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Veins on breasts

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Started by #9747 at 14,Jun,09 08:09
Yep, I stole the idea from all you guys talking about veins on cocks :P
But honestly, what's your opinion?

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New Comment

By #601496 at 16,Jan,20 16:50
Veins on cocks, nice. Veins on breasts? NOT so much. Veins on guy's breasts? Yucky

By BushPilot at 24,Jun,09 23:06 other posts of BushPilot 
I'm a fan. I don't know why but my first wife was rather large breasted and had these incredibly sexy veins running down and around her breasts. I wouldn't have though that was sexy without being there but the more I knew her, the more I loved looking at them and running my fingers along them when we made love. Just as amazingly, I find I am very attracted to women with some stretch marks as well. How about you 1207, veins, stretch marks, what do you have and/or think about the topic?

By sethvir18 at 23,Jun,09 00:47 other posts of sethvir18 
Super turn on, I agree with uncut on them being a sign of natural beauty.

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