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wearing panties

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Started by #266546 at 05,Jul,12 15:59
I think you should be fully .shaved of you wear panties I think the look of a freshly shaven cock in panties is so hot .

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By Leeds1919 at 17,Feb,18 13:06 other posts of Leeds1919 
Panties are so sexy. I love getting naked with another guy in panties
By Moench at 19,Feb,18 15:31 other posts of Moench 
you have very beautiful and sexy panties, your dick looks soo amazing in your stuff

By tallone50 at 19,Feb,18 06:12 other posts of tallone50 
I love wearing panties.....


By kebmo at 19,Feb,18 04:14 other posts of kebmo 
There's something aesthetically wrong with hair sticking out of a pair of guy's panties.

By #447598 at 20,Aug,15 08:45
D-don't mind mee. >///>

By licksipsuckit at 20,Aug,15 10:34 other posts of licksipsuckit 
smoking hot baby *lix*
By #447598 at 21,Aug,15 02:12
Meoww~ Thankies.. *blush*
By licksipsuckit at 24,Aug,15 06:35 other posts of licksipsuckit 
ld love to get my tongue all over your sweet body...*lix*

By smoothnsmall at 20,Aug,15 17:26 other posts of smoothnsmall 
I agree!

By ghostfuck at 19,Feb,14 18:12 other posts of ghostfuck 
I love wearing them sometimes they feel good
By licksipsuckit at 15,Aug,15 23:06 other posts of licksipsuckit 
now that's how you wear panties !!! *lix*
By leopoldij at 20,Aug,15 07:02 other posts of leopoldij 
I know what you mean. It defeats the whole purpose of the cameltoe.

By bi1953 at 15,Aug,15 23:13 other posts of bi1953 
Very sexy!

By licksipsuckit at 19,Aug,15 08:10 other posts of licksipsuckit 

one of the hottest panty collections ever, and l love the fishnets *lix*

By Smooth69 at 01,Jan,15 12:21 other posts of Smooth69 
By bi1953 at 15,Aug,15 23:14 other posts of bi1953 
Fuckin' hot!

By delboy at 07,Jul,12 00:19 other posts of delboy 
Veet or nair hair removal cream i find best, get the one with moisturiser in, don,t see why there is a negative to using it, been using it for years, as you say there,s no fun in cutting your nuts when shaving, don it myself.
With the removal cream it completely removes all the hair with no stubble and your balls feel silky smooth for days afterwards
By Moench at 09,Apr,15 20:53 other posts of Moench 
i agree with you,i use only nair creme at my full body to get ripp off my hair ,don`t keep the creme to long it will burn like hell at the nut

By #485524 at 05,Mar,15 21:49
I've only worn panties since I was 12, started as punishment but now I love it
By twiggy at 09,Apr,15 20:33 other posts of twiggy 
i love how HOT and SEXY you look in panties.

By #473011 at 09,Apr,15 18:11
I shave and wear panties
By twiggy at 09,Apr,15 20:23 other posts of twiggy 
you look absolutely stunning in panties.

By funguy5555 at 09,Apr,15 18:00 other posts of funguy5555 
i love wearing pantie.mostly just for the feeling.

By kroniksin at 28,Mar,15 22:58 other posts of kroniksin 
i love wearing panties, and love guys that do.

By Bambou98 at 28,Mar,15 20:13 other posts of Bambou98 

By #188764 at 07,Mar,15 08:41
Jacking off with panties is definitely hot!

By biguy69 at 07,Mar,15 06:31 other posts of biguy69 
I wear panties 24-7. Dont have any male underware

By stephen at 06,Mar,15 17:01 other posts of stephen 
i always jerk off in my moms dirty panties after sniffing them first

By aidan at 20,Feb,14 17:56 other posts of aidan 
Check out my cock in panties

By love2sucku at 09,Feb,14 13:34 other posts of love2sucku 
I love shaving cock balls ass and in between before putting on panties. Feels so sexy! I woul love to shave the rest of my body, completely, but my wife already me of being a cross dresser and was not happy at all when she found my panties in my robe. I would love to have the whole cross dresser experience. I know i woul love it!
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By #449074 at 25,Jan,14 11:39

By #446733 at 11,Jan,14 10:38

By stickyknickers at 28,Dec,13 14:08 other posts of stickyknickers 
I try to keep myself as smooth as possible and I wear panties pretty much all the time

By pinkcock at 11,Sep,13 18:15 other posts of pinkcock 
with black panties i look so sexy and when i see my boddy excite mee

By #218197 at 05,Jul,12 22:39
mmmm yes, i shave smooth every night, and i love wearing panties
By twiggy at 11,Sep,13 01:55 other posts of twiggy 
you sure do look gorgeous in panties..i love it

By #176976 at 07,Jul,12 01:15
I enjoy it...

By twiggy at 11,Sep,13 01:51 other posts of twiggy 
love your panty pics...it's so HOT

By bradyD at 18,Apr,13 12:22 other posts of bradyD 

By biguy111111 at 09,Mar,13 04:11 other posts of biguy111111 
Shaved cocks in panties, only one thing better for me, an uncut shaved cock in panties mmmmmmm.

By 67malibu at 05,Jan,13 05:35 other posts of 67malibu 
I like guys in panties, especially since joining this Site. Hell who hasn't tried on their sisters panties. I have.

By stickyknickers at 05,Jan,13 03:44 other posts of stickyknickers 
I shave as often as I can to keep myself looking as good as possible in my sexy underwear

By #306586 at 24,Nov,12 14:52

By #136638 at 19,Jul,12 13:26
Oh yes being shaven and wearing panties makes not only for a much sexier look but it feels much better. Not only shaving your cock area but your ass and the area inbetween makes wearing feel and look much better. Shaving is also much cleaner, and it only takes a few extra minutes in the shower once you shave for the first time to maintain that smooth feel and look. Check out our profile for more about us.

By lahbr at 10,Jul,12 11:47 other posts of lahbr 

By delboy at 06,Jul,12 21:54 other posts of delboy 
Love to be shaved in panties! Shave as much as possible then use hair removal cteam on the pubic area and balls! And rinse off in the bath, comes out lovely and smooth. Removal cream stings a bit on the nuts but soon get used to it
By chongsta at 06,Jul,12 22:46 other posts of chongsta 
I read up about using removal cream on genitals and i saw nothing but negative remarks about doing it! Is there a particular cream that can be suggested? I must admit that i tend to be very "cautious" when shaving around the balls area! i once cut myself and blimey it bled for ages!!!

I'd love to stay smooth forever because as we all know it gets a but itchy after a few days!!!

@mastertech^^ i'm quite lucky in that respect, i dont have any hair there! nor do i on my legs...weird i know but we're all different yeah?!
By delboy at 07,Jul,12 00:23 other posts of delboy 
Try the veet or nair cream, nice blue little panties in your pics, nice cock too, chongsta, do you like mine.

By 67malibu at 06,Jul,12 12:09 other posts of 67malibu 
Love shaved assesI prefer mens sexy underwear . I've tried on panties . Felt good.

By chongsta at 05,Jul,12 19:28 other posts of chongsta 
no hairs there at all.....super fresh shave for that particular set that night! dont ask

By chongsta at 05,Jul,12 19:13 other posts of chongsta 
........and i 100% totally agree. do take a look-see at my pics. hope you like!?

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