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Best sexual experience

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Started by #215676 at 20,Dec,11 17:30
What has been your most memorable sex experience???

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By Narcan at 28,May,17 17:02 other posts of Narcan 
Long story short - met a guy and became friends. One night he told me that he really had to wank but was too tired. I offered to help and he said yes. He also jerked me off that night. Best ever!

By leopoldij at 28,May,17 15:27 other posts of leopoldij 
I have a photo of it:

By RealTitsLover at 28,May,17 14:55 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I've been trying to think of what it was, but I can't remember...

By #519017 at 27,May,17 03:14
Simply seeing my girl nude for the first ever time, on my bed, legs, boobs, cunt, and all the rest, hot, ready and waiting for me while I stood there naked gazing at her with a boner so hard it felt like it was going to snap! Delicious!

By #497509 at 24,May,17 12:17
When I fucked my wife first time anal. My mother in law slept in the same room. I asked her to keep quite even after pain and she had agreed . But when I thrust harder to insert fully, she cried loudly. My mother in law was from village and didn't understand any thing. She wake up and asked my wife , what happened.

By cumonme1 at 24,May,17 06:44 other posts of cumonme1 
When my lady fucked me in the ass with a strapon and made me cum it was hot.

By Gntlmn at 10,May,17 00:17 other posts of Gntlmn 
My then-girlfriend had to leave our apartment in Boston to help caregive her little **** who'd broken his neck in a diving accident (completely quadriplegic). At the end of that summer, I spent an afternoon and night at she and her mom's place in DC...having gone without sex for over 4 months,we fucked loud and and long all night...I know her crippled **** could hear us through the thin wall from his room. It made me so hard knowing he'd never again know the joy of being a sexual male!
--------------------------------------- added after 44 hours

...rather knowing that he'd always be unable to experience the ecstasy like I was enjoying as I fucked his big cystr's deep pussy...while he got an earful of our airpocket chest flatulence, the liquid squishing of our genitals, our heavy breathing, and our moans of orgasmic pleasure!
--------------------------------------- added after 60 hours

I harbor a fantasy about fucking a deep-pussyed, big-tittyed nurse all night in a semiprivate hospital room...while, across the curtain, a young man who has just been informed he's paralyzed for life, has to listen to the sounds, and breathe the scents of our enthusiastic sex!
--------------------------------------- added after 515 hours

There used to be a man onsite with the username of "Wheelie" who was paralyzed from a motorcycle accident. He had a great blog about sucking cocks. I fantasized about shooting off in his throat as he sat in his wheelchair...tall mirrors all around us, so I could view the juxtaposition of his weak, broken body in contrast with my flexing muscles. He wanted me to shave my bush -which I laughingly said I'd never do-
By 61-69 at 10,May,17 06:14 other posts of 61-69 
That's seriously fucking disturbed.

By leopoldij at 11,May,17 22:41 other posts of leopoldij 
Nothing to be proud of or drive pleasure from. You're a sadomasochist.

By t-rex at 21,May,17 17:47 other posts of t-rex 

By #332336 at 14,May,17 07:45
When I was 14, I spent a month at my aunt and uncles lake house near dallas texas. They never had kids. She was my moms younger ****. Gorgeous woman, petite, nice, blonde very attractive even to a 14 year old. My uncle worked in town so would come up friday night and go back monday morning. The second week there, she came to my bed one night, slipped under the covers butt naked and it was on. We fucked all night and all day, every position possible, oral, anal, it was complete wide open sex all week. I don't think we even went outside once the sex started. Of course we took a break while he was there for the weekend. Then monday no sooner than he was gone, back at it again. Best month of my life. Best sex I ever had with anyone. No rubbers, no worries. My young dick would stay hard no matter how many times I cummed. I learned to eat pussy like a champ, she taught me everything. Dammit she was great. It never repeated because the next year she had a fatal accident. Missed her forever.

By jackd at 14,May,17 03:46 other posts of jackd 
I have never had a bad sexual experience but,sucking my best friend with my wife there was probably the best.Fun to watch them fuck too

By 0-00 at 09,May,17 14:13 other posts of 0-00 
Mine is with my current fuck buddy. She has a wide open mind and is game for anything. She is totally bisexual so I am reaping the benefits of her bringing friends in to play.
Previously it was fucking my girlfriend while her mum was in the room next door. I came so hard it still amazes me today we were never bust.

By Eerect at 09,May,17 08:34 other posts of Eerect 
I have had some great ones but I think my Wife fucking my arse with a strap-on while her friend sucked my cock sticks in my mind,I came in her friends mouth then they took it in turns to piss in mine while they swapped my spunk.

By cumcouplessa at 30,Apr,17 01:05 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Would have to say, our first MMF 3'some was the best. Guy was very experienced, gave us both attention, we both felt at ease and came multiple times.

By Littledick4 at 29,Apr,17 11:40 other posts of Littledick4 
At age 17 I was passed around for several hours by several guy's!
By JackHammer at 29,Apr,17 13:36 other posts of JackHammer 
How did that work out for you?

By JackHammer at 27,Apr,17 10:36 other posts of JackHammer 
Many years ago I had been living in Las Vegas. I was moving to another state so a buddy of mine wanted me to fuck his wife before I left. I did, at his house, in their bed. She was fucking awesome, got me off 3 times, my balls hurt for days.
By spermkiss at 27,Apr,17 14:05 other posts of spermkiss 
Did he watch you fuck her?
By JackHammer at 28,Apr,17 18:25 other posts of JackHammer 
No. He went out looking for pussy and did not find any.
By licksipsuckit at 28,Apr,17 18:44 other posts of licksipsuckit 
bet she copped a fuck off him when he got home too.. *lix*
By JackHammer at 29,Apr,17 08:18 other posts of JackHammer 

By spermkiss at 27,Apr,17 14:07 other posts of spermkiss 
Probably the first time I went to a gay bath house.

By cruz69696969 at 27,Apr,17 06:13 other posts of cruz69696969 
I have the best orgasms with myself

By licksipsuckit at 26,Apr,17 20:43 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lve had many 'best' experiences ... l would have to say that being able to come easy is the 'best', being able to enjoy sex and constant orgasms are my high in life... and the best is yet to cum *lix*

By talk4s at 26,Apr,17 12:57 other posts of talk4s 
MANY years ago with one of my 1st girlfriends...We had both taken LSD and we both decided cumming was NOT going to be fun. We wanted to just stay on that fine edge of the cumming 'cliff'...turned out to be 3 hours!! Before I finally failed to keep up our marathon.

By Littletim56 at 26,Apr,17 06:21 other posts of Littletim56 
Going to a mens club and getting naked at the desk and a guy walks up kisses my neck says follow me grabs my cock leads me to a private room where 2of his friends lay spread out naked on a queen bed. Both with screaming hard dicks. I got down on my knees and started sucking the first guy while the guy that lead me in was lubing my tight hole. As i switch to the other guy laying there i started sucking him. He was sweet and his precum was good then my host slide his hard dick in me i almost scream it hurt so bad but got use to it qiuck. I was sucking 2dicks and getting buttfuck then i came so good without touching my dick. I took all three of their loads down my throat. It was hot

By #496814 at 26,Apr,17 06:11
The very first time I came through her vaginal orgasmic contractions. That was really spiritual. Tried to get off like that a few times after by planning my orgasm as such that I got her off at the time I was about to burst as well (which occasionally succeeded), but it never was as special as that very first time when it came as a surprise.

By #508255 at 26,Apr,17 04:08
At school a while back in the shower's being naked soaped up and not a hair on my body completely shaved and a certain teacher coming in and using me as the slur I am known to be was hoping to be caught and passed around by more hotties would have been a great video xo

By routemaster at 23,Apr,17 22:25 other posts of routemaster 
EVERY time with my HOT SEXY friend John

By yeahright at 22,Apr,17 21:41 other posts of yeahright 
It has to be with my ex wife several years ago. We had gone to a concert and both had a pretty good buzz going after having several drinks while there. Anyway we barely got the front door of the apartment closed before we were pulling each others clothes off. I think I must have had a perfect amount of alcohol in my system to send my stamina into overdrive without having full on "whiskey dick" cause what followed was a solid two to two and a half hours of licking, sucking and fucking. I remember her asking me if I had cum more than once and when I said no she was like holy shit and said she had lost track of hers after about eight. Needless to say she had a little differently walking the next day. In fact she was so sore/sensitive still the next day that when I walked up behind her when she was in the bathroom after getting out of the shower and reached around and lightly ran my finger across her pussy a couple times her legs started shaking and she had to brace herself on the counter top and had a mini orgasm right there from about five seconds of touching.

By slipper at 21,Dec,11 23:48 other posts of slipper 
My wife gives extended hand- and blow-job combos that even make my head (the one on my shoulders) hurt when I cum, they are SOOOOOOOOOO intense and longlasting! Makes me weak and woozy just thinking about them writing this... whew!!!
By oldbugle at 22,Dec,11 08:38 other posts of oldbugle 
.......Filthy, dirty, lucky, sod!

By Sindee at 22,Apr,17 19:52 other posts of Sindee 
You are a VERY lucky man!

By #147052 at 21,Dec,11 10:53
The first time I got laid under a tree in a public park. Scarey but what fun and my dick was so hard I had trouble getting it back into my pants before she and I got caught by nearby picnickers.

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