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Started by #136398 at 06,Feb,11 05:42
There has been many discussions about straight guys wanting to jump the fence and getting it off with a guy, but the question is, HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you know that a guy is willing unless you come straight out with the question and maybe get a good thumping in the process. So the question is 'WHAT IS THE BEST APPROACH TO DISCOVERING THAT A GUY IS WILLING TO SUCK YOUR COCK AND VICE-VERSA?'
How do you make that 1st contact?

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By nolongercurious at 02,Oct,18 18:42 other posts of nolongercurious 
Place an ad on Doublelist. It worked for me.

By PS1234 at 09,May,18 12:48 other posts of PS1234 
Iím not gay but get male intereste sometimes.
You can tell from the way they look at you, sometimes look you up and down then make eye contact, maybe a small smile.

By #83235 at 11,Feb,11 18:36
My first experience was with my roommate in boarding school. Each used to wank on his own while we chatted about the girls. One day I asked him if he was wanking and he said yes. I reached over and started to play with his cock and he did the same tille we both came. This became a regular event till one day I sucked his cock and then wanked him till he came. He did the same. Had a few simialr experiences over the years till I ended up in a 3-some with a couple. He was the first to come in my mouth.
By #33070 at 18,Feb,11 00:42
Yeah very hot budd

By spermkiss at 06,Feb,11 14:13 other posts of spermkiss 
This is a very delicate question. We gay men have kind of a sixth sense (our gaydar) by which we can usually spot another gay man and tell whether or not he'd be interested in a sexual encounter. For straight men looking for a casual sexual hook-up I can readily understand how making contact might be more difficult.

In addition to Bilz's fine suggestion to look into an internet hook-up site, or even this very site, you might want to consider going to a gay bar or night club. If there is (are) major city (cities) near where you live, there are certainly gay bars in them. Look them up on the internet.
By #136398 at 06,Feb,11 16:22
Hi spermkiss, I appreciate your input. I have no intention of going to gay bars to test the theory, that was not why I posted the question, although your answer was very important. It is important to question why gays are attracted to gays in that way. Your pertinent answer regarding the aura that guys give in certain situations is a valid one but taking into account that 65% of the male population of the world are attracted to males and that only 15% actually achieve any physical contact and are left frustrated, is no measure.
You know when you are attracted to someone and you want to make their attention, what do you do? do you walk past them and slightly brush their trousers in the genital area? what sort of reaction would that ensue?
The question is, If I were to wish to make sure that the guy that I have my eye on will be a willing participant, what do I need to do to be sure that he will not smack me in the mouth?
By spermkiss at 07,Feb,11 00:13 other posts of spermkiss 
When I mentioned a gay sixth sense (gaydar), I meant a sense that we who are more or less exclusively gay, about three or four percent of men, have in spotting each other.

But what about all the part timers out there. You mentioned that 65% of men have at least some interest in man-on-man sex. I'm not sure where you got that figure, but it sounds reasonable to me. Your figure of 15% achieving physical contact seems low, however. Research done by the late Dr Alfred Kinsey found that about 25% of American men had at least one contact with another man to the point of orgasm. And that's American men; it's probably higher there in Europe because you Europeans are not generally as uptight about sex as we Americans.

I would not recommend that you "slightly brush [his] trousers in the genital area." That would be a tad forward and it might get you a punch in the nose. Even we gay men in a social situation with other gay men rarely do that sort of thing (but I'm not saying it doesn't happen).

So what do you do? Flirt with him! Surely you know how to flirt, you've probably been doing it with women for years. Do the same things, but with a man. Let your gaze linger on him, give him little secret smiles, show interest in him. If he responds, take it from there.

Good luck and send me a Private Message if you want ot chat about this (or anything else).

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