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Styles of pubic hair

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Started by #88453 at 08,Jan,11 09:36
Hi Everyone, Firstly thanks for reading. I have been shaved for a very long time, but I'm thinking about growing back my pubes above my Cock. Just wondering on your virws about what shape, style I should trim or shave it to? I've never liked heaps of hair so I will always trim iy short whatever the style I grow it to. Your ideas would be appreciated.

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By #68656 at 14,Jan,11 11:45
Hello Shavedbare.
Firstly, greetings to a fellow Aussie.
Secondly, and in my opinion only, leave matters as they are, the shaved smooth look in your photos suits you well especially with your body shape.
Best regards.
John S. Adelaide.
By spermkiss at 14,Jan,11 12:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Gotta agree here. You look good hairless.

By spermkiss at 08,Jan,11 14:48 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm a big advocate of men being totally hairless from the neck down. That's the way I am myself and that's what I usually like to see in other men.

However, if a man has thick, dark hair, it can be very attractive any place and every place on his body except shoulders and back. The operant words in that last sentence are thick and dark. If your hair is fine and light, then keep on shaving it off because you'll look better that way.

There is an interesting story I like to tell on the subject of body grooming (manscaping). A friend who's partner wanted him to do it and who knew I did it asked why. He advocated just leaving things in their natural state. So I asked him why he shaved his face and why he went to a barber for a haircut. He replied that he looked better and felt better this way. So I asked him why grooming should stop at the neck. Just as virtually no man looks his best without the hair on his scalp being cut and styled and very few men look their best when their beards grow out without some shaping and trimming, very few men look their best without some grooming to the hair on their bodies.

Now, what to do? That very much depends on the color, density and growth pattern of your body hair. Let it grow out for awhile and look around are the photos of other men on this site and elsewhere to get some ideas of what will work for you. Some guidelines to follow are that dense hair looks best, especially if it's dark, but even if it's not, and areas where the hair is thin and scraggly should be shaved.

Good luck and post some photos of yourself with hair.

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