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By earthy at 22,Feb,21 12:10
Me and a friend were 13. We would have sleepovers and sleep in our underwear, then eventually naked. We started jerking off together, then doing each other. Then one night I leaned over and started sucking his dick. It was amazing!!

By earthy at 19,Jan,21 15:56
I was 13, he was 45 i think, so 32 years difference. Just oral but was amazing.

By earthy at 19,Jan,21 13:03
I saw my mom and step-dad naked many times as a kid, but no it didnt turn me on. Seeing my cousin naked when we were 12 did though!

By earthy at 18,Jan,21 12:56
A friend and I where 12/13 when we started having sleepovers. We didnt play doctor really, but started out sleeping in our underwear, then would see each naked after a shower or bath. We eventually took a bath together and both jerked off together. That progressed jerking each other off. Then started with blowjobs. Great times!!

However, the first time anyone sucked my dick was a friend of my stepdad.

By earthy at 16,Jan,21 13:21

By earthy at 16,Jan,21 11:25
I love shaved small/medium sized. Although large ones are a good challenge

By earthy at 09,Jan,21 11:40
I usually feel a little embarassed, but they normally dont say anything. But once, I got a pair of speedos and she, an older lady, said "oh you wear those?" . I just laughed and said yes.

By earthy at 20,Dec,20 16:17
I like small to medium best. I can get whole thing in, up to maybe 5.5 to 6 inches. Larger ones only a little really, maybe half at most.

By earthy at 15,Dec,20 20:37
Me too. About 5.5 hard, kinda small when soft. A little over an inch when its cold or if i'm nervous for whatever reason.

By earthy at 02,Dec,20 00:07
I've been going to nudist resorts since was 11. I was really nervous at first but soon loved it and still do. I went to a nudist lake a few weeks ago, it was great!

By earthy at 01,Dec,20 22:05
I had a threesome for the first time a few weeks ago. It was amazing! And kind of a hotel room marathon, with some breaks in between. I was sore as hell afterwards but loved it!

By earthy at 01,Dec,20 20:50
I do that sometimes. For me about 30 minutes before is best.

By earthy at 01,Dec,20 20:16
Usually briefs or boxer briefs for me. Any color really, but lighter colors make your dick more visible

By earthy at 25,Nov,20 09:29

By earthy at 10,Nov,20 09:20

By earthy at 03,Nov,20 13:50
I did that last week. Woke up and briefs were drenched with cum

By earthy at 03,Nov,20 13:30
It used to worry me but not anymore.

By earthy at 03,Nov,20 13:19
I'm a 6

By earthy at 03,Nov,20 11:42
Oh yes me too. I learned alot

By earthy at 03,Nov,20 11:24
I loved sleeping my underwear with friends. Especially that one special friend.

By earthy at 19,Oct,20 08:06
New Braunfels

By earthy at 05,Oct,20 11:45
When I was 13 my step-dads friend sucked my dick the first time. I was amazed at how it felt!

By earthy at 05,Oct,20 11:13
When I eas a kid me and a friend would jerk off by the pool at my house, sometimes while skinnydipping. We did that quite a few times. Dont think anyone ever saw us though.

By earthy at 29,Sep,20 20:44
Murder, attempted murder, assault, ****, arson. Also blm founders are marxists, one of their goals is the desttruction of the American family structure. They talked all about it on the page they recently took down from the blm website.

By earthy at 29,Sep,20 01:12
The reasons are clear and obvious. If you cant see it, like SO many others can, it's because you dont want to.

By earthy at 28,Sep,20 16:37
Yep and now the NFL not only supports him, they also support the blm scumbags.

By earthy at 28,Sep,20 16:16
"The thought of multiple men using my cock freaks me out and grosses me out"

I'm just the opposite. The thought of that really turns me on

By earthy at 28,Sep,20 13:31
Dont have any good ones, but yeah I love shower pics.

By earthy at 28,Sep,20 12:53
I masturbated/edged for about 3 hours or so once. My roommate wanted to watch me. It was amazing and erotic. Funny thing is, he still insists he isnt gay or bi, that he just gets off on it. He even let me give him a handjob twice, but same thing, not gay. Hmmm

By earthy at 18,Sep,20 22:01
BOTH of these! Hell yes

By earthy at 18,Sep,20 21:52

By earthy at 02,Sep,20 05:30
I would use hair removal cream on your ass, but not IN your ass

By earthy at 01,Sep,20 21:24

By earthy at 28,Aug,20 00:38
I would stand hehe

By earthy at 28,Aug,20 00:02

By earthy at 27,Aug,20 14:32
Im about 5 or a little more so a little on the small side

By earthy at 27,Aug,20 14:27
I dont have much of a bulge but i love looking at others!!

By earthy at 27,Aug,20 11:44
I love tighty whities and speedos

By earthy at 27,Aug,20 11:25
Im a 5, maybe 6

By earthy at 26,Aug,20 10:06
Oh hell yeah i love a good handjob and giving one. A blowjob is better though lol

By earthy at 24,Aug,20 10:08

By earthy at 24,Aug,20 08:10
I love watching guys cum! Its hot as hell!

By earthy at 14,Aug,20 08:49
Usually 3 or 4 spurts then a few smaller ones.

By earthy at 30,Jul,20 19:27
I like a smooth ass MUCH more!

By earthy at 30,Jul,20 19:24
My stepfather was a nudist for quite a while before he married my mom and she got into it. They would go to Cypress Cove resort in Florida on some weekends. I went for the first time when I was 11. It felt VERY strange walking around there naked the first time! But I got used to it pretty quick. I had already been nude around the house from time to time but never in public before that.

But yeah like others have said, nudity and sex are sometimes completely seperate.

By earthy at 08,Jul,20 12:46
I sometimes have erotic dreams, although not nearly enough. They are usually kind of erratic and disjointed though. And pretty weird from what I can remember.

By earthy at 05,Jul,20 14:20
I've had a hand-held shower before. You're right, it's AMAZING! I think I'll get another one soon. Maybe today

By earthy at 29,Jun,20 18:25
I was 12 lying on my bed jerking off, the next thing I know a friend is knocking on the front door. He was laughing and yelling "quite jerking off!". Pissed me off at the time. That sneaky little shit

By earthy at 29,Jun,20 13:56
Yeah I've hooked up with a number of guys that way (Adam 4 Adam app), one of them several times now. Only oral so far which is fine with me. Just meet the first time in a public place, for me it's been McDonald's lol. As for the face pic, it doesn't have to a nude pic.

By earthy at 22,Jun,20 12:23
What section is it?