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**** story?

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Started by xz808 at 14,Feb,21 15:42  other posts of xz808
When i was 6yo, my brother of 15 used to rub his cock between my thighs/legs and at the end he came between it, always leave me with ass legs soaked with cum, i don't remember the details and how many times we did it, few years later i found it kinda hot and started to become bi curious, and visited gay bathhouse.

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By Blade at 14,Feb,21 23:16 other posts of Blade 
My best friend's older brother used to do stuff to my friend too. I never knew until one day I slept over and woke up to my friend's older brother mouth fucking my friend from the side of the bed.

at first I didn't understand what I was seeing from the light of the street light. why is my friend's brother standing there. then noticed the movement and where my friend's head was, and was like OHHHH ok.

I pretended to be asleep in case the brother thought I was awake for my turn. But watching this I got super hard. after the brother left, after a while, I was still hard. I could hear my friend breathing heavy because he was sleeping. I went to edge of bed and shot my cum off the bed so I didn't have to sleep in a wet spot. was twin beds and I was in brother's bed.

I realized how excited this all got me when I came. I came so hard I heard my cum hitting the posters on the wall. I shot all over a desk and the wall across from the bed I was in. Thats also when I discovered how far I can shoot my cum; 5-6 feet?
By xz808 at 15,Feb,21 13:54 other posts of xz808 
Did he cum in his mouth?

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