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By dgraff at 14,Jul,20 12:02
As Mel Gibson said in the movie the patriot
Why should I trade 1 tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants in my own backyard

By dgraff at 14,Jul,20 11:58
Hahaha Iím circumcised to so I know what you mean

By dgraff at 14,Jul,20 06:10
I just heard the Washington red skins are changing their name due to potential racists issues
What will they call them selves now
My pick would be the Washington foreskins

By dgraff at 12,Jul,20 21:08
OMG after all that work getting up the ladder Iím sure heís ready for a nap
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My dad at 93 could climb a ladder as good as i can

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 23:58
Nice so he became angle 1227

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 20:42
I once found a tv show called drunken history it was funny a group of people that were given their favorite adult drinks and ask history questions what a hoot

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 20:36
So Iím watching a Steven seagull movie and the Americans are shooting AK47 the Russian weapon of choice the Americans weapon of choice is the AR15 or the new M16 just goes to show you how cheaply the movies are made

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 18:43
Yep thatís a cock alright

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 18:41
Depending on who the female member is she just might think she is all that and a big bag of chips

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 16:47
I guess some gay guys like that I myself donít mind I prefer girly guys they give awesome head but Iím as manly as any straight guys maybe more

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 16:41
Hahaha yeah that two

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 11:45
Iím going by Lebanon County not the whole state actually Iím in Jonestown and as far as I know we have yet to have our first confirmed case
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See will some times it pays to live that hillbilly lifestyle farm fresh food good hard work and plenty of fresh air to breathe

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 08:23
Two weeks since Pennsylvania went in to the green stage every thing is open with mild restrictions and our numbers are still falling
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Lebanon County I mean

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 07:47
No formality needed CC call me Dan

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 07:45
Looks delicious I will be right over

By dgraff at 11,Jul,20 06:06
WOW I would melt

By dgraff at 10,Jul,20 22:57
Hahaha are you feeling bored my friend

By dgraff at 10,Jul,20 22:54
Not for me I start sweating at 75 degrees
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I would like to start a tow business in Alaska

By dgraff at 10,Jul,20 09:56

By dgraff at 10,Jul,20 06:55

By dgraff at 10,Jul,20 06:23
Knock knock knock house keeping are you descent noooo bitch Iím in a hospital gown and my ass is sticking out
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Inside joke

By dgraff at 10,Jul,20 06:18
Yes I will a light lunch then a big dinner

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 22:12
The baby backs are my favorite
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Yes I make a lot of food at a time so I donít have to cook for a couple days

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 22:04
Absolutely I just did 2 full racks of ribs last weekend
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The new shaqalicious pepperoni pizza looks delicious to
Get it at popa Johns

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 22:02
I just got a great idea for Sunday breakfast smoked pork chops and 4 dippy eggs

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 21:33
Hahaha now we are talking my language FOOD

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 11:28
My father retired from General Motors he told me back in the 70s the designers no longer had to pull any shop time Pryor to that every designer was required to do so many hours of shop time each year working on what they created
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It gave them a better sense of how to improve

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 07:30
Me to

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 07:06
Thatís something we definitely agree on

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 07:04
Yes I agree with that

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 06:09
Out of all fairness I have in the past accidentally hit the - itís way to close to the reply button and I have big fat fingers

By dgraff at 09,Jul,20 05:30
All Iím saying is we should never forget who we are and how we started out no beef intended well maybe a little towards a school teacher that seems to think heís better than everyone else

By dgraff at 08,Jul,20 20:56
No you blondie

By dgraff at 08,Jul,20 20:38
Hey letís not sell the under achievers short as I tried to explain to our resident English teacher if everyone was super smart nothing could get done we would all be sitting behind a desk looking pretty looking geeky with our diplomas hanging on the wall our under achievers are the backbone of our country and donít ever forget that

By dgraff at 08,Jul,20 10:59
Oh well
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Hahaha Iím sure I owed you a couple

By dgraff at 08,Jul,20 06:02
At least he got rid of the geek glasses but I still like the hodge twins better

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 21:24
He looks to me like a gay twig combined with a super computer geek

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 18:39
First of all BITCH I was not bragging I was being sarcastic with another smart ass member that insinuated I was a hillbilly number two how do you people think your so smart the average English teacher in Pennsylvania makes 40 thousand a year and the average nurse in Florida makes around the same 40 thousand a year hell I can do that sitting on my ass smoking cigars and selling new tires if I push I can double that and if you donít believe me give me your address and I will send you a copy of my taxes

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 13:20
Yeah right

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 13:15
Your sad

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 13:00
No more sarcasm all I have to say any more is fuck you bitch
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There thatís my 10th grade intellect
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And when are you going to start acting like the senior citizen that you are and when are you going to start acting like a lady instead of a drunkin sailor

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 12:08
Yeah scorps grow up we have nothing to bitch about EXCEPT the Democrats are slowly trying to take our rights away the blacks are trying to make us the minority instead of the majority deadly viruses are being imported in from other countries the sky is falling says chicken little so what do we have to bitch about
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Oh end of sarcasm

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 11:25
Iím not sure but I do know that I for one may never travel again now that I see what can happen

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 10:18

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 08:11
I could tell she was white right away

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 07:18
Yikes thatís scary and that woman definitely has back problems did you see how much weight she is carrying out front

By dgraff at 07,Jul,20 06:11
Iím not a big fan of world travel anyway every thing I need is right here in Pennsylvania if people would stay in there own countries and there own states this would have never happened in the first place

By dgraff at 06,Jul,20 21:51
Did you know that Oprah Winfrey was once arrested and jailed for drug trafficking???
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They lifted up her skirt and seen 30 pounds of crack

By dgraff at 06,Jul,20 15:02
Thank you my friend

By dgraff at 05,Jul,20 23:07
White power brother ✊