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Started by #71658 at 14,Oct,10 01:11
Well I never had sex before right. So I'm uncut right and at bottom of my dick head are these white dots around the whole bottom you no what they are?

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By Browncock3 at 10,Jun,19 03:37 other posts of Browncock3 
There oil glands don't worry

By #68656 at 14,Oct,10 10:34
Dear Mr. MichealSz.
You may find this discussion of some information,

Secondly full compliments to you for retaining your virginity as you state in your first sentence.
By slipper at 28,Oct,10 01:43 other posts of slipper 
"...compliments to you for retaining your virginity..."

By Zhimaagan420 at 27,Oct,10 11:43 other posts of Zhimaagan420 
could be papillae coronis(in german:hornzipfel),don?t be afraid!it?s not a desease.

By oldbugle at 14,Oct,10 03:48 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes, a pic would help,...however these sound like penile papulles and are nothing to worry about. Take a look among the pix here and you will see that they are quite common.

By hytiger at 14,Oct,10 03:43 other posts of hytiger 
Could be ppp.... a picture would help!

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