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Anyone from canada?

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Started by #5455 at 05,Jan,09 13:59
I'm new here and just wanted people to take a look at my dick pictures in my profile!!!

Please leave comments =) hope you all enjoy!!!

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New Comment

By Hoodedweiner at 07,Jun,18 20:26 other posts of Hoodedweiner 
Ontario here!

By #533846 at 06,Jun,18 22:50
British Columbia here

By #517212 at 25,Nov,16 23:18

By Edmonton at 24,Nov,16 14:09 other posts of Edmonton 
Edmonton here

By mercuryman6 at 24,Nov,16 14:07 other posts of mercuryman6 
harrow Ontario

By creamy at 28,Jan,09 21:01 other posts of creamy 
quebec here
By tb1 at 24,Nov,16 01:07 other posts of tb1 
Manitoba here.

By kebmo at 23,Nov,16 23:55 other posts of kebmo 
This is Alberta beef.

By tb1 at 24,Nov,16 01:07 other posts of tb1 
Grade A Canadian prime beef

By slipper at 16,Dec,09 14:46 other posts of slipper 

By #22008 at 15,Dec,09 16:47
Lots of people in Canada come from Canada.They are called"Canadians".If you click on MEMBERS on your members page ask for Canada and Hey Presto!!Did you know that the Spanish were the first Europeans to explore CANADA?When they got back they reported "ca-Nada!"(There is Nothing there!) and the Spanish never went back!
By naturist at 16,Dec,09 08:05 other posts of naturist 
the vikings landed in newfoundland first before the spanish

By naturist at 06,Nov,09 04:41 other posts of naturist 
canadian here too

By bk12345 at 27,Feb,09 17:00 other posts of bk12345 
Vancouver over here

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