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Show your frenulum

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Started by #26359 at 08,Jun,10 15:12
Post a pic of your frenulum or - if you had it cut - shawing that area

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By tournibranle at 18,Nov,17 05:10 other posts of tournibranle 

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By WhiteBriefs at 05,Nov,17 04:57 other posts of WhiteBriefs 
Here's mine

By mn751 at 04,Nov,17 18:13 other posts of mn751 

By MrBone at 27,Oct,17 20:03 other posts of MrBone 

By Lenatur at 27,Oct,17 06:24 other posts of Lenatur 
News from us Ilumination

By Narcan at 27,Oct,17 04:20 other posts of Narcan 

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By #519017 at 20,Jul,17 12:48

By enticingman at 20,Jul,17 06:06 other posts of enticingman 

By cutroundhead at 03,Jul,17 04:32 other posts of cutroundhead 
This is what's left of mine after circumcision.
By 3fdfd at 13,Jul,17 15:52 other posts of 3fdfd 
My infant circumcision too just about all of it.

By Lenatur at 13,Jul,17 15:36 other posts of Lenatur 

By arandor at 12,Jul,17 19:51 other posts of arandor 
Not a new pic though

By #487206 at 02,Jul,17 18:47

By #536956 at 19,Jun,17 12:57

By AxelThrob at 15,Jun,17 21:30 other posts of AxelThrob 

By mzr at 12,Jun,17 03:42 other posts of mzr 

My very tight and short pierced frenulum

By pan78 at 11,Jun,17 09:24 other posts of pan78 

By #482162 at 11,Jun,17 08:27

This is an old post but here's mine
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By jakass at 11,Jun,17 05:34 other posts of jakass 

By mzr at 11,Jun,17 04:41 other posts of mzr 

My uncut dick with a pierced frenulum

By ekroft at 07,Jun,17 22:00 other posts of ekroft 
Heres mine.. very sensitive..

By #503907 at 30,May,17 10:30

By coop-m at 29,May,17 13:05 other posts of coop-m 
By licksipsuckit at 29,May,17 19:03 other posts of licksipsuckit 
what a great textured cock *lix*
By Lenatur at 30,May,17 01:13 other posts of Lenatur 
LIX thats correct !!! Nice Penis

By #323075 at 30,May,17 00:34

By ratmikan at 29,May,17 11:12 other posts of ratmikan 

By ilovemydick at 29,May,17 10:44 other posts of ilovemydick 

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By #535562 at 29,May,17 00:00

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By leopoldij at 28,May,17 15:30 other posts of leopoldij 

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By Lickm25 at 09,May,17 00:55 other posts of Lickm25 

By Redworm1963 at 08,May,17 20:29 other posts of Redworm1963 

Thought I'd add mine to the mix

By JS2017 at 08,May,17 15:54 other posts of JS2017 

By asiandick at 08,May,17 12:45 other posts of asiandick 
can you see it?

By #149019 at 07,May,17 02:02
and cut

By #149019 at 07,May,17 01:56
I have my frenulum cut check out

By lttltool at 07,May,17 00:03 other posts of lttltool 

By asiandick at 06,May,17 23:33 other posts of asiandick 

By Bojan at 06,May,17 16:54 other posts of Bojan 

By qhaos at 05,May,17 05:01 other posts of qhaos 
Here's mine

By Lenatur at 01,Dec,16 01:32 other posts of Lenatur 
Do youlike ??? Can use my Dick
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By #496814 at 30,Nov,16 14:42

By Cutewilly at 30,Nov,16 08:28 other posts of Cutewilly 
A shot of mine......

By hotlicker69 at 29,Nov,16 15:29 other posts of hotlicker69 

By cut5x5 at 29,Nov,16 10:35 other posts of cut5x5 
Where my frenulum used to be before I was cut.

By newwt10 at 28,Nov,16 11:27 other posts of newwt10 

By heylittleman at 26,Nov,16 19:01 other posts of heylittleman 

By raybo36 at 26,Nov,16 17:12 other posts of raybo36 

By leopoldij at 26,Nov,16 17:07 other posts of leopoldij 

By Str8ab at 26,Nov,16 13:15 other posts of Str8ab 

Here's a pic of mine.

By #519017 at 26,Nov,16 11:30

By Pollicino1 at 26,Nov,16 06:17 other posts of Pollicino1 
Here, this is my frenulum ... what do you think?


By Jagtstein at 24,Oct,13 03:55 other posts of Jagtstein 
I have the frenulum of the penis itself completely removed (frenulectomy)
When I performed the surgery itself, there was no Internet. So I had no information and had to figure out everything yourself. It would then have been completely wrong, go to a urologist and ask him for this intervention, which indeed should be done only for aesthetic reasons and because I wanted the foreskin, masturbation better to pull further back. Medical reasons were not available. Similar reasons are certainly even today the scales give the intervention, which is relatively harmless, even make yourself. Extreme hygiene and care is necessary, however. Of course it was also lucky that it turned out so well. But it certainly was not only luck but also caution here, because I had to recut so many times to remove even the two Frenulumreste underside of the glans and the foreskin. Incidentally, I have never had a problem, and am still very satisfied with the outcome. The surgery is now back 45 years, so I mean the judge can. Incidentally, I report only what I did. Each is solely responsible and his own fortune.

By Arexa at 10,Oct,13 17:45 other posts of Arexa 
Ooh. Lovely thread. Bunches of pictures of my favorite spot to lick.

By Odin_york_pa at 07,Oct,13 22:04 other posts of Odin_york_pa 

By cockalisious at 07,Oct,13 13:34 other posts of cockalisious 

By Pbuddy at 06,Oct,13 10:27 other posts of Pbuddy 

By #285354 at 02,Oct,13 09:17

By outback00 at 01,Oct,13 15:38 other posts of outback00 

By xxx25 at 29,Sep,13 03:29 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a lizard from xxx25

By sandmax at 28,Sep,13 09:52 other posts of sandmax 
I'm not sure about mine. I think they cut it.

By WhoNeedsPants at 26,Sep,13 20:46 other posts of WhoNeedsPants 
My balls need licking too

By foreskinlover52 at 21,Sep,13 05:20 other posts of foreskinlover52 

By jimblow89 at 18,Sep,13 08:56 other posts of jimblow89 

By Horus at 18,Sep,13 06:21 other posts of Horus 
....and this is a better one of my frenulum - close up this time
Closeup of my penis underneath

By Horus at 17,Sep,13 05:33 other posts of Horus 
This shows mine ...
Underneath my penis & my tight hairy sack

By dx1 at 15,Sep,13 15:34 other posts of dx1 
Here's mine, completely removed when i was 18. Very happy without it.

Photo of a sausage from dx1
Starting to fill upPhoto of a rooster from dx1/cb5jd10i0ddfpic.html

By mn751 at 15,Sep,13 14:13 other posts of mn751 
Photo of a jackhammer from mn751

By cuntryboy23 at 15,Sep,13 01:03 other posts of cuntryboy23 

By BorisTopo at 11,Sep,13 19:52 other posts of BorisTopo 

By Guy at 11,Sep,13 07:22 other posts of Guy 

By Cutewilly at 10,Sep,13 14:53 other posts of Cutewilly 

By malecall4 at 10,Sep,13 04:15 other posts of malecall4 
frenulum cut off when i was circumcised

By CreativeOne at 09,Sep,13 21:49 other posts of CreativeOne 

By chris23d at 09,Sep,13 21:25 other posts of chris23d 

By mzr at 15,Jul,13 06:55 other posts of mzr 
My frenulum

By Ray10754 at 13,Jul,13 07:03 other posts of Ray10754 

--------------------------------------- added after 82 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By #285354 at 13,Jul,13 06:06

By topalbatross at 13,Jul,13 05:50 other posts of topalbatross 

By stinger432 at 12,Jul,13 07:27 other posts of stinger432 

By mms123 at 16,Sep,12 04:28 other posts of mms123 
Friends you can see my penis photos without frenulum,on my profile...!!!!

By mms123 at 16,Sep,12 04:25 other posts of mms123 
I am uncut,I wanted to get rid of frenulum for not a specific reason,but as a fantasi,& to look the penis good,.i had seen so many penises without frenulum on internet,7 I got the I have also removed my frenulum recently.I pierced the loose skin below the penis.I widened it & finally cut the thin strip with help of sharp blade.Then the flesh was hanging,which i cut off .A small amount of bleeding was there.but i poured cold water on it.It stopped after a while.within a few days,the wound was cleared,& a fine frenulum less penis,I got.I can pull my fore skin right back to the bottom of penis,it looks good,folds are very less,penis from under side looks smooth,fresh.One more think,without the frenulum penis does not have a bend when it gets hard.I like it so much.I have recommended this to many friends.

By #78174 at 24,Jun,11 18:03

By #77499 at 10,Jun,11 22:29
Photo of a rooster from bplsn12

Photo of a horn from bplsn12

Photo of a hot dog from bplsn12

By an0nym0u5 at 10,Jun,11 16:12 other posts of an0nym0u5 
Photo of a wiener from an0nym0u5

Photo of a stiffie from an0nym0u5

Photo of a dick from an0nym0u5

Photo of a thing from an0nym0u5

By #75392 at 14,Dec,10 12:16
Here's mine. Any comments?
By slipper at 10,Jun,11 15:04 other posts of slipper 

By slipper at 10,Jun,11 15:03 other posts of slipper 
DAYAM!!! SO many frenny posters have left us!!!

By #44171 at 13,Nov,10 14:27

You can see mine in this pic
By slipper at 10,Jun,11 15:01 other posts of slipper 

By #10886 at 08,Jun,10 17:48

How are these? I can shoot some close shots if you like!
By slipper at 09,Jun,10 13:17 other posts of slipper 
By JeffinKS at 08,Jun,11 09:25 other posts of JeffinKS 
truly hot frenulum Slipper

By JeffinKS at 08,Jun,11 09:26 other posts of JeffinKS 
foreskins4ever yours is super hot as well

By max212 at 17,May,11 07:59 other posts of max212 

By stinger432 at 16,May,11 05:36 other posts of stinger432 

By xxx25 at 15,May,11 12:08 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a lizard from xxx25

By mn751 at 04,Dec,10 18:16 other posts of mn751 
Here's a close-up of my (wet and nice):

Untitled photo of a jackhammer

By Stiffcock47 at 12,Nov,10 11:55 other posts of Stiffcock47 
Here's mine.
By slipper at 20,Nov,10 01:23 other posts of slipper 

By bfcoc at 17,Jun,10 04:50 other posts of bfcoc 

By #8109 at 13,Jun,10 03:30
By slipper at 13,Jun,10 13:25 other posts of slipper 
Very NICE! Might I suggest you just post the pic here for all to readily see?

By slipper at 09,Jun,10 13:16 other posts of slipper 
Frennies are SO sweet and sensitive! I'll have to find a good one... or two to post when I get the chance!!! I hope many post; and, nice once so far!
By slipper at 10,Jun,10 01:10 other posts of slipper 
Here's mine.

By #1970 at 10,Jun,10 09:43
looks a bit tight, mine was like that too. trimmed it a little
By slipper at 10,Jun,10 17:37 other posts of slipper 
Yes, in this pic I'm pulled down tight, but it's no issue. Interesting way to deal with it, but far too many nerves to mess with, on my part!

By MoeJoe at 10,Jun,10 04:58 other posts of MoeJoe 
My fren...

By oldbugle at 08,Jun,10 17:45 other posts of oldbugle 

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