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If you are bisexual, but only like feminine types, are you really bisexual?

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Started by #637531 at 13,Mar,21 21:18
For example: Say you're someone who likes both men and women, but you're only attracted to feminine types, regardless of gender. No tomboys, no manly men, just feminine types. Are you even really bisexual at that point?

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By mattyboy90 at 13,Mar,21 21:50 other posts of mattyboy90 
Yes, absolutely. Sexuality is a spectrum, not black and white... same with masculinity and femininity. There are many exclusively gay men who only find feminine men attractive. You wouldn't wonder if they are straight, would you?

I myself am 100% gay, and I am smooth, submissive, and find myself attracted mostly to "straight looking"/acting men. So, we all have types.

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