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By dgraff at 18,Jan,20 05:20
Oh that sucks I hate ice I would rather be weíre kebmo is getting 8 inches of wood

By dgraff at 18,Jan,20 05:15
How very clever of him

By dgraff at 18,Jan,20 00:14
I find it exciting itís the best of both worlds my markis is a cross dresser and he pulls it off well you think youíre with a woman till you get in the sack

By dgraff at 17,Jan,20 22:57
If that was directed towards Bella I also congratulate her on being quick on the draw as I was after the ball to had it been a shoot out I would be dead and Bella would be the new sheriff

By dgraff at 17,Jan,20 22:52
I love it hunker down by the wood stove tomorrow we are to get 5to8 inches of snow then a high of 28 degrees all next week

By dgraff at 17,Jan,20 22:47
I kinda guess it donít matter anymore John boy dose the same thing my advice is for everyone to become a paying member and by the way the more you pay the more you get away with
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Iím thinking of up grading to a Diamond 💎 member

By dgraff at 17,Jan,20 22:42
Iím just north of Lebanon country about 1.5 hours from ya

By dgraff at 17,Jan,20 09:42
Hahaha try show your dick . Org

By dgraff at 16,Jan,20 06:37
I still have one itís part of my xfinity triple play phone net and TV but I donít use or answer the land line I still get calls for my father and he is gone three years now

By dgraff at 15,Jan,20 06:07
Lazy people period

By dgraff at 13,Jan,20 10:10
Yeah donít worry about it Iíve been black listed because Iím not some oneís type

By dgraff at 13,Jan,20 10:07
I canít keep up with the new slang the young people are using markis has to help me with it even pot it used to be Mexican Colombian red gold and later on sensamelian now its orang Cush Reggie and god knows what else Iím lost

By dgraff at 13,Jan,20 08:59
Really I didnít even notice

By dgraff at 12,Jan,20 19:45
Yeah for sure

By dgraff at 12,Jan,20 15:30
We had a few inches of snow the other day then record high temperatures Saturday and today it is currently 61 degrees all the snow melted leaving a muddy mess

By dgraff at 12,Jan,20 10:27
Thanks I was shocked

By dgraff at 12,Jan,20 08:37
You learn to adapt rain sleet snow and ice donít keep me inside I dress for the weather and go about my day I like the cold weather if it gets above 75 Iím bitching itís to damn hot

By dgraff at 08,Jan,20 22:45
Hahaha it is what it is I have many hats all for different things one for work one for fishing and so on what Iím saying is a woman has to be versatile for my needs

By dgraff at 08,Jan,20 22:08
A slutty drunken woman is a lot of fun at a biker rally or a bar like gillies were she can ride the mechanical bull but if I wanna go to a fancy restaurant or home to meet mom then a classy woman is the way to go

By dgraff at 08,Jan,20 11:31

By dgraff at 08,Jan,20 09:53
True that very strange indeed

By dgraff at 08,Jan,20 05:24
Yeah Iím kinda lost a member steps forward and claims the pictures as his own but votes no abuse

By dgraff at 07,Jan,20 21:33
Letís vote for me I promise clothing will be optional not required and every one will have glaucoma so smoking pot is a must for every one

By dgraff at 07,Jan,20 20:27
I just seen that Iran 🇮🇷 is launching missiles at our American based in Iraq seriously must I dig my Iran sucks hat buttons I have from the Iran crisis back in the late 70s I hope trump gives the order to smoke them off the face of the earth 🌎

By dgraff at 07,Jan,20 20:18
Hahaha my dumb ass thought it was the name of a member here

By dgraff at 07,Jan,20 06:58
AC/DC hellís bells

By dgraff at 06,Jan,20 22:29
I was in ocean city Maryland drinking kamikazes under the boardwalk by the pitcher full
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My god I just realized that was 40 years ago

By dgraff at 06,Jan,20 21:32
Oh My

By dgraff at 06,Jan,20 21:16
I remember as a teenager 18 going to Maryland or new jersey both neighboring states to drink because there drinking age was 18

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 12:16
Cockswallow once told me when he first joined he was that shy that the first person that sent him a message he deleted his account then rejoined the next day

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 11:35
Iím being coy any one that follows what is going on in this site knows who Iím talking about

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 11:32
Hahaha I call that face painting

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 11:27
What is good for the goose is good for the gander

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 10:31
If he was a member three years and claimed he was 19 then that means he was 17 **** when he joined normally I would have over looked that but seeing as how he voted to delete many members I decided he needed to practice what he preaches

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 10:06
At one point in my 6 years of being a paid membership I used to single out the members that vote to delete every time no matter what the circumstances were to see what I could find wrong on there page and low and behold I found one member of 3 years claiming to be 19 years old when doing the math he joined at age 17 of course he was deleted

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 08:02
There seems to be a member getting his jollies off reporting members for some really lame reasons and he seems to be way to young to be acting like a bitter old man if I ever get like that in my old age please someone shoot me

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 07:56
Really your kidding right

By dgraff at 05,Jan,20 07:52
I always ask permission to post a tribute picture of my friends Iíve seen some members get booted off the site for some really silly reason

By dgraff at 30,Dec,19 20:51
Every one needs some skittles

By dgraff at 29,Dec,19 17:14
I know Iím waiting for a baby calf to come running in to feed on them

By dgraff at 29,Dec,19 16:39
I know nothing against big boob woman or big bodied women Iím just exercising my right to take a jab at an old arch rival

By dgraff at 28,Dec,19 21:44
Is it my imagination or is every picture the prominent couple post in the best image of a barn yard nature the last one looked like a midget screwing a holiday ham and the new one looks like a baby calf should be feeding on those big udders

By dgraff at 27,Dec,19 12:39
Weíre you driving a Lincoln town car back then I was doing crazy things in a 68 HO firebird 400 ram air 4 speed manual transmission if only I hadnít rolled it what it would be worth today

By dgraff at 26,Dec,19 20:26
Itís nothing new I remember pulling stunts like that when I was a teenager back in the late 1970s

By dgraff at 26,Dec,19 20:16
To me the weather donít affect me much I take full advantage of it if itís rain I work in the shop or snow I go out towing or plowing sunny I work out side

By dgraff at 21,Dec,19 20:14
Maybe he can get me some mushrooms

By dgraff at 21,Dec,19 05:43
Oh Jamie your no more Hispanic then I am Japanese your just a crazy white boy like me

By dgraff at 20,Dec,19 23:08
I hate to say it but if I was black or Hispanic I would be giving my medical and medicine free

By dgraff at 20,Dec,19 23:03
Phart youíre a good guy with a sharp mind hang in there things will get better some day Iím so sorry for your loss at the moment Iím doing good business wise but I developed health issues 2 years ago and my health insurance shut me down saying itís a pre existing problem my medications cost 258.67 a month and now my doctor wonít write any more prescriptions because I have not been in to see them in a year because they charge me 194.00 an office visit so I quit taking my medication an bought a bottle of aspirin instead screw them there not getting rich at my expense if I die tomorrow I lived a full life and did what I wanted

By dgraff at 19,Dec,19 06:09
I make a bone in Black Forest ham in my smoker for Christmas along with baked corn potato filling cranberry jelly and chocolate meringue pie lots of pie