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Why do guys shave their pubes ?

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Started by #296237 at 08,Sep,12 13:26
why do guys shave their pubes ? I find that very unattractive (nothing personal here to those who do shave - just not my preference) - always wondered why guys (married, bi or gay) shave them ? Other than so your partner does not get hair in hair in his mouth... not sure why guys do shave it. Trim pubes is cool of course. Just curious here...

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New Comment

By jrussell at 26,Mar,21 01:22 other posts of jrussell 
Who shaves I have them waxed

By Alwaysnude at 25,Mar,21 07:00 other posts of Alwaysnude 
It makes my penis look bigger

By knewbi at 08,Mar,21 14:24 other posts of knewbi 
I find that it feel sexier when shaved. I generally shave if my present sex partner prefers it. Personally, I prefer shaved pussies and shaved cocks and balls...

By kupreanoff at 07,Mar,21 18:51 other posts of kupreanoff 
why do some guys shave their faces ? personal grooming preferences . we're all individuals .

By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 18:25 other posts of mattyboy90 
First, trimming pubes make your dick look way bigger. Second, nobody I know wants to give head and get long hairs caught in their mouth. Third, I am a clean cut guy and I don't enjoy tons of hair all over. Personal preference...

By DennisWow at 05,Mar,21 19:07 other posts of DennisWow 
Why would you not shave your pubes?
Better question.

By Levig21 at 27,Feb,21 09:38 other posts of Levig21 
Sex feels better with it shaved. Also, it feels cleaner throughout the day.
By Hairless at 05,Mar,21 14:23 other posts of Hairless 

By lawrenceo at 05,Mar,21 07:24 other posts of lawrenceo 
Because it is more comfortable and looks and feels better when wanking.

By shydanny at 28,Feb,21 16:30 other posts of shydanny 
To quote David from 6 Feet Under. "Its to stop hair getting stuck in our teeth."

By cumonme1 at 27,Feb,21 22:39 other posts of cumonme1 
Because they can

By curvy8 at 05,Sep,20 07:55 other posts of curvy8 
It looks longer

By NiceOldPaul at 05,Sep,20 03:36 other posts of NiceOldPaul 
I've been a life model for years so shaving is now routine.
If I let it grow back, I'm often asked to shave before my next visit.

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:28 other posts of JackS 
I do it because the ladies I have been with asked me to. What more need be said??

By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 00:59 other posts of cody8789 
Because they can
By dgraff at 01,Sep,20 07:32 other posts of dgraff 
It makes my dick look an inch bigger and I need all the help I can get
By cody8789 at 01,Sep,20 21:06 other posts of cody8789 
By dgraff at 01,Sep,20 22:21 other posts of dgraff 

By Morcock81 at 01,Sep,20 22:06 other posts of Morcock81 
It is much cleaner and sexually it feels better. Overall just a much neater cleaner look. But to one his own I say.

By #621142 at 01,Sep,20 08:03
Some people like it that way. Probably feels more sensitive like a fresh shave on your face. I've only done it twice, and I don't think I'll ever do it again. Within 24 hours it gets super itchy. And for the next week it's like I'm being stabbed with a thousand tiny spears in the balls and dick.

I do a little pruning of the bushes sometimes, but I don't go full shave anymore.

By #622014 at 01,Sep,20 07:26
First time I shaved was necessary! Crabs! Got rid of them easily enough but I was getting comments of how sexier i looked and how much more vigorously I was being sucked. I love the shaved look on others, too. And enjoy sucking more vigorously, too. Sucking a shaved cock is kind of a stand-in for sucking a young teen cock that has no pubes yet.

By Freddy at 04,Jan,20 12:19 other posts of Freddy 
I will not have sex with a man that shaves his pubes
By Gntlmn at 01,Sep,20 05:04 other posts of Gntlmn 
I'm in complete agreement.
A woman, either, unless for some necessary surgery preparation

By riproar at 31,Aug,20 22:48 other posts of riproar 
I don't like the way pubes feel. In fact, I also don't like hair under my armpits, either. Shaving has it's benefits. For me, it makes everything more sensitive to the touch. Others have pointed out that it's easier to get a blowjob. It's also cleaner.

By #608303 at 04,Jan,20 15:58
I do it for cycling - less chafingw. Also I enjoy the process of shaving. My wife hates it but immediately after shaving I usually get a blow job!
By tb1 at 31,Aug,20 14:22 other posts of tb1 
Blow job, thatís a bonus

By MYCOCK66 at 31,Aug,20 04:11 other posts of MYCOCK66 
I love having a shaved clean cock
By tb1 at 31,Aug,20 14:20 other posts of tb1 
and there is no itch

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 31,Aug,20 12:39 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Eeps my nose from tickling

By #188992 at 31,Aug,20 12:08
I'm not saying you need a pube trimmer, but when you get an erection it looks like Pinocchio joined the Taliban.

By liketoedge at 31,Aug,20 12:05 other posts of liketoedge 
First time I saw a friend that had shaved his dick. He said it made his dick look bigger.

By yellowman at 31,Aug,20 07:54 other posts of yellowman 
Why do I shave my pubes?
Because I like to. The very first time I did so I was about 17. I didn't do it again for many years. Then I'd just trim. Sometimes I'd use hair removing cream, which is very messy and it would get almost everywhere, so more hair than I'd anticipated got removed. Then the day came, in 1999, when I removed it all. For several years I remained totally smooth. Now I let it grow back somewhat and then shave it off again......

By SrCums at 30,Aug,20 22:19 other posts of SrCums 
Same reason why some prefer being bald?

By #612667 at 02,Apr,20 08:16
I shave i like the feel of smooth skin it is easy to clean up after doing the deed it just always been prefference of mine to shave

By paulleahy at 02,Apr,20 03:00 other posts of paulleahy 
I like being smooth for the feel, the look and the sensually. So much so that I bought a home laser and canít wait till I donít have to shave anymore.

By Wbs1978 at 13,Feb,20 10:23 other posts of Wbs1978 

By new2day at 13,Feb,20 07:37 other posts of new2day 
I like to trim for most of the time, I tend to sweat heavily when exercising (running, cycling, gym) so a low maintenance cut with beard trimmers once a week does the job.

This is the most hair I have in winter

Like this after a trim
By cutroundhead at 13,Feb,20 09:34 other posts of cutroundhead 
I've always done a lot of exercise, running, gym, etc and never had a problem with being hairy down there...I keep it clean and sweet smelling with a daily shower

By fatcock66 at 13,Feb,20 09:33 other posts of fatcock66 
you shave if you or your partner likes the look. You trim if you have a foreskin. On me hair gets caught between the foreskin and the head and it is annoying at best and irritating at worst

By cutroundhead at 13,Feb,20 02:22 other posts of cutroundhead 
For me, the hairier the better...I think a guy looks more manly with a full bush. I notice a few younger guys I see in the showers manscape, but don't shave completely...

By #610497 at 07,Feb,20 12:05

I have the sized cock that you can easily fit in your mouth and want to encourage some extra tongue work. I personally do not like musty pubes in my face, so I return the favor.

By Smoothmann at 06,Feb,20 18:19 other posts of Smoothmann 
For me it looks and feels better being smooth.And no hair caught in the zipper!

By DickTurpin at 06,Feb,20 18:02 other posts of DickTurpin 
Because it feels more sensitive somehow, when you rub your fingers up and down the shaved cock, and your shaved balls. When the cum runs down a shaved cock it feels nicer.

By Dickventures at 06,Jan,20 18:28 other posts of Dickventures 
I trim because I feel like it looks nicer (makes people think you actually care about down there more), less hair pulling when I'm moving around, and less captured smells/sweat.

By foreskinlover52 at 05,Jan,20 00:56 other posts of foreskinlover52 

By overeight at 04,Jan,20 21:40 other posts of overeight 
Well I don't shave I go to the wax studio and let hot coed chica wax me. One its fun to let the hot little young ladies first see and they actually do touch it a little and gets me really excited. I usually get a raging erection while they do it but they are professional so its just enjoyable. Then there is also the fact they do my ass. Well its lots cleaner and in the summer when your outside in the heat especially in Florida it helps keep cool and also reduces the smell. Not that I go without a shower but when your in over a hundred degrees all day in clothes after awhile your not really very fresh

By Greek18cm at 04,Jan,20 14:09 other posts of Greek18cm 
You looking for more reasons that those 2...???

1. To look bigger
2. Because the partner asks for (more clean, less smell, easier bjs)

By 61-69 at 04,Jan,20 13:32 other posts of 61-69 
I first saw shaved balls in a porn mag around 2002. It had never occurred to me to try it until then, gradually progressing to shaving it all off. My girl at the time didn't really like it, but it felt so good I kept it shaved. I've been with a few girls since then who'd never seen a fully shaved cock but they loved it.
--------------------------------------- added after 25 hours

Also I'd never had my arsehole tongued or my balls licked when they were hairy.

By #588327 at 04,Jan,20 08:32
I think it feel cleaner, not sure why. When hair is so much it get caught in any foreskin you might have, that just pain. Then you can feel more stuff for sex, because the skin is so sensitive
By Smoothmann at 04,Jan,20 09:03 other posts of Smoothmann 
Yes you so right!Sex is much better when you are smooth.Easier clean up and no hairs too get tangled up!

By thickswingercock at 04,Jan,20 05:41 other posts of thickswingercock 
i think being really hairy is not attractive, majority of women i fuck agree and i do online and video work where its kinda required

By Pantyhose1 at 04,Jan,20 05:34 other posts of Pantyhose1 
I don't like being hairy... I'm going to shave right now

By Dev01 at 03,Jan,20 18:31 other posts of Dev01 
It feels so much better and anyways I get lost in the jungle

By SluttySarah069 at 03,Jan,20 18:07 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Less chance of catching crabs in seedy adult cinemas or saunas.

By SluttySarah069 at 03,Jan,20 18:06 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Less chance of picking up crabs when performing in seedy adult cinemas or saunas

By earthy at 03,Jan,20 15:49 other posts of earthy 
I love how it looks and feels. Although sometimes I let some grow, just keep it trimmed. I like ALL balls to be smooth though.

By new2day at 03,Jan,20 14:49 other posts of new2day 
I shave in summer, close trim in winter months to keep things neat. I prefer being smooth especially when going to nude beaches and clubs.

By #570598 at 02,Jan,20 13:03
I love the look and it's nice when at a nude beach. Getting a nice tan allover.besides others like to see cock and balls without all that hair hiding them.
By spermkiss at 03,Jan,20 12:19 other posts of spermkiss 
Exactly. For those who enjoy being nude and enjoy showing off their nude body, being hairless takes nudity one step further. No clothes and no hair is as nude as one could possibly be.

By Alwaysnude at 03,Jan,20 08:49 other posts of Alwaysnude 
I shave mine to stopmy balls from being itchy and it makes me look bigger

By #590624 at 03,Jan,20 04:52
I like my shaved cock, looks smooth and clean

By Cox4you at 08,Aug,19 17:34 other posts of Cox4you 
I always shave my balls and trim up elsewhere. I personally love the feeling of my balls being smooth.
Itís a personal preference. I however do not fully shave my entire region because it can leave razor burns and the growing back part can be a real itch fest.
However in the shower itís not a big deal to daily shave my balls smooth.
By Smoothmann at 08,Aug,19 20:32 other posts of Smoothmann 
I have no problem with ingrown hairs as I shave my cock and balls in the shower every night.I love the smooth look!
By Cox4you at 08,Aug,19 20:44 other posts of Cox4you 
I donít get ingrown hairs either but the only part I fully shave is my balls. The rest I just trim close and short. Itís just a routine for me. Every day in the shower. Keeps them so smooth

By andrew999999999 at 08,Aug,19 11:20 other posts of andrew999999999 
I prefer to suck shaved cocks and lick shaved pussy, so it's only fair that I shave my cock.

By #591157 at 03,Aug,19 14:17
well i love my cock shaved smooth so it looks so much younger than i am so it's staying way for as long as i can keep shaving
By bikev at 06,Aug,19 02:27 other posts of bikev 
It looks great.
By #591157 at 06,Aug,19 16:07
thanks and enjoy my cock as much as i do showing off

By bil47 at 05,Aug,19 14:30 other posts of bil47 
I did it occasionally, when I was still doing M/M hook-ups. Lots of guys who are into gay-sex think it looks sexier. I think it shows off my smallish cock better. And then there's the fact that many male porn stars shave (along with ALL of the female porn stars).

By nekekal at 05,Aug,19 12:59 other posts of nekekal 
My wife always complained about hair in her mouth, so I shaved the area hoping that she would suck my cock more.

It didn't work. All I got was irritation and itch when it was growing out. It turns out that she hated sucking my cock and was just looking for an excuse not too.

By #595788 at 02,Aug,19 18:39

I donít shave my pubes. My kits hairy like nature intended, and staying that way. I like the feel of my pubes when I wank, my wife likes my dick hairy and I like her hairy cunt!

By leopoldij at 02,Aug,19 18:16 other posts of leopoldij 
What one person finds attractive may have nothing to do with what another one does.

By cutroundhead at 02,Aug,19 06:45 other posts of cutroundhead 
I prefer the natural hairy look, like a man is meant to be. Guys with shaved pubes look very strange and like plucked chickens!

By lovetolickyou at 30,Jul,19 07:21 other posts of lovetolickyou 
Shaving makes it all so sensitive. I love the way it feels to have someone stroke me when it's bare

By #537175 at 30,Jul,19 03:49
Im a gay guy and I prefer to see guys naked with a nice bush , but as you say its a personal choice .My bf has a nice hairy bush and I have to , we both trim occasionally but not shave completely . Im still attracted to sexy guys who do shave but I think its sexy to see a nice bush .My older brother shaves because his girlfriend like it that way , but before he met her he also had a nice bush and sadly a bigger cock them mine

By #536913 at 30,Jul,19 02:59
It gets too long. I don't care about shaving, but at a certain point I have to. Sometimes I'll have morning wood and it'll pull on the hair and it hurts. The hair on my head is coarse, and the hair down there is even more so. It tangles and occasionally even gets caught in my zipper. It's a mess. I'd rather go totally hairless than have too much.

By #595500 at 29,Jul,19 23:27
I make sweaters and scarves out of mine.

By Gntlmn at 27,Jul,19 00:42 other posts of Gntlmn 
Because they're wierd.
--------------------------------------- added after 4821 hours

Other than some medical requirement, I can't understand why an adult wants to look pre pubescent...
By sinanff47 at 29,Jul,19 22:14 other posts of sinanff47 
So, you are saying that guys that have grooming preferences that are different from yours, are "wierd". Psychologists have several names for your 'afflictions'.

By #594072 at 26,Jul,19 05:23
Makes your cock look bigger. And it just feels nicer playing with a shaved cock and balls.
By SluttySarah069 at 29,Jul,19 14:34 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I agree - and I shave my legs and around my arse.

By oldbugle at 29,Jul,19 07:34 other posts of oldbugle 
I trim mine because it gets caught inn my underpants at the worst time, like driving the car or in public places and it feel SO uncomfortable!

By cody8789 at 29,Jul,19 07:02 other posts of cody8789 
I think if you have the right look and are younger, you can get away with looking good with out any hair.

By #595788 at 29,Jul,19 06:38
I keep mine hairy. My woman likes my sex kit hairy and I like her bush. I like the feel of my pubes when Iím wanking.

By lawrenceo at 29,Jul,19 03:56 other posts of lawrenceo 
Prime reason is size; both of my cock and of my foreskin. Average cock (that is very small when soft) with a short foreskin. This means that if I don't shave or at least trim, my pubic hair gets trapped under the foreskin and that is not comfortable and needs to be attended to........which can be inconvenient.

By SrCums at 27,Jul,19 10:07 other posts of SrCums 
Same reason why a dog licks his ass.. Because he can.

By #478298 at 26,Jul,19 20:40
So my cock looks bigger
By tb1 at 27,Jul,19 01:51 other posts of tb1 
and it is more comfortable, less itching, less scratchy

By Smoothmann at 26,Jul,19 05:49 other posts of Smoothmann 
I prefer smooth shaven cock and balls and I like the smooth look on men and women.

By joyraja at 26,Jul,19 04:47 other posts of joyraja 
Overgrowth makes me uncomfortable

By soharditspurple at 26,Jul,19 04:15 other posts of soharditspurple 
I keep my balls shaved cause the wife likes sucking on them. Still have pubic mound bush. Gives her a good clitty tickler when fucking

By Supersexy69 at 25,Jul,19 21:52 other posts of Supersexy69 
Because it feels good and its sexy!

By Greek18cm at 26,Jan,19 04:21 other posts of Greek18cm 
First reason is what you mentioned. Second is that you must save it from time to time and must not let it overgrown for both easthetic and health reasons.

After than those reasons its just the personal perspective.

I save from time to time because i found the hair touching my cockhead irritating plus i dont like them ti go underneath the foreskin

By cody8789 at 08,Jan,19 03:52 other posts of cody8789 
I find that most guys and girls like trimmed and neat rather then shaved. It all depends on the person that shaves, some look good shaved and some don't.

By wycowboy at 04,Jan,19 20:36 other posts of wycowboy 
Got me. I leave mine all natural. Never had a complaint about it either
By PoloFields at 07,Jan,19 23:38 other posts of PoloFields 
Same here. A personal preference, so no one can be wrong. Been smooth before, but takes too much time to keep it smooth.

By spermkiss at 06,Nov,13 18:26 other posts of spermkiss 
Why do guys shave their faces and get the hair on their scalps cut?
By leopoldij at 07,Jan,19 18:57 other posts of leopoldij 

By lawrenceo at 07,Jan,19 08:38 other posts of lawrenceo 
So that my pubic hair doesn't get trapped under my foreskin. I have a short foreskin and it is easy for hair to get between it and my glans

By HotFuckerBoy at 04,Jan,19 21:44 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
On this issue, it really is "to each thier own". Personally, I think pubes look great on girls and guys with maybe a little necessary trim up, a little tending of the garden from time to time.

By countrynaturist at 02,Jan,19 23:34 other posts of countrynaturist 
Mostly because we hate sucking a cock and have to deal with pube hair. Also, it feels better when you are nude. Since I live nude, I love being shaved

By #435701 at 06,Nov,13 17:04
Why do guys let their pubes grow wild? I find that very unattractive (nothing personal here to those who do not shave-just my personal preference)....etc...etc....

By #437064 at 01,Nov,13 19:44
Cocksucking, all about the cocksucking
By #436014 at 06,Nov,13 09:38

what can i say, shaved cock is hot, see mine for instance
--------------------------------------- added after 24 minutes

actually, not shaved bald, i mean trimmed close, nicely manicured to allow for full expose of the cock shaft
--------------------------------------- added after 25 minutes

kinda like that same look on pussies too

By #361268 at 06,Nov,13 09:09
I shave mine every day it nice to be shaved and it is allso nicer to keep clean as well shaved pussys are great and nice to go down on

By #136427 at 05,Nov,13 07:45
I did one time anf it was a mistake, the itch of new growth!!!

By johnp at 01,Nov,13 14:12 other posts of johnp 
So guys or girls don't have to pic them out of their teeth!! Nasty!!

By bigone21 at 14,Jun,13 18:47 other posts of bigone21 
For NOT growing a beard over the pecker..???

By Generalcock at 14,Jun,13 00:03 other posts of Generalcock 
i shave them cuz it keeps my ballz from itching and they dont swet as much

By bigone21 at 09,Jun,13 18:19 other posts of bigone21 
some guys don't like to grow a beard in their underwear, so they trim and shave...

By #264686 at 09,Jun,13 09:00
To remove hair.

By Arexa at 09,Jun,13 00:28 other posts of Arexa 
As a female, I'm just gonna chime in and say I much prefer trimmed or shaved to a full bush on men. Much neater and tidier looking. I just don't care for the banana stuck in a but sh look. Plus, I can't stand getting pubes stuck in my throat or having them going up my nose. Lol.
--------------------------------------- added after 31 seconds

In a bush* damn auto correct

By CreativeOne at 12,Apr,13 19:31 other posts of CreativeOne 

Because it looks great and feels so much better ! Also ... you know what they say , "If it feels good ... Do it" !!!
By #389053 at 25,May,13 19:58

By #389053 at 25,May,13 20:00
I like him as he is now! or quite smooth
By CreativeOne at 01,Jun,13 00:33 other posts of CreativeOne 
Thank You so much for saying that "pissusperma"

By 3fdfd at 07,Jun,13 07:24 other posts of 3fdfd 
but you know I like him as hairy as he can possibly grow

By #391978 at 29,May,13 10:47
looks and feels better

By #368847 at 16,Apr,13 14:28
Shave mine because shaved cock turns me on big time. I like to watch myself on cam wan king my shaved cock to others. Shave balls and some on legs and ass. Would love to have my ass shaved
By spermkiss at 16,Apr,13 15:58 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, I'll shave your ass. It's fun to get together with a buddy and shave each other's asses.

By #368777 at 10,Apr,13 02:20
well i shave cuz i feel like it makes me a lil more feminine, i dont crossdress r anything but id like my man 2 have alot of body hair while im almost hairless......
By spermkiss at 13,Apr,13 17:17 other posts of spermkiss 
An interesting point that it makes you feel more feminine. I feel just the opposite. Being hairless makes me feel more masculine. Think about it, shaving down is de rigueur for many atheletic activities, swimmers, bicyclists and bodybuilders for example. Smooth skin shows off muscles. Not to mention showing off the dick and balls.
By #360973 at 13,Apr,13 23:34
Agreed Spermkiss, i'd exclude cyclists though - they're more wanker than man
By sinanff47 at 14,Apr,13 00:14 other posts of sinanff47 
Since you agree, will you soon be posting some photos of your 'parts' all smoothly shaven?
By #360973 at 14,Apr,13 00:36
I'm shaven in most of my pics, sin...just lazily lol.
I shave my fun zone, my chest and I used to shave my legs for sport, but I don't shave my legs anymore and i've always left the area from my pecs down to my funzone /armpits /arms unshaved; & I don'tgrow hair on my back
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

The post was about pubes, wasn't it .... I s'pose i'm a bit guilty of commenting partly to just have a go at cyclists
By spermkiss at 15,Apr,13 12:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Yeah, I kinda thought you had it in for cyclists, though I don't understand why. Along with swimmers, to me they seem like real athletes. Bodybuilders seemed the most questionable on my list because all they do is stand around in a suit that is little more than a g-string (often even nude) and show off their muscles. I included them because it takes a lot of work to get those muscles.

On another subject, how 'bout adding me to your friends list so I can see your photos of your shaven "fun zone"?

By #33070 at 14,Apr,13 00:30
I just like the feeling of it the cock shaved clean. Trimming the pubes just to keep it clean and neat

By #117783 at 13,Apr,13 16:16

I've shaved for years - more hygienic, more sensitive and I just like it that way !!
By bigone21 at 13,Apr,13 16:55 other posts of bigone21 
looks good!!

By bigone21 at 12,Apr,13 12:46 other posts of bigone21 
I have shaved myself down there for half my life. It looks better, feels better & licks better!

I shave around the base of my cock, my balls, the perineum and around my asshole, I trim where I want to just shorten.

I use some foam and a simple Gilette Sensor Excel. NOT a new razorblade, that will cut me up! after a month of shaving my face with it, the blade is ready for use downside.

After shaving and showering, I just use some (sun)lotion.

At the nudebeaches and naturist campingsites (like Cap d'Agde) I see thousands of guys naked every summer. What I find unattractive is "much bush, little tree" (or "much tobacco, little cigar"). And there is a lot if that out there!

I know there are a lot of guys cultivating their bodyhair, good! Just not my thing...

By BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 08,Apr,13 08:14 other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ 
My freshly shaven penis and ESPECIALLY my SEXTICLEZ are so much more sensitive than with hair. The skin of my scrotum is so velvety and silky feeling when shaved. All in all, it just feels so much more sexy both in sensitivity as well as to touch !

Maybe it also is reminiscent of my young years as well. So many sexy memories of the time before I had hair myself. I didn't have hair until about age 16. I first enjoyed playing with and being played with by other boys and girls at about age 8, and it felt great! Maybe it's a hold-over to those feelings and memories!
By spermkiss at 12,Apr,13 11:49 other posts of spermkiss 
You struck a nerve with me here. I, too, was a late bloomer for hair growth. I, too, have fond memories of fooling around with other boys (no girls, I'm gay) in our hairless youth.

By #369395 at 08,Apr,13 13:15
I have shaved my balls for many years but gave up on the bush, stubble and rash issues. I love the look and feel and it is clearly better for licking.
By spermkiss at 12,Apr,13 11:43 other posts of spermkiss 
Shaving is high maintenance, plus there are indeed stubble and rash issues. If you like being hairless but want freedom from the razor, consider permanent hair removal with lasor treatments. I did it and I love it.

By denman at 09,Apr,13 05:38 other posts of denman 
I remember my first bf shaved his pubes and balls... And I just thought it looks like chicken skin if you buy the frozen one, so unatural.. (of course did not tell him lol). If the hair is there, why to shave it ? I think its also not hygienic to shave pubs cause there is an easy way for infections, but its just my opinion.
Well, I prefer it naturaly - trimmed. Not into prehystoric ice-aged long hair though :-) just nice trimmed. For that reason I use clippers for all my body hair. The razor blade I use only for balls and armpits from time to time (it just does not work with clippers there).
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Yeah and I do have hairy legs, (no shaving or trimming there), there was time I hated it, but it was mostly this - what the others would think - now I am over it. I like it that way, it makes me who I am. But its another story..
By spermkiss at 12,Apr,13 11:36 other posts of spermkiss 
Your leg hair is HOT! Super sexy. Don't even think about shaving or trimming your legs. Your shaved balls and trimmed pubes look really sexy with your hairy legs. At least once in your life you should consider a total crotch shave. A guy with hairy legs and a hairless crotch drives me wild. Try it.

By zakwild at 09,Apr,13 15:08 other posts of zakwild 
I sometimes trim them, I think it looks great:

By stickyknickers at 09,Sep,12 05:52 other posts of stickyknickers 
Because it feels good Ė and especially when you're locked in one of these!

By #283812 at 09,Sep,12 06:11
If too long when locked in chastitiy they keep getting ripped out, ouch. Better to shave
By stickyknickers at 09,Sep,12 08:56 other posts of stickyknickers 
I like to keep my butt as smooth as possible, too

By #248006 at 08,Apr,13 16:00
How do you do that without cutting yourself to ribbons?
By stickyknickers at 09,Apr,13 14:04 other posts of stickyknickers 
Well, without wishing to sound too simplistic, I use a ladies' razor, and I take my time. I get a bit of razor burn, but it soon goes, and I think the results are worth a little discomfort

By john12 at 09,Apr,13 07:28 other posts of john12 
Nothing better then sucking a smooth cock .

By 3fdfd at 08,Apr,13 07:33 other posts of 3fdfd 
I think guys look better with their cock & ball hair. Maybe a trim is OK - but a shaved dick just doesn't do it for me. It looks especially silly if the guy has a hairy chest, hairy belly, hairy legs & no hair around his dick.

By #323075 at 08,Apr,13 06:17
I trim my pubic hair because it looks more cultivated(only my opinion) and I become horny to show it in public sauna.

By #361268 at 07,Apr,13 15:37
It's cleaner and looks nice and i can wear my cock rings without the hair being trapped in them most of the women i have met love a smooth and shaved cock

By 67malibu at 05,Jan,13 05:37 other posts of 67malibu 
I think it is a feminine thing.
By #94263 at 05,Jan,13 09:43
If it were a feminine thing, they'd wax instead of shave

By #177288 at 05,Jan,13 00:44
Im a hairy guy, so pubis hair grow up too fast, then i can shave it very often and switch shape at my pleasure

By #94263 at 01,Jan,13 10:02
I have shaved my pubes since I was a teen too. Just hated having hair down there. Plus then I found out that a lot of partners hate getting hair in their teeth during oral, so it just seemed a good idea to keep them shaved. It also helps making my small dick, look a bit bigger.

By younghardcock13 at 29,Sep,12 10:46 other posts of younghardcock13 
I, for the most part keep my entire pubes and ball sack completely clean shaven. It is not my favorite look, but since my girlfriend now has a thick, full bush covering her entire pubic area (very well groomed at the edges, of course)for the first time ever, per my request, I make myself completely smooth since it is what she prefers.

Recently, my girlfriend asked if I would grow my hair out a little bit and then shave a landing strip to the base of my shaft. She for some reason LOVES to play with it and moaned the first time she saw it.

By dreamer at 18,Sep,12 12:01 other posts of dreamer 
My pubes tend to get out of control after a few months, creeping up my shaft, I h_a _t _e that. So once in a while I will use No Hair Lotion Hair Remover to clean up my shaft and balls. I love the feeling of my smooth, hairless balls.

By #285354 at 18,Sep,12 11:54
I just started shaving my balls and doing a bit of trimming. I love the feel!

By Foreskinlover at 17,Sep,12 17:00 other posts of Foreskinlover 
I like to have my cut cock, ball sac and arse hole waxed...I often have a boner and the girl dosent mind at all...she loves handling a hard cock

By #301168 at 17,Sep,12 06:29
I have so very little body hair so that the odd tufts that sprout around my cock look stupid so I shave the lot off.Do back and front now up the crack as well
By spermkiss at 17,Sep,12 12:02 other posts of spermkiss 
"...up the crack as well." I bet your sex partners like that. It's so nice to bury one's face in a hairless ass crack and tongue fuck a nice hairless asshole.

By CreativeOne at 11,Sep,12 23:30 other posts of CreativeOne 
Plain and simple ... "If it feels good - Do it" ! Besides if you never tried it ... you should and Always remember this ... If you don't like it , it will always grow back !!! Not only does it feel great ... it looks awesome ! I remember I shaved mine completely a couple of years ago and I admit , at first I thought it looked weierd , but it was a new thing for me , however I grew to like the way it looked as it felt all smooth and all ... I started to really like it ... as alot more guys now , shave down there ! Also , I think it looks better too , but that's my opinion and as I see by this thread ... it looks like more and more guys like to keep there package smooth as well !!!
By #117783 at 15,Sep,12 20:31
Couldn't agree more !
By CreativeOne at 17,Sep,12 05:49 other posts of CreativeOne 
Thank You "Why49" for your reply ! As it truly does look and feel Soooooooo much better all smooth ! Also , I just stooped by your page and was very Impressed by your package as I see you keep it very smooth ! So "Kudos to You" !!!

By #234610 at 15,Sep,12 02:47 see I'm in the mood to suck a nice plump shaved pussy!

By #234610 at 15,Sep,12 02:46
I personally shave for a couple reasons...I don't like going down on a girl with a hairy pussy and getting the moment ruined cus I end up chocking on a y should she have to. Second it brings more sensativity to the area...if there's no hair there is nothing to stop everything from touching...and rubbing. My girl can suck my balls and lick all over the entire area with ease...I do keep my happy trail and it stops just above my cock but around it and my entire sack is kept smooth as a babys ass! That's the way I love my pussy to be too...just a small patch of hair above it but shaved so I can lick and suck every part o her...

By 67malibu at 12,Sep,12 14:11 other posts of 67malibu 
I've shaved my Cock and balls since I was very young. Definitely like them smooth.

By #94263 at 12,Sep,12 02:12
I never have liked the feel of pubes and have been shaving mine since I was 14. I also think it is good for my partners as they don't get a mouthful of hair. Plus not having pubes shows off my cock, balls and piercings better.

By vebi at 11,Sep,12 22:42 other posts of vebi 

By #300911 at 11,Sep,12 15:30
I had my pubic hair removed permenantly. I love the smooth feeling and extra sensitive. I also model for art classes and was shaving, did'nt like that so eventually electrolysis.

By BeauAvro at 11,Sep,12 05:43 other posts of BeauAvro 
I do because I love the sensitive feeling

By #294879 at 09,Sep,12 05:46
I like to shave my cock and balls, regrowing the rest at present. It is faster to shave and maintain than trimming.
give it a try, you may be surprised

By MoeJoe at 09,Sep,12 04:22 other posts of MoeJoe 
It's a personal preference for me....I like the way it looks and feels and I didn't care for the color or the look of my natural pubes. Some guys look great in their pubes and if I had pubes like some do I might not have chosen to shave, but I did and continue to do so.

By #294695 at 08,Sep,12 13:31
I shave my cock and balls because it feels so damn good and to the comments I receive from friends and colleagues that its sexy, hot and erotic. I love my shaved cock and balls. would never go back to the pubes. I shave twice a week and its so damn smooth, I luv it
By #101710 at 09,Sep,12 03:24
I absolutely agree

By delboy at 08,Sep,12 21:55 other posts of delboy 
I love shaving my pubes, feels so smooth n sexy, pubes just make you itch.

By spermkiss at 08,Sep,12 17:51 other posts of spermkiss 
Three reasons: the way it feels; the way it looks; the way it makes me feel about myself.

How it feels is the least subjective of these 'cause it feels heavenly. Sensitive areas of the body are even more sensitive.

More subjective is how it looks. I just like the hairless look, but some people do not. Even I think some hair on some guys looks good. It depends on the guy and his hair.

Finally, I like the way it makes me feel about myself. I like being nude. Being hairless is a way to be even more nude. It's as nude as one can possibly be to uncover that last bit of skin that is normally covered with hair. When I'm nude and hairless at a nude beach and others have a pubic patch, I'm the most nude person there. I like that.

By #143894 at 08,Sep,12 17:13
I just love the feel and look of my cock and balls shaved clean.

By dhk1962 at 08,Sep,12 14:55 other posts of dhk1962 
I do it because I like the look and feel. Gives me the illusion that I'm bigger. Cock rings don't get tangled up in hair. I feel cleaner too.

By CSweeney at 08,Sep,12 14:49 other posts of CSweeney 
Other than getting hair in my partners mouth. Not only is that being respectful it feels so damn good. Also, I shave my chest too

By #291618 at 08,Sep,12 14:03
i shaved em like 2 weeks ago i do it just to give a new look to my cock/balls it gives me the same if im hairy tremmed or shaved

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