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Who here has considered a career in Porn?

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Started by #158021 at 05,Oct,12 03:46
I'll start off with my thoughts about this. I used to feel it was something I've always wanted to do, but because of how people would feel about me after finding out I'd done so, I would not or could not. Now I'm to the point where I've embraced my sexuality, and I'm no longer ashamed to share myself naked or tell people that turn me on how I want to fuck them, lick their pussies, etc.

I think my approach would be to do straight porn, but if they turned me down and asked me if I would consider "gay for pay" porn I'd act like "There's no way I would do that". It would be me lying to get more money to do something that I honestly wouldn't mind doing anyway.

I wouldn't mind 10 guys fucking my ass and cumming all over my face though I've never even been with a man. I'm very open sexually, and there's nothing I won't do at least once. I've wanted to work gloryholes, etc, so why not suck and fuck and get paid to do so when you'd do it for free?

I would love everyone's feelings about this. Have you ever considered doing porn for a living? If so, what's stopping you? For me, it's I have to keep my "anonymity" with the career I have. Once I no longer work in the field I do, I'm doing porn for a living.

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By SpeedoBear at 04,Jun,19 08:16 other posts of SpeedoBear 
Have been in pornos and loved it!

By ktalmipn at 05,Oct,12 14:03 other posts of ktalmipn 
Yeah it might be difficult to get it hard on command or fuck simply following directions but yeah i wish i could be into a porn movie at least just for one time i guess im able to

By fatcock57 at 05,Oct,12 12:25 other posts of fatcock57 
I think doing porn isn't that easy. I saw a documentary once about guys and girls trying to get into the porn business. Most of them failed at the interview when they asked the men to drop their pants and "get it hard". They couldn't get their cocks hard on command. Girls got shy when asked to get naked on a couch and start masturbating. These interviews were purposely upfront and direct, so the newbee's got used to doing sex on command. One guy passed the interviews, was cast in a movie, but as soon as the director yelled "action" his cock went soft. He was fired on the spot.

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