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By X_Y_Z at 22,Jan,20 13:37
sure do agree

By X_Y_Z at 21,Jan,20 12:37
I am uncut and I am glad About it. Like to Play with (my) foreskin

By X_Y_Z at 17,Jan,20 13:35
I do agree on ur opinion

By X_Y_Z at 17,Jan,20 07:34
I guess

By X_Y_Z at 16,Jan,20 15:10
mine is a grower and that's fine with me

By X_Y_Z at 16,Jan,20 15:07
dont worry,,,,size does not matter, the secret is knowing how to handle it Looking around you find all sizes of penises
and we got what we got...and have to live with it

By X_Y_Z at 16,Jan,20 14:54
sure was an exciting session

By X_Y_Z at 15,Jan,20 16:30
same here

By X_Y_Z at 15,Jan,20 16:25
size does not matter to me...and your's Looks good.
May be you should trimm your hair a Little, Looks better

By X_Y_Z at 13,Jan,20 15:05
me, too

By X_Y_Z at 13,Jan,20 14:52
why not???

By X_Y_Z at 10,Jan,20 07:51
you should have invited her to help you

By X_Y_Z at 10,Jan,20 07:48
same here, I do agree on you

By X_Y_Z at 10,Jan,20 07:47
Keep up telling your stories plz

By X_Y_Z at 10,Jan,20 07:44
you are very lucky

By X_Y_Z at 07,Jan,20 16:14
I am not into hangers

By X_Y_Z at 06,Jan,20 12:45
to me this is a PA

By X_Y_Z at 06,Jan,20 12:35
sure do

By X_Y_Z at 01,Jan,20 10:56
sure do agree on you

By X_Y_Z at 01,Jan,20 10:48
hot Situation

By X_Y_Z at 28,Dec,19 17:16
I am uncut and I am glad About it

By X_Y_Z at 22,Dec,19 08:30
being outside its a must to be nude for me

By X_Y_Z at 14,Dec,19 14:21
do agree on you

By X_Y_Z at 14,Dec,19 14:14
great pics

By X_Y_Z at 11,Dec,19 15:15
I Always noticed me watching to catch a view…
didnt bother me at all, in fact I Kind of found it amusing for me

By X_Y_Z at 10,Dec,19 16:10
sure is

By X_Y_Z at 10,Dec,19 16:05
I agree on u same here

By X_Y_Z at 09,Dec,19 15:59
I like to, but she sometimes wont let me

By X_Y_Z at 09,Dec,19 15:57
me too

By X_Y_Z at 06,Dec,19 15:41
I like to watch

By X_Y_Z at 06,Dec,19 15:38
so Sweat I could tell all About my experiences anytime

By X_Y_Z at 25,Nov,19 14:23
sure do agree on you

By X_Y_Z at 24,Nov,19 13:26
I also have a huge foreskin and I am glad about it. It is a lot fun to play with and have so play with

By X_Y_Z at 24,Nov,19 13:19

By X_Y_Z at 24,Nov,19 13:19
very sexy to me

By X_Y_Z at 20,Nov,19 16:35
me, too

By X_Y_Z at 19,Nov,19 10:38
I love the Looks, the softness and the taste...licking drives me crazy

By X_Y_Z at 13,Nov,19 15:37
mine, too

By X_Y_Z at 03,Nov,19 12:06
same here, I like it smooth

By X_Y_Z at 03,Nov,19 11:52
oh no, I do feel a lot

By X_Y_Z at 01,Nov,19 14:15
tell us how it was, plz

By X_Y_Z at 01,Nov,19 07:39
same Thing here, I have a Long foreskin which covering my glans completely while erected. I never pull my foreskin back using a condom… works perfect for me.

By X_Y_Z at 29,Oct,19 09:55

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:48
I wonder if it's a Blessing to have such a huge cock thinking About penatration...I am not that big at all but I have to be careful with my Darling wife

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:44
every time, I love to give and enjox receiving

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:28
once and a while I do and must admit I like the taste

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:26

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:24
does look really nice

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:23
me too...I'd love to have someone I could rub my dick with

By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,19 15:18
Nothing wrong with that… I'd go for it