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Gay marriage vs straight marriage

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Started by #93465 at 08,Aug,10 12:06
I am bi and married,very attracted to parts of the male body, I have never had anal sex either way and have never kissed a man,I do enjoy hand masturbation and oral my wife doesn't know...another story!Gay I would think is totally different although I have gay friends who don't have anal sex...any coments,straight ,gay ,bi lesbian gay or bi curious,the list goes on and oh yes cross dressers ,they can look quite hot

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By countrynaturist at 07,Feb,19 23:21 other posts of countrynaturist 
I too am a Christian and I am gay nudist. No big deal. Lots of people give me shit for being gay and a nudist and being a believer but I am not accountable for their hatred or narrow mindedness.

If a marriage is between two people and a marriage is about love, then who is to say that two men or two women cannot marry.

I can understand the idea of calling the legal union of two guys (or two women) a marriage, but that's just a wasteful game of semantics. Get past the words and accept the fact that two men / women can live a love filled relationship. And they can do so while living faith filled lives.

By #107983 at 04,Nov,10 15:27
Heres my twopennys worth(and just to lighten it up a bit)
I dont think that there is much diffence between being straight or gay to be honest....

If you have more than 7 pillows on your bed and the bedroom is pink,,,, you are gay or married

If its cup final day and you are out shopping.... you are gay or married

And if you cant remember the last time you made love to a woman..... you are gay or married!!

No offence to anyone , just having abit of a laugh

By cravecock at 03,Nov,10 16:00 other posts of cravecock 
It shouldn't matter! Gay, straight, if the people love each other and are commited to each other than have at it!God Bless...

By cutedick at 13,Aug,10 02:05 other posts of cutedick 
I did not take the time to read all of the comments, but...

...I am a church-going Christian, and think that churches/synagogues/organized religions etc. can do whatever they want concerning the definition of marriage. Actually, so long as it is not doing verifiable, bodily or psychological harm to people, organized religions can do pretty much whatever they want....that's the flip side of separation of church and state. So, if individual religions choose not to marry gay followers, that is sort of their right. Of course, I don't oppose it if they do, and personally wouldn't see any big problem with it if my church started to.

The government is a whole different beast. It is unconstitutional to deny loving homosexual couples the same privileges that marriage affords to straight couples. It's discrimination. Actually, I don't really think that governments should even involve themselves in the "marriage" business-- call them "civil unions" if you like, but recognize EVERY civil union as a civil union, regardless of who is involved, and afford the same rights provided by those civil unions to all.

It baffles me, actually, that some states recognize common law marriages, but not gay marriages. That's not a knock on common-law couples...I'm sure they (for the most part) love and care for one another just as much as any of the other legally married people who decided to jump through the hoops and get it done in a church or synagogue. But c'mon...doesn't it seem like eating your cake and having it too? I mean, religion has no bearing on common law marriages; in the eyes of the Catholic Church for instance, those couples are *not* legally married. But all of the sudden a religious perspective is something that we need to take into account when two men or two women are involved?

I'd like to say that it's a complicated issue, but really, I think that that's a cliche and that it is not. It doesn't hurt me; in fact, it helps to have more people in the "married couple" tax bracket, and-- I would argue-- if anything strengthens our concept of "family" to have more people together and raising kids in loving environments.

It's silly and it grates on me, but as another poster said, times are changing and the era in which gay couples can not be legally married in the eyes of the government fortunately seems to be passing...

By #28707 at 10,Aug,10 12:05
Spermkiss, You are a fine guy and I have no problem with you. Always appreciate your thoughtful comments and responses to questions raised in the forum. I am a bi guy myself and certainly like gay men. I do wish you had not taken a shot at those who have some disagreement about the definition of marriage. It was not the sort of comment I have come to expect from you. "Bible thumpers and Fundamentalist wing-nuts"? I am not going to try to defend the Bible or even Fundamental people here. That would be diverting from the point just as you have done by slinging a label at anyone who might not share your opinion. I have no issue with same sex unions. They make a lot of sense to me. I do think, however, that marriage has long carried a different connotation and that the distinction has some value to society at large. You are probably right that eventually all this will become settled for us, but I also bet than when it does we will have inventeded another word to define whether the relationship is gay or hetro.
By spermkiss at 10,Aug,10 18:30 other posts of spermkiss 
Your point is well taken. I should not have stooped to the level of name calling and I apologize for having done that.

Please understand, however, that as a gay man of mature years I have endured more than sixty-seven years of vitriol that is far worse than the names I applied to those who disagree with me on the subject of marriage. And I have suffered violence to my person and damage to my property solely because I'm gay, something I did not choose and over which I have no control.

As to whether same sex unions should be called marriage or perhaps something else, we then then get into the very touchy "separate but equal" territory. Decades of experience with racial segregation have shown that "separate but equal" really was "separate but un-equal". That should help you to understand why full marriage equality is so important to us lesbians and gay men.

People "who have some disagreement" about marriage are actively trying to deny me and my fellow lesbians and gay men our human and civil rights, not just about marriage, but in many aspects of life. And they often resort to violence. As I said in my first post, we are people, citizens and taxpayers. We want our full civil rights. It's time.

By spermkiss at 10,Aug,10 12:02 other posts of spermkiss 
Why am I the only SYD member to post a comment so far? With same sex marriage such a hot button issue these days, when I saw this as a topic of discussion on the Forum I thought that there would be a flood of comments.

By spermkiss at 09,Aug,10 14:25 other posts of spermkiss 
You've raised a huge number of issues here but let's start with the gay marriage issue.

First of all, please understand that I am a gay man who is married to another man. My husband and I are one of the 18,000 same sex couples who were married during the five and a half months it was legal here in California. How does our marriage compare with a straight marriage? Not being straight I cannot know exactly, but I don't think that it's "totally different".

We eat meals, wash the dishes, cut the grass, do the laundry, vacuum the rugs, go to concerts and shows, go on vacation, pay our bills and all the other things any other couple does. Alltogether our life is pretty ordinary.

Same sex marriage has very much been in the news this past week with Judge Walker declaring that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. My feeling is that it's impossible to stop an idea whose time has come. And full civil rights for gay men and lesbians, including the right to marry, is very much an idea whose time has come. We're citizens, too, and we pay taxes just like everyone else.

To all the Bible thumpers and Fundamentalist wing-nuts out there, I say just get over it. Same sex marriage is legal in five states, the District of Columbia and numerous foreign countries (including our neighbor to the north, Canada) and the world has not come to an end. Eventually it will be legal nationwide here in the USA.

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