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Started by #43288 at 01,Oct,10 13:19
Tell me what your 1st or best gay experience is.
From shower peeking to having your first experience with sex

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By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 21:12
I was young about 12 years old ,when me my older bro and my same age neighbour watched porn for a first time.In the evening I came visit my neighbour.We were still horny from before so we started to cuddle.I undressed him, licked his nipples.Then I tasted his cock and tried sucking him then.

By submissivemartyn at 03,Jun,19 22:02 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Whilst in the army and posted to Germany(I was 22 at the time) I used to go to an adult cinema to watch porn movies,then masturbate in the toilets before going to see a prostitute(masturbating and cumming made me last longer and get my moneys worth lol).On one occasion whilst at the cinema and masturbating in the toilet there was a knock on the toilet door.I pulled up my pants and trousers, opened the door and a guy spoke to me in German,'sorry I do not understand'I said.In broken English and pointing to my crouch he said'Me suck cock'.With that he pulled my trousers and pants down and started to suck on my cock.Moments later a couple of guys walked in and as they watched us they masturbated.Soon I felt myself cumming and tried to pull away but the guy grabbed my ass and took my cock deeper into his mouth.Once I had finished cumming he pulled away looked at the other guys and let a little of the cum dribble down his chin before licking it up and swallowing.The guys cheered him and I dressed and left.

Went back several times and had more experiences,but that's another lot of story's

By #88663 at 02,Oct,10 08:11
I was 12, and the boy across the street from me was 15. We would look at porn mags and jerk off to them in our fort or in the woods, well one day we got a mag that was very explicet and showed blow jobs and fucking so we decided to give that a try.first we would just blow each other until we came than we moved onto fucking! It hurt at first untill we dicovered vaseline than it was pure pleasure!! We fucked every chance we had! I can still smell the musty scent of his cock and balls..god I miss that!! It was great I loved when he would cum inside of me
By Firecrotch55 at 01,Jun,19 08:13 other posts of Firecrotch55 

By bil47 at 01,Jun,19 06:45 other posts of bil47 
I was really naive when I hit puberty. I was 13 years old and was at summer camp for the first time when I "discovered" my dick. I had gone from little-boy-size to a respectable 5-inch erection seemingly overnight, but I had no idea what to do with it. At camp, we had five kids and a counselor in each big army tent. The counselor was never
around when we had to be in bed, so there was a lot of talk among the boys.

One of the kids in the tent (I think his name was Larry, though my memory has faded a bit) said one night "Hey, do you guys ever jack your dick up?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but then he said "check this out" and shined a flashlight on his beautiful 7-inch cock. I was speechless, and I couldn't pull my eyes away. Larry talked about how we could get a boner like his if we rubbed it with our hand. I stroked myself a few times and, sure enough, my dick got stiff; nowhere near as big as Larry's though. Surprisingly, there was no talk of the ultimate result - cumming - or at least not that I was aware of.

Nearly every morning at camp I woke with a boner (Was I not aware of this before?), and I was not shy about other kids seeing it as I changed from pajamas to clothes. I remember one time calling to Larry and showing him how I could hang my underpants on the end of my hard dick. One day, Larry asked if I wanted to go canoeing. We were on a big lake
and you could take a canoe out if you'd passed the swim test. I said "sure" and we paddled to a deserted shore about a mile away and walked a bit into the woods. We sat around talking for a while, and then he said "I've got a boner; want to see it?" "Sure!" I replied, and he pulled down his pants and underpants so I could see that impressive rod of his, straining up so it almost touched his belly. "Want to feel me up?" he asked, and I again replied "sure!" Reaching out, I let my fingertips slide along the smooth skin of his erection. Then I held it in my palm, feeling the warmth and the subtle throbbing of this big circumcised cock. "Let me feel yours" he said, and I lowered my pants for him to feel me. I was already hard and felt a strange tingling sensation, but didn't know what to make of it. Like I said, I was really naive about sex, so I didn't know we could take things along farther. Larry didn't take things any farther either, and I've wondered why ever since. He could have been my first sex partner; I probably would have done anything he suggested. That had to wait until I got home and started playing around with three boys in my neighborhood who had formed a "Sex Club".

By sivad666 at 01,Jun,19 01:34 other posts of sivad666 
I guess i was about 13 and David and i had been school friends for a few years and we had always messed about as boys do. When he came over to see me one day we were play fighting & wrestling and when we stopped my hand was on his crotch and i just kind of rubbed it a bit. i could feel his cock through his trousers and it definitely moved and twitched a bit. What do you do? i rubbed it a bit more as i looked at him, sort of asking should i do this, without exactly saying anything. He just looked back at me and sort of smiled. I rubbed some more and stroked through his trousers. His cock was definitely getting bigger and so was mine. i was really excited by the feel of it so i edged my hand down his trousers and into his pants. That first feel of cock flesh! Warm and half hard in the confines of those jeans - he still did'nt stop me so i thought it must be ok and the thought of doing this when i knew i 'was'nt meant to' was even more exciting. I guess i thought 'what the hell' and slowly unzipped his jeans. Still no reistance and he raised himself slightly of the floor as i tugged his jeans down a bit and then i looked in his pants and slowly pulled them down a bit as well. I had seen his cock before of course in the changing rooms at school but it was bigger now and stiffer - i had'nt seen it like that before. I held it in my hand properly for the first time, warm and smooth with downy soft pubic hair, i pulled the foreskin back a little like i had done hundreds of times with my own cock, to reveal a little of his head, i was electric, almost forgetting to breath i was so transfixed by what i was doing. i glanced at him - he still had the same smile, i dont think his expression had changed at all. I carried on pulling his foreskin back until his whole head was exposed, i admired it for a short time, examining it from different angles and then slowly pulled the skin back over the head. He was rock hard by now but still had'nt said anything so i gently pulled his 'skin back and forth a few times in a slow wanking motion, again just as i would do with my own cock. As is the way with these things i next heard footsteps coming up the stairs and there was a lot of scrabbling off the floor and adjusting of clothing before my mother came in to find two red faced lads pretending nothing had happened. We didnt talk about it afterwards, but i knew i was hooked - I loved cock!

By countrynaturist at 31,May,19 22:13 other posts of countrynaturist 
First experience was when I was 14 or so. I became friends with the boy ... Sam ... down the street. I asked to go to his place. He told me it was fine but that I should know that his family were nudists and no one wore clothes in the house. That didn't seem to be a problem for me as I have been sleeping in the nude for quite a while.

When I got there, sure enough Mom and Dad and the other siblings were all doing their thing naked. So I left my clothes by the door and Sam and I watched some TV. After a bit, we headed to the back yard and went on the trampoline. You can guess what bouncing up and down in the nude with a very attractive boy did ... We were both hard.

He invited me to touch and feel his cock. It was wonderful. He then held my cock and we both started to pump each other. He told me to lie back and he wrapped his lips around my hard cock and gave me my first blowjob. My head hurt so much how great that felt. That started a long relationship. We soon graduated to 69 and then he showed me the awesome world of barebacking. I was soon sleeping over at his house.

By Exrated at 02,Oct,10 15:42 other posts of Exrated 
We were both 13, watching a porn vid.my parents left out, the Lady was sucking a guys cock.
Note [ I recently received my first blow job from my younger sisters Girl friend, and would do anything for another] So I asked him if he ever had one, he said No, I said he he blew me first I would do him next. Figured I just give him a quick lick and a prommise. Long story short I had to go first. So he pulled down his shorts and undies. I knelt down, played with his soft cock a bit and took it in my mouth. AAAHHH not bad, but not real turned on.
That is untill I felt his cock grow full hard in my mouth. I became more excited began to like it some-what. Only had it in my mouth for a minute or so. Then he kept his word and blew me. What really got me was looking down and seeing my cock in his mouth, then thinking he just saw his in my mouth.
That was the first time, but much more came latter on .
By nolongercurious at 31,May,19 20:15 other posts of nolongercurious 

By liketoedge at 06,Oct,10 12:25 other posts of liketoedge 
First orgasm was when I was 8 years old. I was upstairs in my bedroom changing out of my school clothes looking out the window when my older brothers friend came thought the back gate. He always came to our house after school until his parents got of work an hung out. My older brother made the football team so he came home later after pratice. Instead of coming in the house he went in the fort we had in the back yard so I was spying on him wondering what he was doing. I had a perfect view of the fort from my window. He grabs a Hustler magazine we had stashed out there, Lays down and pulls his pants down and starts stroking. I didnt know exactly what he was doing but I got a boner watching and couldnt look away. About only a minute later he came on his stomach scooped it up with his hand and flung it on the ground and pulled his pants up. Then he comes in the house. I was mesmerized. So I just asked him straight out what was that you were doing in the fort His reply was thats the best feeling in the world dont you know about that. He told me to try it, so we went to my room. We pulled down our pants and I just did what he was doing. He came again and he told me to just keep going but I keep stopping ever time the feeling got intense. I told him I was going to pee if I kept going and stopped again. After about 10 minutes of this he says let me show you and almost instantly me knees got weak, my hips started bucking and the most intense feeling.and he kept stroking for at least a couple minutes. The whole time I just kept orgasming it was so strong and lasted so long it almost hurt. I ask him many times after that to do it again. but he never did. He did tell me everybody does it but they just dont admit it. He never made it seen wrong. He told me about pubic hair,semen, penis size and told me what I had to look forward to when I was older. I was adicted to orgasms and probably had 5000 dry orgasms between the age of 8 and 13 when I finally had semen. Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to tell the the whole story. Not just I got Jacked off by a 14 year old when I was 8. By the way it was fantastic and a great memory still

By bmontya at 03,Oct,10 18:34 other posts of bmontya 
My first time is in my blog. Check it out, its a hot story.

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