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Do the old-fashioned, formal names for cock turn you on?

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Started by #5440 at 18,May,09 06:49
Cock is actually one of my favorite words in the English language, but the old-fashioned formal names make me really hot, too...penis, member, phallus, organ, manhood...

I actually have a new one that I like to use for really nice long fat cocks---masculinity...

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By Mazinga at 10,Feb,18 22:43 other posts of Mazinga 
Cock, pecker, and pud are my three favorites.

In a doctor's office, the word "penis" is okay;
because, of course, the doctor has to sound
and be Professional.
But when I see the word "penis" overused in some ads
on Craigslist M4M it's always from a desperate
queenie self-acclaimed "cock whore" trying to get
men's attention.
By bil47 at 11,Feb,18 08:45 other posts of bil47 
I'm not a "desperate queenie self-acclaimed cock whore", but I think the word "penis" is totally erotic.

By #9747 at 19,May,09 07:07
Yes I like to use "old fashioned" & even poetic words to describe that part of a man's body. I studied Shakespeare & The Song of Soloman to get ideas too:) Here's one of my favorites: "you are to me as a sachet of myrrh between my breasts" Nice, isn't it?
By #5440 at 19,May,09 07:26

By oldbugle at 18,May,09 12:32 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes I have some similarity with you. Some years ago 'Forum' magazine ran an article that purported to connect the words that people use for the penis with their attitudes and capacity for sex. They listed all of the words they could find but I was not too keen that ehye suggested that if one uses/likes the word 'penis' then one is very non sensual and looks at sex as a technical excercise which is definately NOT me although I like and think the word often.

The writers of written erotica could well do with a better vocabulary of penis names as 'cock' and 'shaft' are a bit humdrum now.

Some of the Chinese words translate beautifully as they have a picturesque collection for the penis and it's parts,..the glans becoming the 'turtles head' and the erect organ the 'jade stem' etc
By #5440 at 19,May,09 06:59
sounds like I need to research Chinese!

Obviously, the Forum article didn't get it attitude toward the penis is purely sensual;)

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