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what position does it for you?

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Started by #79191 at 02,Jan,11 15:23
whats your favourite position i need some new moves and ideas?

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By nekekal at 10,Nov,19 23:54 other posts of nekekal 
Any position involving my cock and a woman is a heavy favorite. I do like cowgirl. It is like your own porn show. Cock going in and out of a hot cunt, tits bobbing and swaying, head back, back arched, a clit to rub. Perfect.

By Scorps at 10,Nov,19 23:29 other posts of Scorps 
I guess in one sense I'm rather bland, but, the tried and true missionary position works delightfully, for both sexes, in my opinion. Able to kiss your partner passionately during penetration, suck/lick nipples, rub/touch erogenous zones while performing, AND with a lil bit of agility you can even blow your guy while fucking him. Mmmmm

If I want to stray from the ordinary, I do love what's referred to as the "scissors position". Have her lay on her side, and spread legs like open scissors. Then straddle the leg that's flush on the bed in a kneeling type stance and insert. It's quite wonderful for both. Lastly, the other position I REALLY like that allows for maximum penetration is, kneel on the bed, resting your butt cheeks on the backs of your heels, have her slide down on your erect cock wrapping her legs around you while embracing one another's nudeness, feeling the warmth of each other's skin together, kissing and touching each other is a must in this position as your hands are free. I will caution to rock together slowly and gently because as I said this is a maximum penetration position you will most likely hit her cervix if your not somewhat gentle. Being buried so deeply inside someone you enjoy is amazing.

By deepchocolate2071 at 10,Nov,19 17:08 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
Doggy Style / Doggy Style Spitroast with a couple , me behind the Wife or Bottom.

By cruz69696969 at 02,Nov,19 08:52 other posts of cruz69696969 
If am Understand your ball kissing and sucking on them. Looking up to the top of your cock it looks like scaling Mt.Everest. Licking my way up your shaft then twirling my tongue around your cockhead I begin stroking and sucking your hot ready to explode cock.
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Not understand I am underneath
Your tight And tasty ball sack

By slipper at 04,Jan,14 21:32 other posts of slipper 
Any that stimulates my cock... not picky!

By bigone21 at 16,Jun,13 17:48 other posts of bigone21 

By #326485 at 18,Jun,13 14:12
Yoga poses: 1. Downward facing dog. 2. ???
By bigone21 at 19,Jun,13 16:45 other posts of bigone21 
fuck it pac1496! NO dogs in my pictures! that's a beautiful human being fucked in the ass, and that does NOT make him a dog! MIND your words!
By #326485 at 19,Jun,13 19:12
Not the object of your affection, the name of the yoga pose.
By bigone21 at 19,Jun,13 19:19 other posts of bigone21 
clever! come up with a yoga-name for pose 2 than...

By #316057 at 01,Jan,14 18:41

By #316057 at 04,Jan,14 03:09
so fucking hot

By sinanff47 at 16,Jun,13 19:16 other posts of sinanff47 

By #398411 at 16,Jun,13 01:02
Standing Position

Photo of a stiffie from rnnybh
By bigone21 at 16,Jun,13 17:51 other posts of bigone21 
great pic! sorry it's only private... i can only see this post-stamp...

but VERY sexy male and female anyway!!

By Arexa at 16,Jun,13 00:55 other posts of Arexa 
Hmm. I like doggy. Gotta love a good pounding.

By WristThick at 20,Jul,11 17:36 other posts of WristThick 
Ass up, face down. THE BEST! I also like holding her by her forearms while behind her. It's heavily dominating and allows me lots of control over her.

Another of my favs is sitting down, facing each other, with our hands behind us. Lots of DEEP penetration with that one, plus it's all about the hip actions of both. Good eye contact too

I can penetrate deeply in any positions because of my size, but those are the best. I once read that the womb causes the vagina to stretch when her head is lower than her ass. That's mostly true for me, but the sitting face to face is still great.

By oldbugle at 02,Jan,11 15:50 other posts of oldbugle 
OK,...I'll bite....

One position that I'm very fond of (I have several faves!) is make love to her while she lies on her back,....cosy up to her side, gently suck and tease her nearest nipple with your mouth,...when she stirs, slide arm underneath her to curl round and pluck her other nipple, she is now in your arm,...slide your free hand all over her front gently caressing her belly and thighs,...slide into her crotch and stroke her outer lips smoothly,.....pluck and flick her clit gently and sensually until she comes for the first time. When she does, gently pull and lift her on top of your chest and belly so that her back is pressed to your chest,..pull her head back onto your shoulder and bite her neck and whipser in her ear, the head of your penis between her labia and gently rub it in and out while pressign her clit with your hand, she starts to scream, push up her hips and give her the full length and strength or your shaft,.....put both hands under her buttocks and lift her pelvis so that you can rub her 'G' spot with the glans of your penis.......

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