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comparison between young and older cocks

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Started by #76852 at 07,Mar,11 03:55
compared many cock photos! I made folders with pics of cocks
20 yo and young
20 - 30 years
30 -40 years
40 - 50 years
50 -60 years
60 - 70 years
older than 70 years
What did I find out:
1. Cocks usually begin to look older after the age of 40.
But there are some that look young till the age of 60, some begin to look older at the age of 30. It depends on the fitness of the person I think

2. Young men have more photos with their cock really hard
Men after the age of 40 have many photos with semi erect cocks. I know its difficult to keep it hard and to make photos!
But the semihard older cocks often look really awesome!

3. The angle of the erection gets lower
The older than man is and the bigger the cock is the lower is the angle of the erection
It seems that is difficult to keep a big older cock in a high erection angle

4. Usually you could see more veins on older cocks

5. The colour of the glans changes for purpur red to blue red and the gland seems to shrink a bit

5. The quote of men with cockrings rises with age.

Between the age of 20 and 42 my erection angle got down from 45? to 110? (90? on very very good days)
The hardness of the erection changed from steel hard to gum hard sometimes marshmellow hard
But often it gets still " rock hard"

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By overeight at 27,Mar,20 07:41 other posts of overeight 
Well I have no problem getting very hard and quick if I have a partner. However I have found that mastubating I dont get very erect until I'm just before ejeculation unless I go slow and watch porn that really gets me excited. However I did have a nice beautiful 29yo come live with me for a little while and she was amazed at how hard I got once while she strutted around in front of me in nothing but her panties. I'm not modest and she noticed I had a boner and said something about it and I took it out stripped naked and she said oh my god your hot. You look as good as a 30yo man your body is great wow. So honestly its more for me when you have a very erotic situation. The last girl was 38 and she really enjoyed the way my cock got harder and bigger once I started fucking her and it started pulsating and had vigorous stimulation. I went awhile back to get waxed. The young girl around 25 while she prepared me for the wax talked to me about my cock. She admired it and said wow you have a nice impressive cock its nice big and beautiful. Then she asked me questions about it getting hard and if I got as hard as I did when younger and next thing she knew I was stiff as a board pulsating and precum dripping down my shaft. She said wow I like that it looks nice and I bet its fun. She actually got me very excited so its more how stimulating the situation is.

By Bratwurst at 27,Mar,20 06:41 other posts of Bratwurst 
That was me who made that Topic Long time ago. I was 42 years old!

So here are updates! Now I'm 50 years old! I slowly lost a lot of erection hardness and erection angle!

By Wbs1978 at 15,Oct,19 11:02 other posts of Wbs1978 
41 here

By cutroundhead at 15,Oct,19 04:03 other posts of cutroundhead 
Here;s my 75 year-old cum-gun..

By Alwaysnude at 13,Oct,19 10:23 other posts of Alwaysnude 
here I am at 59

By oldbugle at 05,Oct,11 11:27 other posts of oldbugle 
A 64 year old specimen...

By #76852 at 06,Oct,11 08:08
Not bad for your age!!!!!
By 3fdfd at 06,Oct,11 09:05 other posts of 3fdfd 
not bad for any age !
By oldbugle at 06,Oct,11 12:03 other posts of oldbugle 

By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 04:35 other posts of lawrenceo 
How long does it take to get to that state from soft?
By oldbugle at 13,Oct,19 08:53 other posts of oldbugle 
That pic was made 8 years ago, and I'm now does take longer to get hard as one ages, generally, however, for me it's all about psychological stimulation as much as anything and even now it can get hard quite quckly......if the situation is right!

.....Then again there were times when I was in my 30's when it took a long time to get hard and then not very hard, but they were bad years for me and the mental stimulus was completely missing.

By Dickventures at 13,Oct,19 04:30 other posts of Dickventures 
Wish I woulda kept my old account. Had tons of pics of my younger cock. So much harder and smoother.

By Scorps at 12,Oct,19 04:49 other posts of Scorps 
73 year old cock (left) vs 49 year old cock (right)

--------------------------------------- added after 21 hours

RealScorpio3 left / Scorps right

By MoeJoe at 14,Mar,11 14:07 other posts of MoeJoe 
Where does mine fit into your age analysis ??
By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 04:37 other posts of lawrenceo 
At 72 it is fine. I think that mine could achieve that state when I was 70.

By niginni at 15,Mar,11 10:22 other posts of niginni 
heres mine almost fifty now
By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 04:36 other posts of lawrenceo 
Nice and what I would expect at 50.

By spermalove at 07,Jan,13 13:26 other posts of spermalove 

Visit my page for other pics!! I'm 18 yo
By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 04:34 other posts of lawrenceo 
Your page describes you as being 23! But still a very nice and viable organ.

By younghardcock13 at 08,Jan,13 05:39 other posts of younghardcock13 
Ohhhh I know! I know! And all the young girls who crave their daddy, I mean older mean listen up. The difference is this : I am capable of have afull erection as hard as any cock you will find whenever, wherever at the drop of a hat. And a few minutes after cumming. Or if she is good enough I can keep it up for round two.

Older men (lets say 55 and above) : statistically 2 3/⁴suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction or are completely impotent. 20% are no longer sexually active. And the rest desperately search for a **** cure. So as grandpa pops his viagra so he can get his dick unwrinkled for the first time in gos knows how long, he is at a 30% greater chance of heart attack and or stroke and this goes up dramatically if he had health issues before his boner pill. And let's just be real, most Americans are grossly unhealthy, especially the elderly so your boner is actually a pretty high stakes wager with your life. No let's just assume that gramps didn't die, or throw his back out, boning the 20 college girl, after the chick helps him up, he will be **** within 5 minutes. So no round 2 for you sweetheart. And considering the having to stop to.catch his breath and.making sure not to break a hip, was there really even.a round 1?
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

BTW all stats are legit and so is the logic but it was more of my sartorial rant making fun of old dudes and young girls who never read anything by Freud. Probably the young ones more honestly.
By akaMrK at 03,Sep,13 19:22 other posts of akaMrK 
your lack of life experience reveals itself as ignorant pomposity! You will be that grandpa you just made fun of, before you know it. And with your attitude you will also be part of the 20% sexually inactive statistic. Youth is not a virtue, it's a burden. You should file this comment away somewhere and read it back to yourself in about 30 years. You probably won't like the little snot it reveals to you. just sayin'... Now I'm off to take my meds....

By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 04:33 other posts of lawrenceo 
We are all different but it is nothing new for someone your age or younger to be able to have three orgasms in an hour by whatever means is your pleasure.

Older men are less able because their blood circulation fails to provide a full erection (certainly not without physical stimulation). We awaken with a semi rather than a morning wood.

What matters is that we can usually get an orgasm one way or another.

By lawrenceo at 12,Oct,19 04:28 other posts of lawrenceo 
We are all different and apart from changes due to age, there are changes due to sexual activity.

Not sure what you make of mine?

By jackd at 04,Sep,13 02:40 other posts of jackd 
I have no problem getting hard and staying hard.Sometimes squirt myself on the chin too.Maybe just a more relaxed attitude.I'm 56,Days away from 57.

By #176420 at 13,Aug,11 18:45
No comparison sport older cocks are by far better,Just hate to older guys shaves their pubers off to look younger.That's fucking sad.
By #326467 at 07,Jan,13 22:36
don't believe it's to look younger..more so to make it look bigger..
By #244348 at 08,Jan,13 07:06
so why is older better ?
By #147052 at 08,Jan,13 10:50
Because we have a more mature attitude in regard to pleasing our partners. Age may limit quantity but if quality is what you want, always go for the older man/woman.
By SydP at 01,Sep,13 02:41 other posts of SydP 
Some of us never thought of looking younger or bigger, our women are fine with it as it is. Maybe I just think it feels better...yes, in fact it does. THATS why I like to shave my balls - comfort. Has nothing to do with my vanity & ego!
To me, sad is somebody ignorant enough to fool themselves into thinking that they know the motivations of total strangers!

By #303133 at 08,Jan,13 13:17
What I found out is that some people have WAAAAAAY too much time on their hands...
By SydP at 01,Sep,13 02:37 other posts of SydP 
Go ahead and continue to make a veiled attempt at an insult, but I found this to be interesting reading. Good work mystery poster, too bad you couldn't do a similar study on pussies. Hmmm, I seem to have too much time on my hands too...

By 67malibu at 08,Jan,13 05:08 other posts of 67malibu 
I'm getting depressed

By #226523 at 08,Jan,13 00:46
Well worn with very high mileage

Just like Johnny Walker still going strong

By james73 at 07,Jan,13 22:58 other posts of james73 
Did you notice any difference in aging between cut and uncut? Anecdotally, the uncut glans seems to age more slowly.

By stickshift6x5 at 07,Jan,13 18:18 other posts of stickshift6x5 
52 and still hard after all these years of long wacking sessions

By #5546 at 13,Aug,11 08:16
Here's a pic of my 65 year old dick for you:

By 3fdfd at 13,Aug,11 09:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
and it's a damn nice looking dick - dating back to the 1940s. They produced some great dicks in that decade - yours especially.

By #135735 at 11,Apr,11 14:48
Untitled photo of a schlong

my young cock
By 3fdfd at 13,Aug,11 09:55 other posts of 3fdfd 
great cock !

By #116569 at 13,Aug,11 05:21
there is no difference.. mine is the same as i was in my 20's and i am 47

By 0-00 at 13,Aug,11 03:00 other posts of 0-00 
How old do you think I am?

--------------------------------------- added after 12325 hours

OK - this is a 51 year old cock!

By #177288 at 13,Aug,11 00:26
this is a 49 years old cock, what do you think

By HardCockErections at 26,Mar,11 18:48 other posts of HardCockErections 
young cock :

By Gntlmn at 22,Mar,11 12:33 other posts of Gntlmn 

By #29566 at 15,Mar,11 12:59
Don't know where mine fits re age, it looks the same as 20 years ago, I do agree with the hardness of erections and the angle, doesn't get rock hard and long gone are the pointing at the ceiling erections, still get good erections and quality sex rather than quantity like it was in our younger days, just thankful it is all in working order.
By 3fdfd at 15,Mar,11 14:58 other posts of 3fdfd 
Walker - yours fits in the "damn, that's a great looking cock" range !
By #29566 at 15,Mar,11 19:01
Thanks, would be good to see some of your dick.
By 3fdfd at 16,Mar,11 09:30 other posts of 3fdfd 
I've sent you a couple of pics of my dick. I was on here before & posted pictures, but SYD will not give me my password which I needed after a computer glitch. I changed e-mail addresses & that has locked me out of my old page.

By 3fdfd at 15,Mar,11 14:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
At 65+ my cock doesn't get as hard nor anywheres as large as it did when I was 15-40.

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