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Started by #273503 at 06,Nov,12 19:48
What do u guys think about trans-sexuals (have tits and a dick usually a more feminine face) personally I would love to fuck one

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By newwt10 at 16,Sep,20 14:26 other posts of newwt10 
,,, Thought I was wanking it to Asian girl, well it didn't stop me. She is so Beautiful!!

By newwt10 at 16,Sep,20 14:08 other posts of newwt10 
Surfing through Asian pic's, came across this little sweetheart some years back! Been trapped by her ever since!

By 0-00 at 30,Jul,20 13:27 other posts of 0-00 
I have had fun with one and would definitely do it again... See the pic on my page.
By stiffone4u at 30,Aug,20 09:52 other posts of stiffone4u 
She's hot. Did you check her??
By 0-00 at 30,Aug,20 16:25 other posts of 0-00 
No, just a BJ both ways. She is planning to visit my town again so will see what happens. She thinks I might be too thick but I have done anal with other girls with no problem.
By stiffone4u at 30,Aug,20 17:24 other posts of stiffone4u 
Get more pics of her..

By cruz69696969 at 30,Aug,20 03:57 other posts of cruz69696969 
I think they are so fortunate to have the best of all worlds

By JackS at 29,Aug,20 01:50 other posts of JackS 
I LOVE Bailey Jay!! I would totally let her have her way with me!!
By phart at 29,Aug,20 09:14 other posts of phart 
The boob job ruined her looks.shoulda stayed natural.
looked much better

By #622870 at 01,Aug,20 22:45
I dream about meeting and fucking one.Trannies turns me on most

By SluttySarah069 at 30,Jul,20 15:16 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I love dressing for men and am very compliant

By knewbi at 30,Jul,20 11:23 other posts of knewbi 
Would so love to try one. The ultimate in sexual fantasies. Almost had one years ago. One walked into my place of business. She was sort of flirting and from the look at the bulge, that she kept repositioning, along with a deeper voice it was an easy thing to see. Unfortunately, there were fellow workers there so I was unable to pursue it any further. When she left I was sure to invite her to return if she had more information that was needed. Never returned though. What a shame.

By DDSMNLF at 29,Jul,20 20:39 other posts of DDSMNLF 
Love them the best of both worlds.
My dream a shemale who loves brutal bdsm and i am her slave

By #622501 at 29,Jul,20 05:57
I had a magnicent 6ft 6inch tall Brazilian tranny. Fantastic arse and long legs encased in black lace top stockings. A bit of mutual sucking and then my first time taking cock. She put me on my back,pushed my legs up to my shoulders and entered me. Painful at first as she had an 8 inch cock but I soon relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed it.She fucked me hard for 5 minutes and then came inside me. She then bent over the bed for me to fuck her and then she wanked me off whilst inserting a vibrator in my arse. What an orgasm, my legs were shaking and like jelly.I' m getting hard just thinking of her now.

By Frenum at 06,Jul,13 04:35 other posts of Frenum 
Its my ultimate kink

By 67malibu at 05,Jul,13 09:11 other posts of 67malibu 

By #211891 at 04,Jul,13 13:59
Personally I would LOVE to suck one!

By protwin at 07,Nov,12 15:25 other posts of protwin 
it is my dream to have sex with a trannie, I love them

By #147052 at 07,Nov,12 09:56
The ones I've seen look like a Wyoming sheepherders dream!

By Frankie765 at 07,Nov,12 08:40 other posts of Frankie765 
I Love them would really love to fuck one or even have one that would be a Fuck Buddy regular

By cockbot3000 at 07,Nov,12 00:01 other posts of cockbot3000 
I love them! Dicks and tits combined is a win-win in my book!

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