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do older women like young cock

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Started by #10614 at 20,Jun,09 20:11
do older women like young cock

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By #11431 at 19,Oct,09 19:32
Normally I prefer older men but I had a one off session with a group of younger men once when I was in my late thirties ... I used to walk in the park nearby where lads in their late teens / early 20s used to play football... often thought about seducing them .. but only as a fantasy . Any how one evening when a little worse for drink I put on a long but fine cheesecloth skirt , black hold up stockings , black lacy panties and a white blouse but no bra . I walked over to the park and lay on the grass bank watching the 4 lads playing . At first they took no notice but gradually I exposed more & more of my legs until the stocking tops were showing. Gradually I could see them glancing over and tittering. Eventually the oldest one sauntered over and stood over me passing the time of day, but he was clearly flummoxed & could not keep his eyes off the top of my stockings. As we spoke I gradually let my legs open to reveal just a little bit of my black lacy panties . Eventually I got up and walked over to a group of trees and waited . I suddenly panicked and regretted it but it was too late . Over came the lad. He walked up to me and I slowly undid my blouse. God, I felt naughty & randy . He slid his hand over my breasts and my nipples went so hard it was painful. I just undid my skirt and let it drop and he slid off my blouse. I was just standing there in knickers and stockings...gradually his pals came over and they were gobsmacked. The oldest lad stood behind me and palmed both my tits at once squeezing my nipples whilst another lad tried to suck on them. After a while the lad sucking my nipples kneeled down and slowly pulled my knickers down. Wow did I feel vulnerable .. but excited. His face was pushed into my cunt and he began to lick .. not that accurately but .. well , it got better. After a short while I just got down on all fours on the grass and the oldest lad began to fumble with his cock around my cunt entrance .It was then that I realised no protection was going to be used so I pushed his cock away and stood up .Understandably he was pretty peeved but I just said I would not do it without condoms .. they were surprising OK about it & I agreed to suck them all off which I did and I let them play around with my tits , & cunt. In the end they left & I went home feeling incredibly stupid but naughty. They all had asked when I would be back . Well that was 10 years ago and I have never been in the park since ! I reckon I was a right idiot and it could have turned very nasty. I was very lucky. Glad to have had the experience but would not risk it again.

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