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By Skittles at 11,Jun,20 10:06
Try to be less of a cunt. I think you are ashamed to be from Canada. All you do is talk about Trump and America.

How long did it take your feeble mind to write all of that??

By Skittles at 10,Jun,20 18:59
100% this is one of the fuck up Indians on this site

An Indian man required surgery after inserting a 2-foot-long phone charger into his penis for sexual gratification, a report said.

The unidentified man tried to hide the true cause of his ailment when he sought medical help last month at a hospital in northeastern India, claiming he consumed earphones, Dr. Walliul Islam told CNN on Monday.

Doctors prescribed the man laxatives, but he returned to the hospital five days later when he was still complaining of pain.

Islam, a surgeon at the hospital, told the network that “despite passing stool several times the cable did not come out.”

“As the patient complained of severe pain, we decided to perform surgery and found that there was nothing in his intestine,” Islam said.

Later, through an X-ray, doctors discovered the phone charger inside his bladder, which is connected to the penis via the urethra.

“I have read that people used to get sexual gratification by inserting instruments through the penis,” Islam said. “This is one such case, and the psychiatrist can help him beyond this point.”

The surgeon said the man recovered, but noted if he had “been honest, then it would have saved us the trouble and we could have treated him sooner.”


By Skittles at 10,Jun,20 15:08
That banning cunt the saggy granny-- I know that old old ass has been spouting off-

Lots of all caps, edits, and her patented cut and paste. She has no thoughts or opinions of her own! A total site loser!

By Skittles at 06,Jun,20 09:02
A liberal wet dream in process.

You heard it hear first- this whole whinge will do NOTHING for the blacks. In fact, I predict crime to go up big time.

By Skittles at 06,Jun,20 09:00
Agee... it has to be member Bjuk. He would. Send PM at once to him

By Skittles at 05,Jun,20 14:20

By Skittles at 03,Jun,20 11:17
Spot on Scorps!!!

Black CRIMES Matter!!

No outrage for black on black crime...

By Skittles at 01,Jun,20 08:54
You cry up a storm every time someone does't agree with you! Full on cut and paste mode! And you cry to Admin every time big bad Skittles breaks your page!

Up your meds immediately!!!

By Skittles at 01,Jun,20 08:50
I am sure that old 73 year pussy smells amazing on a hot summer day! Low-tide, rotten garbage, and whiff of failure all marinating in those granny panties!

Spare others! Delete!!!

By Skittles at 01,Jun,20 08:47
Cut N Paste Saggy Granny! Get a life!!

Or, get back to work at Denny's! Those Grand Slam's are not self-serve!!!

By Skittles at 31,May,20 21:04
So.... that saggy cunt Angel1227... whinging and crying about her fake surgery...

The pic she posted as her post surgery pic.. yeah, it was found on the Internet!!

100% predicted!! She is fake and lies about EVERYTHING

By Skittles at 31,May,20 09:04
Yet again, no one comments or give a fuck! This entire forum thread should be in the dumpster!

By Skittles at 31,May,20 08:59
Why are you commenting here Saggy? You support all these scumbags out looting and burning.

By Skittles at 30,May,20 12:52
you might not last another year with all those old parts Saggy old rat

By Skittles at 30,May,20 08:10
LIX and the Saggy Granny are site boner killers. The only ones wanking to them have seeing eye dogs...

The only thing I would put in either of those lardos is a harpoon!

By Skittles at 30,May,20 08:07

By Skittles at 30,May,20 08:04
I rest my case--- you just type in lies to get attention. I doubt your dead rat daddy was even in the military. Your whole trailer is filled with rats!

By Skittles at 29,May,20 22:08
Angel Cunt- I see yer fake heart surgery is keeping you from posting...

By Skittles at 29,May,20 21:37
Oh look.. no one cared about yer rat daddy!!

From Evil Angel-

"Ask that old cunt if Jerome is upset that he fought for the wrong side..""

By Skittles at 28,May,20 15:04
I just read yer blog... you might not be here!!!

By Skittles at 28,May,20 08:33
Exactly... open the processing plants back up! I don't want to pay $45 for a hamburger in NYC this summer

By Skittles at 27,May,20 08:17
A sign of weakness and known SOP for old bags on this site!

Fuck off saggy!!

By Skittles at 27,May,20 08:15
You need one too crazy old kook!

By Skittles at 27,May,20 08:14
yeah.... fake accounts are never used here... This info was shared to me by a very reliable member...

By Skittles at 26,May,20 13:34
Everyone knows you will ban, or delete when your page is trashed. A sign of weakness!

How many times has this happened??

By Skittles at 26,May,20 12:09
Your only opponent is the drive thru speaker at Burger King.

By Skittles at 26,May,20 12:08
Think again saggy... this is your ONLY warning.

By Skittles at 26,May,20 12:06
Yes... the elegant gentleman He says his shit in PM... a coward.

By Skittles at 23,May,20 12:08

By Skittles at 23,May,20 12:00
I will trash your piece of shit granny page at will!

By Skittles at 23,May,20 11:58
Fuck you saggy granny and your weak threats! You are total loser!

By Skittles at 23,May,20 09:50
Don't really give two pounds of crap what some POM cunt says about anything mate.. Piss off

By Skittles at 23,May,20 09:49
Her life is WAY PAST DULL!!

By Skittles at 22,May,20 16:25
Oh... I thought this was going to be about Indians...

By Skittles at 22,May,20 16:23
How about with an airplane? Stupid libTard cunts.

By Skittles at 20,May,20 08:14
More cut and paste from the Saggy Granny

By Skittles at 19,May,20 11:59

By Skittles at 19,May,20 09:22
Hmmm... not that I can recall. Been accused of everything else here!

By Skittles at 18,May,20 17:53
Well, I am for sure NOT Admin... because Saggy, Lix, the midget, and fat Leo are still here

By Skittles at 18,May,20 17:52
Speaking of rumours....

I heard a rumour that the Saggy Granny was spotted at Walmart this weekend. Her entire non-tourage was on deck- The gimp and the ex-con! Poor Saggy had to put on her best harness to pull the cart filled with junk food and the two invalids in their wheelchairs.

It sounds like that trailer is one more ailment from having their own Jerry's Telethon!

By Skittles at 18,May,20 17:37
Looks like our pauper the Saggy Granny is headed for trouble!

By Skittles at 16,May,20 20:00
I see Angel's duplicate and piece of cunt hair thread is really trending

Admin, put her piece of shit in the dumpster mate!

By Skittles at 16,May,20 19:59
This is how the saggy granny ended up with wheelchair Charlie and that ex con black Jerome

By Skittles at 15,May,20 09:28
And just like that... I call that old saggy granny out and she predictably starts her own thread featuring:

1. Cut and paste

2. No original thought- will still come here to get ideas

3. Gibberish and incoherent arguments

4. Comments and positions on things she can't possibly understand- without Google and a Dr. Seuss book to help

For the win- off the 22 comments in there so far, like 19 are from her.

73 and on a site like this... what a complete joke. Even Joe Biden is more stable than this old hog!

By Skittles at 13,May,20 09:26
I see the Saggy Granny is in denial again.. that ALL of her duplicate threads sucked ass... Failure to launch! ONLY wants to post in Bella's much more popular one. Even with her newer copies, they were NEVER going to trend up like Bella's threads.

Just like her life. It is filled with failure and her growing gut!

By Skittles at 13,May,20 09:14
Bella- your governor is even worse than mine...

Sports fans in Michigan who are expecting a return to normal in the months ahead from a coronavirus shutdown received some disappointing news Tuesday from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“Life’s going to be different,” Whitmer said, referring to the state’s eventual emergence from her virus-response order. “We’re not going to be filling stadiums in the fall.”

That appeared to be bad news for fans of the NFL’s Detroit Lions, as well as college football teams in the state, such as the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans.

She is a rotten cunt drunk with power... wait until the NFL sues her fat ass

By Skittles at 11,May,20 15:43
Angel has nothing else to do... tough times for the saggy granny!

By Skittles at 11,May,20 15:42
Prob depends on the when and the where....

By Skittles at 07,May,20 21:45
if we cut Angel's leg open.. and count the rings? How old is this bitch?

By Skittles at 07,May,20 20:29

Went out tonight.. NYPD could give a cunt hair about most crimes. Totally looking to smash cunts gathering. What a joke.

So you can gather in a park at 6 feet, but can't stand on a sidewalk at the same distance and drink at a restaurant? Mates restaurant is $47K a month... is the city paying for that? Open this shit back up.

Angel, fuck off. You live in the swamp and not Manhattan. Do NOT comment you old rat