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Started by #232248 at 13,Feb,12 01:45
She has a great page. She is sooooo very sexy. I love her classy way. She always gets me going good. Thanks Revealed!

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By #222521 at 09,May,12 16:24
revealed is/was the only person on this site that i can state for a fact is/was 100% genuine
By #146919 at 09,May,12 18:03
i can vouch for that shame she has gone hope she comes back soon
By #218130 at 09,May,12 18:51
Hope so too

By #251126 at 04,May,12 07:48
Revealed is not real.

Not there's a revelation for you LOL.
By #218130 at 09,May,12 17:56
I second that! She is/was, was/is and always will be. Young-dick think everybody else is fake, except him. Duh! Get your facts straight Young dick

By #233076 at 09,May,12 14:59
Never had the pleasure of talking to her, but she had gorgeous set of pictures.. Sorry to hear she left
By #218130 at 09,May,12 16:21
She was very kind, sweet and gorgeous just like you

By #113112 at 04,May,12 08:21
Anyone know why she left?
By veryshyguy at 09,May,12 14:24 other posts of veryshyguy 
She moved to another site!

By #198127 at 03,May,12 21:12
Had a great page. Certainly one of the best. Is she gone now?
By bella! at 04,May,12 00:57 other posts of bella! 
Yes, she's gone...... checkmate for not opening a new forum!
By #164428 at 04,May,12 02:37
OMG. When you said she was gone, I checked my friend list. I'm so sad that she's gone. I had no idea.
By #218130 at 04,May,12 05:31
She made a big donation on my points, that is when I saw she was gone. Luckily for me, you dear Steffi are still here. It will be another very sad day if you left

By #220845 at 04,May,12 04:28

By #201155 at 21,Feb,12 17:38

By #218130 at 21,Feb,12 09:22
Sure does

By #205329 at 21,Feb,12 06:34
Just to make sure we're all on the same page..there is two "Revealed" pages...One has an asterisk beside it.."*Revealed". Some one might want to clarify this.

By #181785 at 21,Feb,12 01:50

By #1501 at 21,Feb,12 00:43

By #121361 at 20,Feb,12 11:40

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