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Trying to post to 'Show Your Cunt' Discussion!!

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Started by #186493 at 03,May,12 05:29
I like the 'show your dick' forum, and the various issues, but when I click over to 'Show your cunt' it is the same, dick shit!! WHy isn't the discussion tab, at 'Show your cunt' just about girl things, and vaginas?? I Don't want to re-read the same shit on both sites!!

Women have a lot of things to say, to guys, that are wanting to listen!! I don't want to log in, on 'show your cunt' and find a post about some lip-dick little guy, wanting someone to justify his existence!!

A few of us guys, (sadly, a very few) want to hear what women have to say, and want to see them, showing themselves, like they want to, and not like in the porn movies!!

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By oldbugle at 03,May,12 06:59 other posts of oldbugle 
Well you answered your own criticism yourself really, in your last paragraph.......There are "very few" men here who want to "hear what women have to say". Any website will only be able to reflect the type(s) of people who frequent it, and this site is largely a 'what do you think of mine' place with a sprinkling of others who just see a place for ANY perversions to be expressed,....not to mention the 'am I really gay if I only have sex with other men?' crowd....

This CAN be a very valuable site but you have to wait and get out of it the things you are looking for and make contact with the "few" people who are interesting regulars. Just like many clubs or pubs, for that matter!

For specific sex info from women there are other (and frankly better) places on the web,...try the superb site run by the veteran sexologist Betty Dodson and her sexy side-kick Carlin Ross,...just enter dodsonandross (dot) com

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