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Having a small dick - any questions?

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Started by #42017 at 08,Jan,12 10:52
Big and average guys are quite curious about what it's like to have a very small dick but are too embarrassed to ask. Well don't be

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By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 07:38 other posts of lawrenceo 
At 5.5 ins mine is considered to be about average by some authorities. However, it does get much smaller when completely soft (2 ins), so I do classify it as small.

That said, it works and has given me many years of pleasure so I do not have any feelings of regret about its size.

By Alwaysnude at 08,Jun,20 20:04 other posts of Alwaysnude 
[deleted image]
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Always wished I was bigger
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By #374512 at 21,Jul,14 19:58
wish i was bigger...
By Rayb1054 at 26,Jul,14 15:25 other posts of Rayb1054 
your not that small did you ever think about restoring your foreskin smaller dicks restore faster

By #449284 at 19,Jul,14 15:23
I also wish I was bigger it use to be embarrassing at school showers I must have been the smallest
By #435701 at 23,Jul,14 18:02
I remember all too well the school showers. Mine would shrink just thinking about having to shower after gym class. To this day anything that makes me nervous or stressed makes it shrink. It's like my psychological barometer and really aggravating!! It will be hanging nicely but as soon as I go to the Doctor for a physical (white coat syndrome too) it will be shrunken and tiny, just like after a cold swim! I think it hates me!!!...Could it be years of abusing it??

By #65952 at 11,Jan,12 00:11
i find spooning pretty hard,

By #215370 at 08,Jan,12 18:15
.... It's shit, I really do wish that I was bigger.
By #4222 at 08,Jan,12 18:20
No way! That looks avg length and above average girth. I do, however, wish i had an extra inch.
By #1501 at 08,Jan,12 23:41

By slipper at 09,Jan,12 04:31 other posts of slipper 
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