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guys who like wearing pantyhose & nylons! Not panties but pantyhose & nylon stockings! Also any gals who indulge a guy with thi 24,Jun,19 00:14


By Lvphose at 01,Mar,21 05:38
I have a fantasy twist to your wives. I have a fantasy several women, ex gf, gf, co-workers. Friends, neighbors, strangers what ever my gf know I have a huge pantyhose/nylon fetish. She has me enter the living room and all these women are in bra & pantyhose extended legs and nylon feet out for me to see. Iím then told to strip. When naked Iím instructed to start pleasuring my self and get hard and jerk off in front of all the gals there. Iím told if I can get hard reward is to get to enjoy all the gals, if I canít they like spank, whip, ass, cock & balls as punishment!

The fact they are in pantyhose/nylon is a turn on but always wondered could I perform, could I get hard, could I cum?

Iíd love to try and find out!

By Lvphose at 01,Mar,21 05:24
Iíd volunteer!

By Lvphose at 01,Mar,21 05:21
Hell yes, Iíd jack off in front of a strange woman if she wouldnít freak out. The is a porn series where a guy asks a chick a series of questions and he jacks off in front of her as they talk. Questions are like have you seen a man beat off, seen any strangers cock, howís mine look, would you jack a guy this way, do you want to see me cum?

By Lvphose at 02,Feb,21 02:17

By Lvphose at 01,Feb,21 23:18
Yes when I was horny and when I was married my wife turned me down, I jerk off next to her in bed. I have also had a few girlfriends who were not in the mood when I was horny and when they turned me down I jerked off next to them in bed also!

By Lvphose at 01,Feb,21 21:43

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 18:31
For me itís not lingierie but pantyhose & I nylons I like to wear and had an ex who indulged that fetish of mine!

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:49
This is one kind!

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:47

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:38
Iím circumcised but as I got older itís like I have a partial foreskin again!

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:30

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:17
Iíd wTch it with you without any problem at all!

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:16
Yes an ex and I watched slot of porn, we had a married couple friends weíd watch porn with them. My buddy and I always wanted to switch gals but never got bold enough to see if the girls would go along

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:10
Iíve always wanted to play truth or dare and be dared to see if I could get myself hard in front of several women

By Lvphose at 23,Dec,20 17:08
Pantyhose, nylons, stockinggs, gangbangs, bdsm, rough sex,

By Lvphose at 04,Dec,20 22:55
An ex GF & I would trade off being done or submissive!

By Lvphose at 04,Dec,20 22:47
I have a nylon/stocking/pantyhose fetish!

By Lvphose at 08,Nov,20 23:34
I agree completely

By Lvphose at 08,Nov,20 23:33
Your wife and you sound like you guys were into exactly what a ex gf and I were into!

By Lvphose at 08,Nov,20 23:28
Maybe I should make a cum video. Exciting to think your wife might watch it.

By Lvphose at 08,Nov,20 23:23
I had a gf who used a strap on that partially when in he pussy and the penis vibrated too!! Exciting play

By Lvphose at 29,Oct,20 09:35
A girlfriend of mine

By Lvphose at 29,Oct,20 09:33
I have a stocking/nylon/pantyhose fetish. I had a girlfriend who would wear while we had sex. When I told her about I have put pantyhose on and how I liked the feel she was agreeable and sometimes weíd have sex both wearing pantyhose!

By Lvphose at 05,Oct,20 19:37
I would use gfís pantyhose & even took a pair of pantyhose out of my friends wifeís clothes hamper and took them home and used them.

By Lvphose at 05,Oct,20 19:34
I have a nylon/pantyhose fetish! It started when I was 12. A friends family would go on vacation and ask me to watch their dog ( feed, water, let out several times a day). When Iíd go over Iíd look in his moms drawer and found some of her pantyhose. It started I would rub them on my cock and balls. I then tried them on a loved how my cock and balls felt covered in the nylon of her pantyhose & would rub myself over the nylon. I would end jerking off. Thatís how it all started. I love seeing women in nylons & pantyhose and love wearing myself!

By Lvphose at 05,Oct,20 19:27
Anywhere your having sexual!

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 19:32
I love it when a woman wears pantyhose with no panties itís so hot

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 19:30
Excellent story! I too liked to wank to my friends wife!

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 18:48
Younger in 30ís same time frame older late 50ís

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 18:37
Not naked but loving getting banged!

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 18:26
I have a huge nylon and pantyhose fetish. One of my big fantasies is that my girlfriend has me come over and in her living room or a bunch of her friends and other girls I know in some tan pantyhose sure jet black coffee colored with no panties all sitting around. They all look so hot there not long to see sexy legs pussy in pantyhose nice ass is too! Then my girlfriend tells me to strip in front of all of them. She didnít tells me to start jerking off in front of them and that if I donít get myself hard they all will punish me somewhere another. But if I get a wrecked theyíll pleasure me with their stocking feet legs asses pussies and even let me rip open their crotches and fuck each one!

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 18:14

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 17:45
Why not Iíd let you!

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 17:21
Many years ago I called a phone sex line of a dom and she instructed me to do several things. She was instructing me how she wanted me to jerk off when I didnít realize my live in girlfriend came home, came up the stairs and caught me, cock handed you might say. She was not happy!

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 16:59

By Lvphose at 07,Sep,20 08:05

By Lvphose at 28,Aug,20 02:02
Mine used to be a lot bigger and straight. I had a gf who indulged my nylon/pantyhose fetish and could always get my cock motor running. Sadly weíre not together anymore, but the fetish and being horny remained. So a lot of playing with myself and jerking was my fate. Now Iím older, not as big and curved, I believe too much playing and jerking myself!

By Lvphose at 28,Aug,20 01:52

By Lvphose at 28,Aug,20 01:28
I like to wear pantyhose and have an interest in trying a pair made for men with a penis sleeve built in. Any suggestions on brand etc

By Lvphose at 28,Aug,20 00:47

By Lvphose at 22,Aug,20 08:17
My ex gf feet in nylons were such a turn on!

By Lvphose at 22,Aug,20 08:12
This ex gf gave great foot jobs and great hand jobs!

By Lvphose at 22,Aug,20 08:09
Love them from nylon feet!

By Lvphose at 19,Aug,20 21:18
Of course Iím prejudiced because itís me!

By Lvphose at 19,Aug,20 20:19
My longest gf got really good learning from us watching porn together!

By Lvphose at 19,Aug,20 11:14
An ex gf and I would switch here is a short bit where she was don and I sub!

By Lvphose at 19,Aug,20 11:11
Helmet I believe!

By Lvphose at 11,Aug,20 02:48
It was Jr-Sr prom, my date & I were juniors. After we were in finished basement of my folks. I remember running my hand up her nylon smooth leg to her crotch. It was so hot and moist! I couldnít wait to pull the pantyhose down to touch her pussy! That was great and when pulled them down just past her knees and she didnít object I got between her legs. From the head entering her wet pussy it was so good and when my head & shaft were in her it was extracts! Orgasm wasnít far behind because it felt so great! Iíll never forget it!!

By Lvphose at 11,Aug,20 01:02
Yes, first girlfriend that we had sex. Prom night junior year, I could feel the heat & dampness in the crotch of her pantyhose and couldnít wait to pull them down and when I did I fingered her then ate her before our first time we had sex with each other!

By Lvphose at 22,Jun,20 11:35