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Frenulum or Not

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Started by #91520 at 27,Jul,10 17:44
I was circumcised about a year ago, and also had my frenulum removed, I never used to stimulate it when jerking off, I know it used to drive me wild when it was licked. I asked for it to be removed as I used to fear it may snap whilst having sex I dont have any regrets but a part of me wishes I had stimulated it more often another part is glad as I dont know what I'm missing . What do you think of Frenulum aka "the banjo string" being removed.I dont miss it so much, but would like to know if it plays a huge part in other peoples sex lives, do you ever fear it snapping or is that irrational thinking.

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By Dalecash at 09,Dec,17 21:18 other posts of Dalecash 
Iím cut but my frenulum is still there. It is out of this world getting it rubbed and licked
By #570319 at 22,Nov,18 11:12
I wish I had all of mine, but have some feeling little left

By Lenatur at 23,Aug,18 03:27 other posts of Lenatur 
I have a lot of Fun with my Frenulum and Ladies says it awesome and a good Feeling

By Wanky-doodle at 12,Aug,18 05:53 other posts of Wanky-doodle 
Is this an actual thing? I've never heard of this but why would you do this? The frenelum is one if the best places to be stimulated when you want or get sucked

By Earlybird at 31,Mar,18 01:20 other posts of Earlybird 
Was cut at birth, but the doc left my frenulum intact. I'm really glad he didn't remove it, because I've enjoyed extremely intense "frenulum orgasms" ever since I discovered masturbation when I was 5!

My very first method of masturbating was to lightly rub my frenulum in a circular motion with my forefinger. I didn't start using the more traditional thumb & 2-3 fingers method until I was almost 15 because my cock wasn't long enough until then. I didn't start using the whole-hand method until I was nearly 17, for the same reason.

I still experience extremely intense orgasms from using the forefinger on the frenulum method, and my cock dances wildly with each wave of pleasure!

Here are a few pics of mine:

By #539358 at 09,Feb,18 18:31
I wish mine wasn't so tight. Wouldn't want it removed but would like it cut so my skin went back further when erect

By uncut1944 at 09,Feb,18 18:26 other posts of uncut1944 

By biggerdick at 25,Jan,18 09:10 other posts of biggerdick 

By slipper at 28,Jul,10 15:32 other posts of slipper 
My frenny is one of the MOST sensitive parts of my entire body--wouldn't part with it for anything!
By slipper at 22,Dec,10 00:02 other posts of slipper 
Here it is at its tightest--about a C-sharp when plucked.

By skot at 15,Jan,18 02:34 other posts of skot 
My first partner had a frenulum like that. I was always terrified it would get stuck between my teeth
By slipper at 16,Jan,18 12:50 other posts of slipper 
I'd love to have you test that possibility!!!

By Boylover at 15,Jan,18 02:19 other posts of Boylover 
No frenulum left whe I got cut at age 27, but the spot has remained very sensitive:

By #545929 at 09,Dec,17 23:27
I have virtually no frenulum left.
My cock is most sensitive on the left and right sides of my shaft about an inch back from the rim of my glans. The underside doesn't really play much part for me, in terms of stimulation.

By #546517 at 09,Dec,17 14:40
I was circumcised at birth. The doctor left much of the skin, so much so that when I am flaccid you would not know I am cut. So I have all of frenulum

Believe mine is Low Loose. Love having it sucked. Have orgasmed from just that or fingers rolling it.

By cutroundhead at 28,Oct,17 07:03 other posts of cutroundhead 
I have hardly any frenulum....asnd it wasn't removed when I was circumcised 8 years ago...the surgeon said he thought it had been torn it some stage but I don't remember that happening. But it still provides a tremendous orgasm...

By #536450 at 26,Oct,17 17:46

I am uncut, but have my frenulum cut when I was 17 years.

By #10886 at 27,Jul,10 21:11
By slipper at 08,Mar,12 01:05 other posts of slipper 

By oldbugle at 28,Jul,10 03:31 other posts of oldbugle 
In normal sexual intercourse between experienced partners who are both properly aroused there is no risk of "snapping" it's only during violent sexual attacks or first time events where there is ignorance that there is any tearing. Apparently a very small number of men have a penis shape that is conducive to tearing but it's not normally a problem for the vast majority of men who are not rapists and know what they are doing.
By #91520 at 28,Jul,10 07:06
Interesting, is this your personal opinion or have you got some evidence/statistics that support your claim and?provide information on the number of frenulum snapping during violent sex attacks and number of rapists snapping their?frenulum compared to non rapists and regular sex
By oldbugle at 28,Jul,10 09:05 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes I am certain about this. I can't direct you to the stats/info online but it IS there to look at. In some countries it is normal for alleged rapists to be medically examined and torn or damaged foreskin/frenulum is counted as evidence.

I had a friend who tore his frenulum three times when first married,..this was about 35 years ago and sex info was non existant apart from the doctor tlling him to "be more careful". Eventually he worked out that his foreskin was thick and "bunched up" below the head,..when he penetrated quickly this bunching caused his frenulum to tear. he once told me that he learned to stretch back his foreskin during entry and had no more problems. I can remember that he had to go to the 'district nurse' to have the dressing changed and him telling me that she was a bit sniffy about him and mentioned that he must be hard on his young wife because it was a sign of sexual assault.

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