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Naked Laps

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Started by #83871 at 15,Jan,11 22:40
Ever had to do one?

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By botanic at 16,Jan,11 10:08 other posts of botanic 
at my old school ... the PE teacher's favourite punishment for 'slackers' at sports was the make them do a naked lap of the rugger field 'no shirts no shorts! ' I can still hear the detestable man's voice ! Ah the good old days !

By botanic at 16,Jan,11 10:06 other posts of botanic 
Or are we talking naked lap dancing ?

By botanic at 16,Jan,11 10:05 other posts of botanic 
Or even do you mean 'do a naked Lapp ' ( ie an inhabitant od Lappland ) /

By botanic at 16,Jan,11 10:04 other posts of botanic 
or do you mean lap ( ie lick ) someone whilst naked ?

By MoeJoe at 16,Jan,11 05:53 other posts of MoeJoe 
Maybe he meant a naked lap around the house....

By spermkiss at 16,Jan,11 01:04 other posts of spermkiss 
Could you clarify what you mean by a naked lap? Do you mean run a lap around a track in the nude? Or sit one someone's lap when he or she was nude? Or sit on someone's lap when you were nude? Or have someone sit on your lap when you were nude? Or have someone sit on your lap when he or she was nude? Or when you both were nude?

I've done all of the above.

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