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Nude Sleeping

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Started by #305433 at 03,Nov,13 20:31
I **** naked every night. I started sleeping in the nude when I was 14 years old. i want to know do you **** naked and if you do how long have you been sleeping in the nude and why did you start sleeping naked

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By johndoe at 14,Jul,20 22:45 other posts of johndoe 
since the age of twenty I like the contact of the wind with the window between open on my naked body ...great feeling

By submissivemartyn at 11,Jul,20 03:52 other posts of submissivemartyn 
I used to sleep in my under pants even when I got married.When we got into b.d.s.m my ex wife/Mistress made me sleep naked with my cock cage on on the floor at the end of the bed.

By retro57 at 10,Jul,20 03:50 other posts of retro57 
All the time, no other way to sleep, since my early teens

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 02:43
I **** naked from when I was 16 years old.It feels better when my cock can move freely around in bed.Few times my mom has seen me naked,when she came to wake me up.
By #327744 at 09,Jul,20 23:57

By CountryCouple54 at 09,Jul,20 11:35 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Do people really sleep with clothes on?

By overeight at 08,Jul,20 11:35 other posts of overeight 
I have slept nude ever since I became an adult. When I got married my wife would not sleep nude. She just wasn't comfortable sleeping nude. She did try many times she went to bed nude but woke up and she had on panties and a shirt. She just could not sleep through the night without it. So I made an agreement with her if I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted some I would just pull her panties off and start playing. We finally got it down to a routine. If I woke up and was feeling a little excited I just stripped off her panties and eased back into position. She knew if she woke up with my hard one between her legs about 90% of the time she just opens her legs and let me in. Usually by the time I woke her up(she slept pretty heavy) she was already wet and ready so it worked out ok.

By #620794 at 08,Jul,20 04:50
I donn't sleep naked now as much as I used to because I sleep during the day. I slept naked every night for about five years. It was just more comfortable so it became routine. I now mainly sleep naked if I can not get comfortable. As soon as i take my boxers off I feel so good. When i sleep at night on my days off I sleep naked about half the time.

By DTGiver at 04,Jul,20 21:49 other posts of DTGiver 
LOL! So what's a big deal about being, or sleeping naked? Main thing is there's no clothes to tangle up in. Hell naked is natural.

By everett at 04,Jul,20 21:16 other posts of everett 
me 14 i did i luved it mynked ass on my bed

By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 16:59
I tried to sleep naked around 15.I loved how freely dick and balls feels.Novadays I sleep naked sometimes, not every night.

By JayMichael at 20,Oct,19 06:04 other posts of JayMichael 
Always sleep naked
By X_Y_Z at 20,Oct,19 13:12 other posts of X_Y_Z 
me, too

By Smoothmann at 20,Oct,19 13:26 other posts of Smoothmann 
Even in the winter I sleep nude.I just use a heavy blanket!

By new2day at 20,Oct,19 06:02 other posts of new2day 
I've slept naked since I was about 12/13. Sometimes wear a t-shirt in winter if it's really cold, but love to feel free.

By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 09:35 other posts of t-rex 
I always sleep naked, I especially love when I have someone sleep over, I always snuggle up, I love a warm body against my naked cock 😃
By Smoothmann at 06,Oct,19 10:34 other posts of Smoothmann 
Yea,my gf and I always sleep nude and we spoon each other on the colder nights!
By t-rex at 06,Oct,19 12:23 other posts of t-rex 

By Smoothmann at 06,Oct,19 09:17 other posts of Smoothmann 
Now that it is getting cold at night.I just add a heavy comforter on top of the covers while I sleep nude.I sleep so much better when it's cooler at night

By atom61 at 29,Sep,19 21:05 other posts of atom61 
I started sleeping naked 12 years ago after my wife died. I love the feeling!

By Bigdaddy402 at 27,Sep,19 00:05 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
I love sleeping nude i have been sleeping nude scene i was 14. I am 50 now. I love feeling free.

By cody8789 at 29,Mar,19 19:12 other posts of cody8789 
I can't sleep naked or I'll want to play with myself, I wear ten pairs of cloths so by the time I get my cloths off I'm too tired to play

By #581484 at 29,Mar,19 17:43
always have done and still do

By SluttySarah069 at 29,Mar,19 17:14 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Both my wife and I sleep together naked

By Smoothmann at 25,Mar,19 20:36 other posts of Smoothmann 
I have slept nude since I was 8 and I am now 59.I never liked PJ's.It helps to let the body breathe! :x

By wycowboy at 16,Sep,18 18:03 other posts of wycowboy 
I've been sleeping nude for about 40 years now. I first starting doing it because it felt good but now it's just a habit

By cutroundhead at 15,Sep,18 06:39 other posts of cutroundhead 
I've slept nude since my early 20s and I can;t imagine the hassle having sex if you have to undress first...so easy when you're nude...

By Darthshame at 15,Apr,18 00:50 other posts of Darthshame 
My ex made me around 23, now can't **** with more than a light shirt. Never wear bottoms.

By Boylover at 15,Apr,18 00:44 other posts of Boylover 
Ive been sleeping naked since I was 21yo: living in southern Spain where summer gets real hot. Got used to the comfy feeling, and since then always **** nakey, only wearing a T-shirt when it gets a little chilly at night.

By #553294 at 30,Mar,18 16:46
I've slept in the nude since I was ~6. Mom insisted that I wear pjs when I was young. I always found them "restricting" in bed & I prefer to **** in a cool environment, so I ditched the pjs ASAP & started to **** naked. Been doing it ever since - except while I was in Navy boot-camp.

By foreskinlover52 at 30,Mar,18 14:52 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I have always slept nude! Dont see the sence on getting dressed to go to bed..It gives my cock freedom to get hard at lease 10 times a nite..And wetdreams are possible too and fun! I have also been a nudist for many years..

By #553253 at 28,Mar,18 08:11
Ive always slept naked, im seldom dressed at home, even with company over. I love driving to the river, and get some sun, I love hiking nude too, its a lifestyle I always enjoyed.

By #552722 at 21,Mar,18 17:37
as far back as i can remember being nude feels great

By countrynaturist at 21,Mar,18 12:47 other posts of countrynaturist 
I have been slee ping nude since 14. I started when I had a slee pover with a friend. Never wore clothes to bed since.

By #552619 at 20,Mar,18 09:36
I slept naked every night since i was about 11 or so. Only way I get comfortable.

By BiGuy4 at 20,Mar,18 07:05 other posts of BiGuy4 
Everyone sleeps naked I thought anyways :p

By licksipsuckit at 05,Mar,16 00:05 other posts of licksipsuckit 

sexy dreams *lix*
By AussieMan187 at 12,Mar,18 22:16 other posts of AussieMan187 
He's a sexy hunk of man
By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,18 21:27 other posts of licksipsuckit 
he sure is, even better when he's awake *lix*

By #460523 at 16,Mar,18 20:12
**** nude all the time and go commando all the time too

By niginni at 16,Mar,18 12:32 other posts of niginni 
I have been sleeping naked since i was 13 its just more comfortable in bed even in the winter
--------------------------------------- added after 44 hours

By AussieMan187 at 12,Mar,18 22:18 other posts of AussieMan187 
By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,18 07:05 other posts of licksipsuckit 
gorgeous and skinny, sweet and sexy *lix*
By AussieMan187 at 16,Mar,18 08:33 other posts of AussieMan187 
Not as sweet as you, baby

By cutroundhead at 14,Mar,18 09:16 other posts of cutroundhead 
I've slept in the nude since my early 20s ...the only way to go...and great for sex...no fiddling with getting undressed...the hard cock is right there...

By Shugga101 at 13,Mar,18 06:07 other posts of Shugga101 
We live in the tropics, where Summers are hot and humid as Hades. We are nude at home at least 6 months of the Year. Sleeping, cleaning, cooking, watching tv etc...

By leopoldij at 11,Mar,18 13:34 other posts of leopoldij 
--------------------------------------- added after 66 seconds

So of all the grammatical forms of the verb "s l e e p" only the first one is censored.
--------------------------------------- added after 119 seconds

Makes sense. It is rude to say "I s l e e p" but it is ok you say "I slept".
By kebmo at 12,Mar,18 20:47 other posts of kebmo 
Your last comment is a tense one.

By leopoldij at 13,Mar,18 02:33 other posts of leopoldij 
I like tenses
By kebmo at 13,Mar,18 02:39 other posts of kebmo 
I used to.
By leopoldij at 13,Mar,18 02:43 other posts of leopoldij 
That's in the past tense.

By #551537 at 13,Mar,18 02:09
I always **** nude or in silk or satin panties💋

By t-rex at 12,Mar,18 22:08 other posts of t-rex 
I always **** naked, love it even more when there is someone to snuggle up to 😃

By #537175 at 11,Mar,18 16:35
If I'm on my own , the usually wear some loose boxers , but when my boyfriend stops over we are both naked all night pressed tight against each other
By #549651 at 11,Mar,18 21:01
Me, too. Usually only if I'm having a sleepover. I like being naked so not sure why I don't **** nude. I just don't.
By kebmo at 12,Mar,18 20:45 other posts of kebmo 
I think that some people don't sieep nude because they worry that they might have an emergency in the middle of the night and don't want to be caught naked. I'm not sure what your reason is though, you like to show us your cock. I sieep naked.

Deep Thoughts by Kebmo.
By #549651 at 12,Mar,18 20:59
Yeah. I can show the world my cock here, but not so keen on showing it to family members.

By cumaddik at 12,Mar,18 20:32 other posts of cumaddik 
I've been sleeping naked since i was a teen...i started when a man i used to please asked me...and i kept doing it since then

By submwmnh at 12,Mar,18 12:09 other posts of submwmnh 
I prefer to **** nude, although lately that's been limited, due to rough nights sleeping for the ****.

By #545800 at 11,Mar,18 13:16
Always naked in bed love to rub my cock against sheets

By Sal5408 at 27,Feb,18 17:46 other posts of Sal5408 
Always. Since early teens. With anything on, it feels like I'm being strangled.

By #537175 at 27,Feb,18 16:58
If I'm on my own I usually like some loose boxers and a t shirt . But on the nights with my boyfriend we are both naked and I love to have him hard against me and I can feel his hard cock pressed against me .

By #527723 at 27,Feb,18 14:21
I have slept naked every night since I was a teenager. I enjoy the freedom of being naked in bed, or on the bed when it gets too hot for covers lol

By #482237 at 27,Feb,18 12:48
I've been sleeping nude since i was 14 or 15,,clothes feel too confining in bed,,

By #550094 at 27,Feb,18 12:26
Commando all day, and sleeping butt-assed nekked all night,
all year round. Love it!
I've been doing this ever since my mid-20s (I'm 52yo now).

As for Why, because it feels so good and liberating.
Especially when I have a 4ft giant plush furry teddybear
in my twin-sized bed... I spoon and cuddle it, and when
I toss and turn the other way it spoons and cuddles me.
I love the feeling if its furry body against my back!

By #521857 at 27,Feb,18 10:58
I go to bed naked, I spend my day un commando, and sometimes I spend the morning drawing naked.

By #521574 at 27,Feb,18 10:35
I did on and off but now for the past two years I do all the time. It feels great.

By #511422 at 27,Feb,18 07:06
Is there another way?

By Dalecash at 27,Feb,18 03:53 other posts of Dalecash 
I always do, it just feels more relaxing and comfortable

By #460523 at 26,Feb,18 20:22
wff s l e e p

By #460523 at 26,Feb,18 20:21

By #460523 at 26,Feb,18 20:21
**** nude all the time for the last 20 years

By ejakulator2006 at 10,Dec,16 09:38 other posts of ejakulator2006 

By #501472 at 10,Dec,16 07:14
I like being nude around the garden the house and I have been on nudist beaches and I **** nude even in winter

By Ramil1 at 07,Dec,16 10:03 other posts of Ramil1 
since I ve been sleeping nude, I notice I get more erections during the night. I beleive it s great to let my penis stretch itself freely to help circulation. Sometimes it feels like it s been rock hard all night. And I have woken on a few occasions to my partner having a sneaky look and even a good suck. It feels soo good to wake with an erection thats rock hard

By allnatural at 06,Dec,16 11:02 other posts of allnatural 
There is no need to wear anything at all in your own home.
By Ramil1 at 07,Dec,16 09:59 other posts of Ramil1 
totally agree

By AnsonnBoi at 30,Nov,16 10:14 other posts of AnsonnBoi 
All the time. I wake up more refreshed too.

By niceonebighead at 29,Nov,16 14:16 other posts of niceonebighead 
**** in short t shirt 2 many blankets makes it hard 2 eat pussy

By #269759 at 27,Nov,16 20:47
always nude, for at least 40 years now

By t-rex at 27,Nov,16 20:18 other posts of t-rex 
I love sleeping naked, nothing like waking up with my cock pressed against a warm ass

By #460523 at 21,Nov,16 21:28
**** nude all the time

By #522789 at 17,Nov,16 23:28
Nude so it's easier to wank and fuck

By tcputts at 16,Nov,16 11:22 other posts of tcputts 
I always **** nude. Been doing since 2012

By Tobes at 05,Nov,16 07:31 other posts of Tobes 
I have always slept naked ever since my late teens. And it's not for any sexual reason it's just natural to **** in the nude. I have never understood why people wear clothes to bed. Even if it's cold, there's still no need to wear clothes, you can just put extra blankets on instead

By kebmo at 02,Nov,16 06:39 other posts of kebmo 
Every night that I'm at home because I live alone and I control the heat. I do live in Calgary, Canada so if I'm visiting my parents they like to keep the place cold at night for economical reasons. When I visit them it's t-shirt, Joe Boxers and socks. I'm sensitive to the cold. As an aside, when I s-leep on my back I usually find that I have to get up early to pee (and sometimes take a photo of my boner) but when I s-leep on my stomach I usually don't. Hmmm...

By bella! at 12,May,15 20:37 other posts of bella! 
Weather permitting, I sl.eep in the nude. Sl.eeping in the nude growing up was not an option so I chose a 'gown'. By the morning, the darn thing was twisted all around and above my waist.

The winters in Michigan are quite cold and if I don't have a cuddle buddy, I wear an over sized sweatshirt. My back and arms from the shoulder to just below my elbows have to be warm. In the spring, summer and early into the fall, totally in the buff. I love the feeling of cool and soft sheets against my skin....
By Gntlmn at 13,May,15 00:45 other posts of Gntlmn 

By #472683 at 17,May,15 16:16
I h ate that about nightgowns!

I get cold, so I prefer to wear something up top as well as socks. I used to wear a t-shirt, but living in the woods where there are huge hunting spiders, and having had them in the bed(!), I prefer to wear bottoms now. I don't need an eight-legged visitor to my hoo-ha!
By bella! at 17,May,15 17:12 other posts of bella! 
Like a full leg bottom or kinda like shorts? Never didn't find that pajamas worked for me because I got twisted up in the bottoms as well. I'm totally bare OR wear a sweatshirt and am bare bottomed.

Hey, I posted this in the RANDOM thread after talking with some gal pals at work. I was completely blown over to find out that women will wear their bras to bed.....

This question is mainly for the ladies but gentlemen, please feel free to respond.

I was chatting with a couple of lady friends at work and the conversation steered towards sl.eeping attire and boy, was surprised about what they sl.eep in. One mentioned that she ALWAYS sl.eeps in a bra and panties. I thought that was just an oddity so I called one of my other friends. She thought I was nuts, calling her in the middle of the day and asking her what she sl.eeps in. Much to my surprise, she also sl.eeps in her lingerie.

Feed me peanuts and call me Dumbo but the only thing I can think about when I get home from work is taking my bra off and allowing the girls to roam freely. In the winter I sl.eep in just sweatshirt, in the summer, I'm in the buff. What do you sl.eep in?

By #497672 at 02,Nov,16 06:39
We **** nude like you, but I have to admit in Michigan we too might try to be a bit warmer in Winter.

By #460523 at 23,Oct,16 21:24
go commando all the time too
By #497672 at 02,Nov,16 06:33
I, like you, don't wear underclothes and haven't done for about 40 years.

By #497672 at 02,Nov,16 06:32
I started sleeping nude before I got married. Since we married, we have always slept nude. It makes sex easier. At first, after marriage, my wife wore a baby doll but we got fed up of taking her clothes off. It must be about 48-49 years now.

By #493999 at 27,Oct,16 15:56
Always naked at night! Sometimes in garden during day too!

By #514830 at 22,Oct,16 07:34
Why do we even wear clothes to bed? If people are cold just add more blankets
By #460523 at 23,Oct,16 21:24

By #460523 at 23,Oct,16 21:23
**** nude all the time for the last 17 years I think. love to be free

By #519017 at 21,Oct,16 17:49
Only in summer, next to my nude wife. It's one of the things we like about summer. We can just get together and get on with sex.
By licksipsuckit at 21,Oct,16 18:58 other posts of licksipsuckit 
its beautiful to sl/eep naked in winter too and use each other body heat to keep warm, *lix*
By AussieMan187 at 23,Oct,16 06:46 other posts of AussieMan187 
Yeah baby

By cumonme1 at 22,Oct,16 07:11 other posts of cumonme1 
I have been sleeping nude since i was about 8/9 years old oh hell I'm nude now

By #417542 at 22,Oct,16 06:19
I started sleeping naked aged 10 because it feels very nice

By #206678 at 21,Oct,16 15:51
Summer / Winter always **** in the nude.

By t-rex at 21,Oct,16 02:34 other posts of t-rex 
Always naked in bed, alone or not, love the feel of my cock touching warm flesh during the night. When I'm alone, I usually end up with my hand around my cock, hard from a dream

By #475677 at 19,Oct,16 07:19

By #520705 at 16,Oct,16 05:25
Always naked in bed. And around the house when i can.
By Ramil1 at 17,Oct,16 08:31 other posts of Ramil1 
Oh yes, I never wear much at home. Just a T if it s a bit colder

By Dalecash at 17,Oct,16 04:23 other posts of Dalecash 
Except when it's very cold I'm always naked in bed. It just feels more comfortable that way. Convenient for a bit of a play as well

By #520352 at 16,Oct,16 21:29
I **** naked always in the summer,usually on top of the covers,its great waking up in the morning and looking down and seeing my hard cock out in all its glory

By Greek18cm at 16,Oct,16 18:12 other posts of Greek18cm 
Every time especialy in the summer...

Only times do not **** naked is when thete is someone else as visitor in the home that you do not want to make him/her uncimfortable

By #372855 at 16,Oct,16 07:25
Always naked wen I can.

By houghton at 18,Sep,16 19:27 other posts of houghton 
since I was 31 I just think its better with nothing on in bed.
By #460523 at 25,Sep,16 23:39

By pifad at 16,Oct,16 07:01 other posts of pifad 
I want to share your bed

By #460523 at 25,Sep,16 23:37
S l e e p

By #460523 at 25,Sep,16 23:36
**** n u d e all the time

By #513166 at 21,Sep,16 10:30
i **** naked since i was like 15, i love it!

By #486758 at 21,Sep,16 09:57
love sleeping nude cant get the gf to do it

By #501472 at 18,Sep,16 08:53
I always **** nude when I was 18 my mum pulled back the sheets to wake me for work only to see a rock hard on

By yeahright at 04,May,16 23:37 other posts of yeahright 
I don't exactly remember when I started sleeping nude but it was probably around high school time frame. Now it's all the time. In fact once I get home from work I shower and am naked until I have to get dressed for work again. Most of my friends know this and know to give me a heads up before they come over cause I leave my door unlocked till I go to bed and they know to just come on in. Even knowing this I had people show up unexpectedly and they get an eye full.

By Dannon_Utah at 04,May,16 22:40 other posts of Dannon_Utah 
I always nude. My house is clothing optional

By #460523 at 04,May,16 21:23
**** nude all the time now **** anytime now when I **** and go commando all the time now too

By bi_44 at 04,May,16 16:59 other posts of bi_44 
Always **** naked!

By leopoldij at 10,Mar,16 05:58 other posts of leopoldij 
I agree: no clothes when sleeping!

By allnatural at 08,Mar,16 23:57 other posts of allnatural 
I always always always sleeep in the nude, even when I have company over. It just so much more comfortable, and less restricting. I just don't understand why people wear clothing in bed, or even around the house for that matter. Life is better in the nude.

By #102374 at 08,Mar,16 22:48
Been s leeping naked for over 20 years. Always naked at home. I luv being naked.

By #289712 at 08,Mar,16 00:05
I do half the time. It's summer here so every day now. Makes me forever Play with my penis.

By Touchmyself at 07,Mar,16 18:00 other posts of Touchmyself 
Sleeping naked is amazing!! It's amazing how often I wake up in the morning with my dick in my hand!!!!

By 0-00 at 06,Mar,16 14:01 other posts of 0-00 
I slee.p naked all year round. The only thing that bothers me during summer is the possibility of a mosquito bite on my cock or nuts! How do you scratch that itch?

By BirdDog at 06,Mar,16 01:44 other posts of BirdDog 
YES! Love sleeping nude

By #460523 at 28,Jan,16 02:05
I **** nude all the time

By penisluvr54 at 18,May,15 08:07 other posts of penisluvr54 
I s l eep naked always, except on a cold winter night if there is no-one else in the bed. Nothing better than snuggling up to another naked body on a cold night, or completely uncovered ion a hot summer night

By jackd at 17,May,15 06:39 other posts of jackd 
Don't remember when I started but I never wear anything to bed.

By #460523 at 12,May,15 20:17
ok I do not have anything on when I ****

By #460523 at 12,May,15 20:16

By #460523 at 12,May,15 20:15
**** nude all the time

By leopoldij at 11,May,15 22:10 other posts of leopoldij 
I ALWAYS **** bottomless. Sometimes with a t shirt if I'm cold. And I have no problem masturbating or sticking my cock to the person lying next to me.

By JeffinKS at 03,Sep,14 07:24 other posts of JeffinKS 
I have slept nude since I was a teen.....surprised a few friends when they would **** over but in the end they would **** naked as well
Edit... really?? S-L-E-E-P is a censored word??
By leopoldij at 11,May,15 22:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes it is. Don't you know that you can't fuck a s.l.e.e.p coz it's ****?

By #482690 at 11,May,15 21:55
I **** nude most of the time

By licksipsuckit at 11,May,15 04:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 
love the feeling of freedom in bed, l don't like getting tangled in clothes, l like the feel of nice fresh sheets on my body, love using satin sheets in winter, l cant remember when l started but l don't think l ever wore anything once l left home *lix*

By Meandick at 16,Nov,14 17:00 other posts of Meandick 
I started to when I was about 14 but now I **** with boxers on because if I'm naked I'll just start to jack off, I can't help my self

By #359325 at 16,Nov,14 16:24
Since my early 20's..

By Ramil1 at 15,Nov,14 23:10 other posts of Ramil1 
lets put it this way why where pants even ?? when you are at home in your own place my girl likes to **** naked with me and she likes to see me naked

By 67malibu at 14,Nov,14 13:55 other posts of 67malibu 
Early teens

By #124665 at 14,Nov,14 08:53
Never **** with clothes on. I want my naked cock all spooned against my lover.

By ktalmipn at 06,Sep,14 08:36 other posts of ktalmipn 
I just started sleping naked 2 years ago and its great at first i couldnt get naked without having a erection but now its normal for me

By #390287 at 06,Sep,14 00:49
I probably started around 17, and never stopped since then. it just feels much more comfortable that way, plus, you get easier access to the goods if you feel like rubbing one out.

By BushPilot at 04,Sep,14 23:09 other posts of BushPilot 
As long as I can remember I've slept nude. Always have... Always will.

By minkip at 03,Sep,14 07:09 other posts of minkip 
I love too **** naked

By #385794 at 19,Apr,14 13:25
I always **** nude.My house is clothing optional
By Ramil1 at 19,Apr,14 15:47 other posts of Ramil1 
thats the way most houses should be

By Ramil1 at 19,Apr,14 09:58 other posts of Ramil1 
yes often feels like my dick gets hard all night some times

By #280672 at 14,Feb,14 06:34
Best to **** in the nude while being spooned. Best feeling everrrrrr!
By routemaster at 14,Feb,14 11:07 other posts of routemaster 
I LOVE sleeping in the NUDE, always have done and always will

By horniperv at 13,Feb,14 10:22 other posts of horniperv 
Always do unless its really cold. Been sleepin nude since I was 14-15. Was really uncomfortable one night sleeping and just kicked off my pants. It was liberating. haha

By #289712 at 13,Feb,14 09:07
Always **** naked, its just comfortable

By Wipperman at 11,Feb,14 06:05 other posts of Wipperman 
Always naked in bed all year round and since puberty just feels nicer , you can just wank off without messing about !

By #400852 at 11,Feb,14 05:42
always **** naked,never wear underwear either,haven't owned a pair in 15 yrs. feels so good

By routemaster at 11,Feb,14 03:17 other posts of routemaster 
I've slept naked ever since I was a boy. I don't see the point of wearing anything in bed, either with someone or on your own but then, as a nudist, I also only wear clothes during the day when it is absolutely necessary, like going out and if the bank manager calls!!!!!

By slipper at 04,Feb,14 01:19 other posts of slipper 
Always nude and under a very warm, soft, nappy blanket... yummy!!!

By delboy at 03,Feb,14 21:17 other posts of delboy 
Can,t ever remember not sleeping naked, most natural thing to do.

By Odin_york_pa at 03,Feb,14 19:27 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I s.l.e.e.p completely naked and pretty much always have, from the time I was potty trained on up. Was never a forced issue growing up.

By #446733 at 03,Feb,14 14:55
I started sleeping in the nude when I was 18 years old.

By Dalecash at 06,Nov,13 05:02 other posts of Dalecash 
Always sleeping naked, done so since I was about 16.

By #435701 at 05,Nov,13 17:11
Oddly, I have to have a t-shirt on. Totally naked just doesn't work. ????

By #437064 at 04,Nov,13 10:06
On a side note why in the wide world of sports is the word sl.rep blocked on this site.

Fuck shit cunt pussy cock bitch slut asshole cunt fuckin shit whore bitch
By #435701 at 05,Nov,13 17:10
VERY, VERY FUNNY!! Ganz richtig!!!

By mn751 at 05,Nov,13 14:57 other posts of mn751 
Yes, I always **** nude.

Good morning!

By bigone21 at 04,Nov,13 14:14 other posts of bigone21 
I cannot even s l e e p if I have to wear a boxershort...
s l e e p naked from age 12.

By Ray10754 at 04,Nov,13 07:04 other posts of Ray10754 
Being a Life long nudist, I always s l e e p nude
Always disliked clothes ever since I was a k i d.
There is no better feeling than being nude and having the warmth of the sun and fresh air cascade over your entire body.
By #359325 at 04,Nov,13 10:51
I agree with Ray. There is no better feeling the the warm sun and the wind whistling through your legs.

By CreativeOne at 04,Nov,13 09:54 other posts of CreativeOne 
I have been sleeping in the nude since I was 8 or 9 ! Never felt comfortable wearing clothes to bed !

By #187007 at 04,Nov,13 07:37
clothes were not to be worn in bed...

By Arexa at 03,Nov,13 20:53 other posts of Arexa 
I sle.ep naked sometimes, not as often as I used to, I can't stand sle.eping in clothes. Especially shirts. They wrap all around my neck and shit. Pisses me off to no end. Lately I've been sle.eping in a sports bra and drawstring shorts/pj pants. Keeps my hands from wandering south during slumber. Bahaha.
By #316255 at 04,Nov,13 02:00
I have to s.leep with my boobs supported otherwise they'll end up down by my waist (or worse). I don't like being confined by clothes in bed or around the house so the least amount I can get away with is what I wear.
By Arexa at 04,Nov,13 02:18 other posts of Arexa 
I understand that. I absolutely despise rolling over on my own tit. That shit hurts! I usually stick my cuddle pillow between them though, I sle.ep better cuddling that thing, might as well put it to good use. Lol.

By ktalmipn at 03,Nov,13 22:48 other posts of ktalmipn 
yep i like sleeping naked espercially because i live on a hot place

By #390287 at 03,Nov,13 21:27
I started doing it around 16 i think. it just semeed more cmfortable...plus, it gave me easier access to the goods to play with.

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