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Porn and/ or Erotica as Sex Education

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Started by #20814 at 12,May,10 17:18
I discovered porn at an early age. My sexual education began with viewing porn mags and videos. Now there is the internet for porn/erotica resources. My sexual habits have been and still are strongly influenced by pornography. I do know the difference in making love and fucking but in the back of my mind I know that porn has had an impact on my approach to sex. Can anyone else relate to this?

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By #73774 at 13,May,10 03:03
I found discarded porn magazines in bushland behind my house when I was about 10 or 11 (early 1980s), and remember it being extremely arousing. My pussy tingled with excitement and made me squirm, and I didn't really understand why - I hadn't reached puberty yet.
I do think, however, that all the proliferation of porn these days in sex shops and on the internet does tend to focus people more on their own gratification rather than mutual gratification, and I think it gives some people the wrong impression of what normal non-porn star women really like.
Unfortunately I have been "porned" more than once, and I felt degraded - not to mention very sore - from the experience. It was not pleasant, and the men involved seemed genuinely surprised that I found it so awful. I am a women of fairly simple pleasures. One of the best pleasures in life is a man who genuinely wants to please me and listens to what I want - and a man whom I genuinely want to please back.
By oldbugle at 13,May,10 05:24 other posts of oldbugle 
Excellent post!

I think it's so sad that in an age when sex can be so easily recorded and played back th eonly real message that comes across is that sex between a man and a woman is all too often about her abuse and degradation!....

.......So sorry you were "porned" but thankfully, unlike many women, you have the brains to see that it does'nt have to be like that.....
By #482237 at 10,Aug,17 09:51
Baby,,i get loads of requests from men that want to be humiliated and ****. They want these fantasies to be real and do want to record and played back. If you don't think so,,,take a look at my page.

By leopoldij at 09,Aug,17 17:48 other posts of leopoldij 
Alas, you're not here anymore. For I'm the man you describe, one who loves to please his partner first and one who listens to their needs. I've made a prostitute cum once before even my dick was touched. All women I have sex with know that what I lack in dick length I have in making sex for them very exciting.
By #482237 at 10,Aug,17 09:55
Leo,,if you read my answers to #73774 and oldbugle you might think that i think most men do care about what their partner wants. That is not true. Most men have been brought up thinking that a woman will be happy with a big dick, no matter how it's used. They were poorly trained or brought up by their mother. You, my friend, are one in a million. I have three men like that at home and i thank the women that trained them so well.

By #482237 at 10,Aug,17 09:48
I don't know what you mean by being "porned". I assume you were forced to have a form of sex that was repugnant to you. I agree that if your partner(s) were so narrow minded then you should be angry. Having said that, what's "porned" to you might be heavenly for some one else. Please let me remind you that you are ALLOWED to say, "No, i don't like that. Let's do something else." and if your partner(s) don't stop then they are rapists. I have fer taboos in my sex life, but, i would never allow someone to make me feel degraded without my consent first.

By #454258 at 03,Apr,14 23:09
Me- "Hey Dad, when are you going to teach me about sex?

Dad- "Oh God, here just read this Penthouse Forum."

By oldbugle at 12,May,10 19:51 other posts of oldbugle 
Interesting post.......

I'm interested in how your experience is virtually the exact reversal of my own! I grew up in the 50's and 60's and never saw any porn, female nudity or educational sex material until I was in my mid teens when, with a friend, I found an American naturist magazine. Although we found it strongly arousing, our excitement was second to our amazment and horror at the womens prolific pubic hair. Up until then we had only had furtive glances at 'Health and Efficiency' Magazine which only had photos of women with completely smooth pubic triangles so we thought that was how women were. Only much later did I come to undeerstand that the pix had been 'airbrushed' to make their feminity so strangely smooth and invisible!

By the time i became sexually active I had only ever seen this one magazine with pix of real women unretouched, so sex and womens genitals were, for me, an exciting but frustrating mystery.

I have always been a very strong advocate for sexual knowledge and information for young people and this is based on my own childhood when we were kept in complete ignorance about the oposite sex, ignorance that still dogs my generation to this day. For my own part, I have always tried to know as much as possible about the ways of sex and how to give the greatest fulfillment to female partners. There is much to learn and i personally can never forgive those who kept us in the dark for so long.

I did'nt see any of what is now called 'porn' until I was in my mid 20's and i can remember being rather offended by what I saw! perhaps because of this, I have never found 'commercial porn' particularly arousing and most does not give my any kind of thrill. However, amatueur porn, or real people engaging in real sexual contact is VERy arousing fo me, probably because it throws light on that great mystery of sex that i felt in my teens.

So, my experience is the opposite to yours;, porn plays very little part in my aproach to sex which is all about the personality and sexual feelings/needs of women, especially those i actually know,..and yes, i find their bodies very interesting too!!...but it's their personalities and needs which is the force behind my approach to sex.

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