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What should I do? need some advice

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Started by #11218 at 04,Apr,10 18:44
So a few years ago I met up a few times with a lad from another site. we got on well and we both had great times.

We had lots of plans of what we wanted to do the next time we met up.

Unfortunatly I was ill for a while and so couldn't get up to see him (he lives a couple of hours away from me now).

At the same time I was chatting to a guy from the same site who lived a couple of miles away from me. we met up a few times but I didn't enjoy it as much.

Stupidly I told the local guy about the other lad and the times we shared but I never told him who it was (but it wouldn't of been difficult for him to find out). The local guy said he wanted to join the both of us for some fun sometime and being too polite I didn't tell him that I didn't really want to.

I eventually got tired of the local guy constantly texting and messaging me trying to get me to go over for blow jobs etc. I just ignored him until he stopped bothering me.

A few months ago I tried to get in contact with the first lad again to see if he was still up for some fun etc. Less than 2 days after contacting him the local guy text me again to try and get me to meet up with him (he hadn't done that in 6 months or more) so I'm assuming (and I could be completely wrong) but I think the local guy had been talking to the other guy and they had maybe tried to arrange a group meet up.

After a few messages between us all (never mentioning each other) it all went quiet again and the lad I enjoyed my time with stopped responding to me.

I have recently tried contacting him again and although I know he's read the message he hasn't gotten back to me.

I'm in two minds as to whether I should contact the local guy again, may be meet up with him and see if that leads anywhere with the first lad, even if I have to do a 3 sum or whatever to get to see him again, or whether I should just forget about it all and just find some others to have fun with?

The only problem being the first guy has a cock that I crave

So after that essay I guess my question is what would you do in this situation? I really don't want to keep hastling the first lad if he's just not interested any more but at the same time I can't help but think the local guy has said something to the lad to stop him meeting up with me (but if he has I can't think what).

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By Mike0217 at 19,Oct,20 06:45 other posts of Mike0217 
I agree with Spermkiss. Just move on.

By hytiger at 05,Apr,10 02:39 other posts of hytiger 
Contact me instead

By spermkiss at 04,Apr,10 20:56 other posts of spermkiss 
Move on! Try to put this whole matter out of your head 'cause you're just never going to know. Don't waste time on game players.

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