comes to a suspected **** itís better safe then sorry
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I believe my comment was throw this little fishy back till he grows up then he can return

By dgraff at 05,Oct,20 21:49
Oh see Iím in the dark again
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I do get up around 4:00 am though and I must have missed it

By dgraff at 05,Oct,20 21:17
Walrus is not one of my trade names for her so being that it was 3:40 am and walrus was the name I would say Iím not the culprit it must be some one else she pissed off
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How would it be even possible to vote on the abuse panel make a comment and not know who posted it Iím not understanding this

By dgraff at 05,Oct,20 20:11
Hahaha it may have been me

By dgraff at 05,Oct,20 19:56
Hahaha 😂

By dgraff at 05,Oct,20 06:45
Fix a flat works fine on steel wheels But it corrodes aluminum wheels causing you problems a couple months later
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Good luck with your tire Bella Iím gonna fight with my own flat tire and hopefully I can get it to the shop with out having to change it along the road on the way itís only 3 miles I should make it

By dgraff at 05,Oct,20 06:39
Hahaha not quite

By dgraff at 04,Oct,20 22:38
Go visit lixsipsucket page but be careful you may go blind

By dgraff at 04,Oct,20 22:33
Thatís easy I donít watch the news at all itís to depressing I get my news here on the public forum that way I can pick and choose what is hogwash and what is worth while

By dgraff at 04,Oct,20 22:24
Actually you have my cellphone number but every one else only has my shop number