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What Women Expect From Men ? Ladies Only (no men)

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Started by #9482 at 26,Mar,09 13:39
Ladies please educate us men as to how we should approach you and what you expect of us. I?ll start you off with a popular lady?s comment from another topic. ?I think sometimes that men forget that men are visual, but that generally women are textual. I would prefer not to see nude pictures of your genatalia when I first meet you. I like to form an opinion of a man prior to seeing what he looks like. I like to say that I am every bit as interested in what is inside the box as I am what it is wrapped up in!!?

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By BushPilot at 02,May,09 21:52 other posts of BushPilot 
Although I am obviously not female, I would like to weigh in on this question if I may. Women are needy creatures but then so are men. I think that we all need the same things in general; love, companionship, a relationship that is meaningful, and an intelligent partner. What people imagine they want in the way of a woman or man, the perfect fantasy mate, is likely very rarely what they end up with. The reasons are many and varied but I think that in the end, a successful relationships is more about commitment and compatibility than about what we want. In the end, woman or man, that is what we want. Just my opinion.
By licksipsuckit at 11,Dec,18 01:37 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l expect a man to be a man, to act like a man and do the manly things about the place. yeah women can want lots of things, but finding a man that can make a woman happy is the best thing, happiness is so many varied things, you cant ask for happiness, its something that people can give if they have it to give, but some don't have it, and if they cant make themselves happy, they cant make anyone else happy. *Lix*

By #11086 at 10,Apr,09 19:13
I have only been here a few days, but I already have an issue which makes it difficult for me to stay on very long. I do not want to see unsolicited pics of cocks. If I want to see yours, I will look. Please do not ask me if I want to see your pics. Also, whatever happened to starting a conversations with someone that you have never met with "Hello!". If you would like to chat with me, be a gentleman--if you want to talk to some trashy slut, then go somewhere else. I am sure there are plenty of those somewhere.
By #5273 at 12,Apr,09 21:13
/gxs3s134ni61pic.html you like???? hahhaahahahaahhaahahahha
By #7750 at 15,Apr,09 08:33
Gosh that is a really small dick. I would think if I was going to be a really big you. I would have at least shown a good sized cock, not a little boys cock like the one in the pic. What does it want to be when it grows up??? So small.....just like your brain.
By #5273 at 15,Apr,09 23:09
yeah its really small... really small. kinda weird actually cause about 30 other women would disagree to your statment but seeing how your almighy girl power is always right ill go with ur logic and assume that my dick is in fact small.
By #5532 at 17,Apr,09 13:34
FP might be pushing your buttons a bit, but it is not all that huge, or giant, etc.
By #5273 at 17,Apr,09 19:11
to big can be a bad thing
By supablack at 17,Apr,09 21:58 other posts of supablack 
its really not that big, and its kinda funny looking to be honest with you, you have shitty pics sorry

By #5532 at 24,Apr,09 01:18
Not that you have any first hand experience with that situation.
By #7468 at 25,Apr,09 08:37
I am shocked you found 30 women to talk to you. You must have kidnapped them and forced them at gunpoint to "rate yours" otherwise I would guess that they were actually guys posing as girls. That I could definitely believe...hey but at least 30 gay guys like your johnson. Could be worse...
By #5273 at 25,Apr,09 13:14
i am talking about 30 other girls in my personal life....
By #7750 at 26,Apr,09 18:39
Hey I am really sorry, but 30 "girls"? What are you a pedophile? That is really sick. I hope someone knows who you are so that they can contact the need some serious help. Just sick...
By #5273 at 26,Apr,09 20:43
sorry i should have used the word bitches instead of girls
By supablack at 27,Apr,09 02:01 other posts of supablack 
Yeah but referring to yourself right??

By #5532 at 01,May,09 17:27
Bitches eh? I believe those are of the canine family. As far as I can ascertain from these pictures, this appears to be a site for real live human females. Maybe you did not notice the difference between the genitalia, extremities with digits, thumbs, etc. Bitches is a bit degrading, and I would add that if your "woman" friends tolerate that they are more than likely a bit unimpressive.
By #5273 at 02,May,09 17:32
wow luvmyclit i didnt kno that bitches was another name for female dog sorry. But to counter what you said.. many words have more then one meaning you see the word "hot" for example can mean it is high in tempature or it can mean good looking or attractive. So you see the term bitch is also one of those types of words. but i kno what you mean calling or refering to women as bitches is a bit degrading and i was joking when i said it
By supablack at 03,May,09 15:25 other posts of supablack 
Mr.C thanks for cleaning that up, we're off to a good start!!

By #5273 at 27,Mar,09 16:42
hystyker.. soicety tells you that if your intelligent classy, and respectful, then it will be ok to have some adult fun.. really all you are is a victom of society you were born being pursuaded to think like this... you dont have to do all thatt mombojumbo first. i say back to the 60's
By #7750 at 27,Mar,09 19:54
I see that in addition to being a really big jerk, you also cannot read. This is for ladies only. If men on this site really want to know what the ladies think then maybe they should listen once in a while. You might that find your level of success may improve.
By supablack at 30,Mar,09 17:05 other posts of supablack 
Flower Power he just doesnt know any better, just forgive him,

By #5532 at 31,Mar,09 14:22
I don't know that he is being a jerk, he is just saying what he has heard and/or read and has no idea what makes women tick. I agree with Hystrker. Don't start out by show me your dick, we'll get to that but it requires some patience on the mans part. I love to see my mans dick, but had he just flopped it out as soon as we met he would be elsewhere. Fortunately he has more class and understanding than any other man I have known.

Men are more visual than women, that is how their brain is wired (actually synaptic cleft differences, chemical differences, etc). It really does not have much to do with society. The society part comes into play from the past ideas of women were just suppose to be there for their men and not to enjoy sex, or to even think that they could have a sex drive or erotic thoughts at all.

I want to be respected, treated as if I have a brain, that my thoughts and ideas count....the sex that follows will be only as good as that treatment.
By #7750 at 08,Apr,09 13:28
The comment that I made that Mrjerkman is a jerk has little to do with that particular comment. It has more to do with his overall mean spirited attitude when he is on this site. If anyone ever really needed to read this information, it would be him. Read more, open mouth and keyboard less.
By #5532 at 08,Apr,09 13:35
FP: I do agree he is being a jerk here. Does not mean he is always a jerk, but i would bet he is.
By #5273 at 11,Apr,09 23:20
i just state my opinion... i am sorry that you are so foul towrds it but it is what i think... i think your being the jerk for downsizing my opinion to such a low degree.
By #7468 at 12,Apr,09 07:56
Mr****man, you have asked me before why I do not enjoy the pleasure of your company. It is because you fail to actually understand what it is that you do. Here, again you fail to really attempt to understand what someone is saying. You clearly have failed to really read the comments, it is not what your comment was on here about this topic--but rather your overall attitude on this site. You come across as really rude and VERY, VERY mean. If you would just try to be nice to people and not be such a jerk to others, I am sure that you would be looked upon differently. If everyone is telling you that you are a jerk, then maybe you should try and listen--not deflect your anger back at them. You are obviously intelligent, and you probably would be nice to talk to. But you are so mean and nasty that no one wants to do it. Please listen and change, I would welcome that.
By supablack at 17,Apr,09 22:01 other posts of supablack 
again well said, read before you comment, and take this all in, it will help, i would welcome it too to be honest, lets squash it,

By #5108 at 31,Mar,09 07:32
hi just be yourselfs and be honest but most of all make it fun , love you all .xxxx
By supablack at 08,Apr,09 12:52 other posts of supablack 
thanks sam666

By #10318 at 30,Mar,09 05:10
well said tanya , some guys on this site have tryed to treat me like a bit of meat , please be nice and not rude , i just on here for abit of fun so lets just have fun .
By supablack at 08,Apr,09 12:52 other posts of supablack 
with my comments i dont try to treat anyone like a piece of meat, i just say what i notice about the picture that i like, or if the person i left a comment too responds back i will, but still try to be respectful in some way, i am just me, thats all i try to be

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