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By earthy at 20,Mar,20 15:20
Yeah I noticed that too. I never did at first, but after I got more comfortable I got semi-erect a few times. Guess I was nervous about it.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 13:12
Nice! Sounds fun.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 10:50
I think I like this one the best.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 10:33
Yeah 9 inches is huge! Almost too big to get my mouth around

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 09:29
I'm usually a little embarrassed by it, but still turned on too.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 09:05
Yeah I stand back a bit in case he wants to take a look.

By earthy at 14,Mar,20 12:59
I'd say I'm a 2 when soft, 3 hard.

By earthy at 11,Mar,20 15:13
Just about every time I'm in the shower . Plus my roommate (who still says he's not gay or bi) has watch me jerk off naked a few times. Not recently though, hmm

By earthy at 11,Mar,20 15:07
I love going commando. I do that about half the time.

By earthy at 11,Mar,20 15:05

By earthy at 06,Mar,20 18:19
I would love to do that! I've never even jerked with 2 guys before. But I live in Texas now, so nothing like that here

By earthy at 06,Mar,20 17:55
I'm definitely a grower. I go from about 2"(sometimes less) to about 5.5"

By earthy at 29,Feb,20 22:41
Exactly how I feel.

By earthy at 29,Feb,20 20:32

By earthy at 28,Feb,20 18:59
Nope, mine is about 5.5, MAYBE a bit more, sometimes.

By earthy at 24,Feb,20 21:36
One way to do it

By earthy at 24,Feb,20 19:07
I've done it, but I prefer to take my time. Edge even.

By earthy at 21,Feb,20 18:07

By earthy at 21,Feb,20 16:40

By earthy at 21,Feb,20 16:36

At a hotel

By earthy at 20,Feb,20 20:26
I like slow but sometimes hard, especially at the end. Then fuck me hard and fast.

By earthy at 15,Feb,20 19:07
Here's another

By earthy at 14,Feb,20 20:47
So I guess I'm average when hard, a little small when soft

By earthy at 14,Feb,20 20:41
Wow that pretty accurate

By earthy at 14,Feb,20 20:38
I don't really think shoe size is an accurate way to tell. I wear size 10 and am about 5.5 hard

By earthy at 13,Feb,20 13:03
I love small dicks. More than bigger ones really

By earthy at 13,Feb,20 12:56
That's pretty much what I do

By earthy at 13,Feb,20 01:47

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 22:41
You should play it. Great story too

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 22:37
I've thought the same thing but never said it out loud

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 22:06
Or naked hehe

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 21:56
I'm usually embarrassed but love it anyway. Just being seen naked is a turn on

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 19:16
Just over 5.5

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 19:09
Yeah I guess so

By earthy at 10,Feb,20 15:58
I don't think anything you can do about it.

By earthy at 10,Feb,20 00:07
Not me hehe

By earthy at 09,Feb,20 21:53
Male 32
12 the first time
Very surprised
Not enough lately
But gallons overall

By earthy at 09,Feb,20 16:55

By earthy at 07,Feb,20 11:34
Yeah I think that's true. I like small to average size best.

By earthy at 06,Feb,20 16:09

By earthy at 05,Feb,20 20:34
Speedos at the beach, just regular shorts at a waterpark

By earthy at 04,Feb,20 11:56

By earthy at 02,Feb,20 19:20
I'd say I'm a 7 overall. Not that big but looks good I've been told.

By earthy at 28,Jan,20 19:52
B7Yeah just makes feel horny. Everyone seeing like that.

By earthy at 27,Jan,20 10:12
I'm 5.5 or so. I'm cool with it

By earthy at 24,Jan,20 14:55
Yeah me too. Love getting it hard

By earthy at 21,Jan,20 16:42

By earthy at 17,Jan,20 14:44
Don't have sex enough to be considered a slut. But I'd like to be.

By earthy at 16,Jan,20 15:57
I may be a little behind, but recently finished God of War. Amazing game.

By earthy at 14,Jan,20 19:00