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What would you do with this? 22,May,19 01:13


By Maxream at 12,Jun,20 01:06
I don't try to gear my self up to be horny, sometimes I just am. Sometimes I'll jerk off 2 or 3 times in a couple hours, but I'll jerk off every day pretty much. I've found that if I "think too much" about getting horny, it becomes more difficult. Less thinking and more imagining.

By Maxream at 01,Jun,20 22:40

By Maxream at 01,Jun,20 01:02 might be an option.

By Maxream at 22,May,20 03:20
Small tits and small areolas

By Maxream at 19,May,20 23:44
Nope. I think about it frequently. If I had the opportunity to suck a nice looking cock, I would. Probably more

By Maxream at 16,May,20 21:06
I agree with that.

By Maxream at 05,May,20 01:51
Do it

By Maxream at 21,Apr,20 23:50
Yes, absolutely! I don't care about age. When I was 25 I was with a woman that was in her 50's

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By Maxream at 15,Apr,20 01:46
I couldn't agree more

By Maxream at 15,Apr,20 01:46
I think your cock looks great!

By Maxream at 14,Apr,20 00:55
Let me know what you think

By Maxream at 06,Apr,20 20:06
Yes, my mom caught me 3 times. Always in the shower and the doors were clear glass so there was no hiding it. One of those times I was just starting to cum. I'm almost positive that she saw me every time because she looked in my direction. She never said anything about it though.

By Maxream at 02,Apr,20 00:34
Absolutely! Yes

By Maxream at 25,Mar,20 19:48
The same thing happens to me. I cum into a cup and sometimes if I'm still really into it I drink it.

By Maxream at 18,Mar,20 21:33
Shaved preferred, trimmed is fine, and I most likely wouldn't say no to a hairy one.

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By Maxream at 09,Mar,20 20:16
Sometimes I'll eat some of it. Sometimes I use it as lube and ride my dildo. Normally I just clean it up with a towel.

By Maxream at 09,Feb,20 21:15

By Maxream at 05,Dec,19 22:19
I really enjoy it. Never had the real thing, but I really want to try it

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By Maxream at 28,Nov,19 01:44
I'm circumcised and I generally don't use lube. Occasionally I do

By Maxream at 27,Nov,19 01:16
I dont have an experience to share, but Ive been thinking about this as well. I know that I would be more likely to actually do it. I would definitely use protection on either side.

Any tips on how to find one would be a big help.

By Maxream at 23,Nov,19 08:47
An older man in bathroom. We ended up jerking off together. I was 14! It was so hott!

By Maxream at 14,Nov,19 20:50

By Maxream at 11,Nov,19 22:12
I like that you said you "personally don't like" instead of offended by certain words. I like vagina. I love pussy! I don't know why but pussy sounds sexy to me. Call it whatever you want. I ask women what they prefer me to call it.

By Maxream at 10,Nov,19 19:04
Definitely not nasty. They're all a little different. Yours looks very nice!

By Maxream at 10,Nov,19 19:01
I've been thinking about going to a gay sauna too! Anyone know of any in the chicago area?

By Maxream at 07,Nov,19 02:17
I don't know how to tell my friend that I'm interested in jerking off with him and more? I fantasize about it frequently and get so turned on. Does anyone know a good way I could approach him?

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By Maxream at 22,Oct,19 22:22
I did last night. A nice sexy cougar in her 70's. Sounds old,but I assure you she looks 50's

By Maxream at 02,Oct,19 01:03
16.been chasing the dragon ever since

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By Maxream at 13,Jul,19 03:00
I think I want to be fucked and creampied. I want another man to cum in my mouth. I want to cum in another man's ass.

By Maxream at 01,Jul,19 22:44
No paying, but I'd do anything to please you.

By Maxream at 27,Jun,19 23:24
I also have this same fetish

By Maxream at 19,Jun,19 01:26
Love my own hot cum on my face!!

By Maxream at 16,Jun,19 20:30
I would start with the blurry area. Probably her nipples.

By Maxream at 29,May,19 21:07
I have had sex with 2 female cousins. It was great! We're not going to have kids or get married. At least in my experience there have been no problems. I don't regret it or feel weird about it at all. Everyone is different and there is always the chance that it ends up badly.

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By Maxream at 26,Mar,19 06:41
Now I do.