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guys who like wearing pantyhose & nylons! Not panties but pantyhose & nylon stockings! Also any gals who indulge a guy with thi 24,Jun,19 00:14


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Iíd play with her too!

By Lvphose at 13,Feb,20 03:28
For me I guess itís I was coming of age in the 60s So women wore nine stockings a new one pantyhose came around they wore them! I guess what I noticed is they really help define shape of a womanís legs and feet. Around age 10 and 11 with my friend and his family we go on vacation they did ask me to feed the dog and let it out. And one of my duties there I start exploring his mothers drawers found a pair Her pantyhose & Put them on. I guess I like the feel of the lawn on my three big cock balls! I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend for a few years who understood my nylon stockings and pantyhose fetish it would indulge me in it!

By Lvphose at 12,Feb,20 06:58
Cemetery, quiet,

By Lvphose at 12,Feb,20 06:56
Yes, an ex-gf when she wasnít in mood and she fell asleep

By Lvphose at 11,Feb,20 23:22
Cumming of age in the 1960ís (pun intended) I grew up where women & girls wore nylons then pantyhose when they came out! I found out I really developed a desire, fetish if you will! When a neighborhood friend & family would take summer vacation they asked me to care for their dog, so Iíd feed it, let it out several times a day. One day I started looking in his momís drawer a found some pantyhose of hers. First I got naked & layed on the bed. First Iíd just dangle them so the softy touched my cock & balls. I then put my hand in the legging to the foot & started rubbing my cock & boom there was my first ejaculation age 11-12 ish. The next day I put them on and rubbed cock in the pantyhose encased nylons of the panty part oh her pantyhose & boom ejaculated in her pantyhose I remember how the fluid made the nylon fibers shine. From then on Iíve had a stocking/nylon/pantyhose fetish!

By Lvphose at 03,Jan,20 00:00
I agree 100%! Used to have a gf who indulged my pantyhose/nylon fetish!

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Iím not into panties but i am into pantyhose! A while back when visiting my best friend and his wife, they kept their dirty clothes hamper in a bathroom. A couple times I noticed a pair of his wifeís pantyhose and would take them home with me. You know I then masturbated while smelling, tasting, feeling her pantyhose!

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In a cemetery!

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Hopefully came out so could see.

By Lvphose at 05,Dec,19 20:44
Iíd join if it included guys who like to wear pantyhose!

By Lvphose at 12,Nov,19 23:34
I I have a nylon pantyhose fetish I have a fantasy of being made to get in the middle of the circle women wearing Hozier pantyhose and they make me jack off in front of them and the challenges to try and get hard so I can fuck them all

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Clean pussy

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Iíve seen a couple porn vids where a Mistress Madeline edges really well, so hot,

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Having a nylons/pantyhose fetish I had a gf who would wear them while she jerked me off. She always was able to extract a load! She also new how sensitive my cock is after I cum and she kept stimulating me until I almost couldnít take it! Best hand jobs ive ever had!

By Lvphose at 10,Sep,19 01:14
I enjoy both exhibitionism and voyerism

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No it is not! When the government arbitrarily sets a wage the employee may not have enough production as equal value of wage. So whatís an employer going to do? He/she will get as much bang for their buck as they can! Some jr. College trumps hs gra, what happens is the least educated, with no skills and no work experience are priced out of the labor market! If you could afford a $5,000 car but the gov says no now thatís a $10,000 car your priced out of the car market. Same thing happens in the labor market!

By Lvphose at 09,Sep,19 21:39
As a **** when I would watch neighbor friends dog when they went on vacation I would rub his moms pantyhose on my cock and also put them on and rub my cock in her pantyhose, felt great!

By Lvphose at 09,Sep,19 21:37
By accident home from school sick in elementary school, began touching myself, got an erection and surprise discover of the climax. I was hooked after that.

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I too would like to try a jack off session

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I agree completely!

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I can relate to those! Iíd go for it too!

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I had a straight cock as got older it curves a lot and smaller I believe I have pyronies

By Lvphose at 29,Aug,19 02:59
Look up Pyronies not sure of spelling!

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She does have a nice ass!

By Lvphose at 03,Aug,19 02:03
I am circumcised but it almost 60 itís like my foreskin back !

By Lvphose at 24,Jun,19 16:28
I have a pantyhose/nylon fetish! Iíve fantasized that my GF calls me over to here place and in her living room are like my old boss not bad looking, my best friends wife, co workers and other friends of hers. They are all sitting wearing only sheer to waist pantyhose ( I love darker colors suntan to coffee to jet black) and those are the colors. My gf tells me to go to the middle of the Room and take off all my clothes. She then tells. Me to pleasure myself and if I donít get hard Iíll be punished by each one. If I do Iíll get rewarded by each. Well I get hard and all give me pantyhose encased foot jobs some singular others all their stocking feet. Then my gf says ok part one. Iím not touched or touch myself. The then commands me to get my self hard again. So once hard a little harder to get erect aa second time she threatens me as I jerk saying each one will fuck my ass with a strap on! Well I didnít want 8 chicks fucking my ass 1 but not 8! So I worked up another erection! My reward I got to tear open the pantyhose crotch lick them then fuck them. Them the all put their stocking feet together and I shot a big hot load of cum all over their nylon encased feet & I watched them lick it off each otherís hose.

By Lvphose at 24,Jun,19 07:52
Yes I have! Iíve been a RN manager ( male heterosexuals) where I had an office. Sometimes I would go in close lock the door and masturbate to mental images of some of my hot nurses. Iíd in my mind like say I was calling them into the office to be reprimanded and would have the stop just to their pantyhose, thank kind of jerk fantasy

By Lvphose at 24,Jun,19 00:42
No but I like your pics in pantyhose. Maybe we could start out wearing pantyhose & play around a bit and see where it might go?

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Yes in a couple ways. 1) being the male lead in scene e 2) being one of 2 guys doing a girl 3) one of many in a gang bang 4) also like having a fendin & or many command me to pleasure them as they wish!
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By Lvphose at 21,May,19 06:33
I like to wear both, but not together. Pantyhose rubbing on my cock & balls feels great! Of course nylon stockings allows for masturbation!

By Lvphose at 09,Apr,19 07:08
I had a gf who would indulge my fetish turn on by wearing pantyhose or nylon stockings and rub my cock and ball with her sexy nylon encased feet!

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TNTC is a lab reporting term= too numerous to count

By Lvphose at 29,Jan,19 01:43
Shaved, Iíd like to find a place where a experienced gal would give me a manzilian!

By Lvphose at 22,Dec,18 13:57
I think this applies, an ex gf indulged my nylon fetish sheís wear sheer pantyhose suntan or jet black Iíd rip here crotch and weíd have great fuck sessions. Her ass, legs and nylon encased feet were so sexy hot. She was wearing sheer black pantyhose and after going at it I leaned back she leaned back and we masturbated in front of each other. Looking at her making herself hot, her sexy nyloned encased feet and legs as I jerked off I blew a load some flew on her leg some onto her breat I mean 3ft or so many contractions of my cock shooting cum!

By Lvphose at 21,Dec,18 06:24
Sounds interesting!

By Lvphose at 26,Sep,18 03:22
Yes yes yes

By Lvphose at 26,Sep,18 03:18
My gf has several friends over. They all are wearing pantyhose/nylons. She has me strip naked and stroke myself in front of those nylons friends, then one by one and then add one the start giving me nylon foot job, then told to duck each one and climaxby cumming over all their nylon feet or legs!