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MILF panties

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Started by #33101 at 17,Aug,10 05:31
I love wearing all kinds of women's panties or knickers, but especially the sort older ladies often have: high-waisted, stretchy, and perhaps with a high-cut leg, and often with firm tummy-control panels. Many seem to fit the male physique better if worn back to front, and then often give a sort of really sexy thong-back effect. In fact, I'm just about to put on for the day a pair of thin and stretchy bikini bottoms in black Lycra that I 'borrowed' from my sister in law. Needless to say I shall masturbate into them later, perhaps in the WC at work so that I have to scoop the cum out with a tissue and wear them damp and sticky for the rest of the day

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By #573046 at 13,Dec,18 14:32
I love wearing MILF panties and masturbate in them so much. When I am visiting my friends, I go to the bathroom and try looking for his mom's panties. Sometimes I found washed panties, sometimes dirty one's. Then I masturbate quickly while wearing them.

By #136638 at 30,Mar,11 14:50
My wifes sister knows about my love for panties. One time we were visiting in their home and I picked up a pair of her panties that I saw on her bed and put them in my pocket. She saw me take them and go to the bathroom. Later she found them back on her bed where I had put them when I finished with them. Upon inspecting them she found them full of cum. I thought I had gotten away with what I had done until later that day when she confronted me. I tried to lie my way out of it but when I knew I had been found out I simply told her that I was very turned on by her and that smelling her panties was the only way I knew to get a smell of her pussy. Apparently she was also turned on by what I had done. Now my wife's sister supplies me with dirty panties. Not only does she leave her panties out where I can find them, she even gives them to me. Not too long ago I stopped by their house and saw her and her husband. As I left she walked me to my car. I was sitting in the car and my sister-in-law was standing by the open door. Suddenly she handed me a pair of panties that she had wadded up in her hand and said, "Here. I thought you might like to have these. I wore them to bed this afternoon and spent about three hours masturbating in them. I came in them so many times I lost count. Have fun." With that she smiled and turned and walked back toward the house. That was one smelly pair of panties she gave me. She told me recently that she likes to take a pair of her panties that I have shot cum in and rub then against her pussy until she has an orgasm. My wife knows about this and is ok with it, she told me growing up she used to sniff her sisters panties after a date, especially when she knew her sister would be making out or having sex. I love having a kinky wife. Check out our profile to find our more about us.

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