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masturbation/excessive libido

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Started by #30712 at 31,Jul,10 13:46
i tend to masturbate alot... in a sexual relationship or not i seem to have to get off alot.. first thing every morning i masturbate.., maybe again when i get out of the shower.. even still i can not leave it alone when i go to work... at least once a day there, and i can not stop thinking about it still, and contemplating how i'm gonna do it later on... even if i fuck the hot cashier at work(which is pretty often) i still gotta knock one off at some point during the day... if at home it could be numerous times, even if i am getting regular sex... i just love it!! i love to masturbate with others the most... i am forever doing it or thinking of the next... i can prove to be pretty insatiable at times to the point where it bugs me to distraction.. please people tell me truthfully about your masturbation habits.. i gotta know.. how many times a day wanking, clit rubbing, fingering ect.. it's my favourite sex activity and i love to hear how and how often others touch themselves...

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By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 18:53 other posts of GloriD 
I remember being 16 lol. Usually once a day, sometimes more sometimes less. I can usually keep an erection and keep going for another if I really want, though it takes way longer for a second. I can sometimes cum 3 times on a single erection if I'm with someone. I still have the normal refractory period. I just don't easily loose an erection, and have taught myself to take advantage of that to fight through the refractory period and cum again.

NERD SCIENCE ALERT! Very basic stuff though.

Honestly a large part of how often you need to cum is how fast your prostate, seminal vesicles, and balls fill up with fluid/sperm. Or basically how much cum your body makes, can hold, and how fast you make it. Your body tells you to get rid of your cum once these are full because your cum can get stale and solidify inside you, which can cause problems like blockages and stones. Also, humans don't ever stop making sperm or cum, so you also need to make room for more. Lastly there is a hormone believed to be involved in your libido called prolactin. The short story is that the less you have the higher your libido. When you cum, you release large amounts of prolactin as well as ocytocin which are believed to be involved in the refractory period. More ocytocin than prolactin for the short term, though.

Some years ago I had to take some medication that stops you from making cum. While I had no problem getting hard and having an orgasm usually dry or only a very small amount of cum like a drop, I had surprisingly little urge to like I usually do. The orgasms were different, too. I can have non ejaculatory orgasms normally but these were different as the ejaculation reflex was triggered, there was just nothing to actually ejaculate. Almost like if you keep cumming until your out of cum and shoot a blank, usually my 4th, but without that this is the fourth time I came over the last 2 hours of fucking feeling. I still masturbated almost every day just because it feels good though lol. That was hell by the way I take great pride in my ability to produce copious amounts of cum.

By #553253 at 11,Apr,18 17:14
Im over 50....still cum over 8/9 times a day. Someone else helps, ok....or ill do it myself. Sex is great!

By Earlybird at 04,Apr,18 13:03 other posts of Earlybird 
When I don't have a girlfriend, I usually masturbate to orgasm 2-3 times a day. Sometimes up to 5 times if I'm really horny!

Even when I do have a regular sex partner, I usually masturbate to orgasm at least 1-2 times a day. Fortunately, most of the gals I've been with also enjoyed mutual masturbation as part of our regular love-making sessions!
By leopoldij at 04,Apr,18 20:51 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm the same.
By Earlybird at 04,Apr,18 22:08 other posts of Earlybird 
I discovered masturbation & the wonderful feeling of orgasm just after my 5th birthday, so I've had a bit of practice. Back when I had dry orgasms, I was multi-orgasmic. I could just keep going & going. I usually had 3-4 extremely intense orgasms in a row without losing my erection. On occasion, 10 or mre. Damn, that was fun! Once I started to ejaculate, I lost that ability. I was not happy! But I still did it as often as possible! And I LOVE doing mutual with a girlfriend, having her watch me, and watching her.

By lawrenceo at 04,Apr,18 08:55 other posts of lawrenceo 
Love it if you lived near me; you could always knock on my door and I would bring you off in a trice.

By FREAKKYZEKE at 31,Jul,10 23:06 other posts of FREAKKYZEKE 
Well ... Once In the morn ,maybe 2 times if up early in bed. Then at night maybe 2 times in front of the laptop and in bed maybe one or two more times Most the time in bed once I usually pass out. Never did it at work. And days off well that all depends what my schedule is like If no one home with me then I might even go on cam to there's a few sites to off on So I don't know if that might be excessive . I don't let it rule my day , let it make it more fun and let out stress

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