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Started by Tobes at 12,Mar,10 12:39  other posts of Tobes
I was wondering if any of the guys on here look at 'Show Your Cunt' as much as 'Show Your Dick'. I am straight (as far as real relationships go) but I find it far more of a turn on to look at all the cocks than the pussys!

I think it is mainly because there is far more variation in cocks than there is in pussys. The pussys tend to all look the same to me. I mainly like the full nude shots on 'Show Your Cunt'.

I would like to bet that most of the straight guys on this site find themselves going through all the dicks and getting turned on by them far far more then the cunts!!!

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By #442051 at 21,Apr,17 14:41
How do you work that one out Matts Wife, I can't see any women bashing comments ?
By #485312 at 27,Apr,17 00:53
that's in another thread.. *lix*

By JustWill at 28,Apr,17 03:37 other posts of JustWill 
This is an older thread (from 2010) and Matt's Wife's comment was posted in 2011. Back when the topic was originally posted, there were a lot of negative comments on it directed at women and vaginas. Since that time, the members who posted those comments left or deleted their accounts. Their comments were also deleted. You're just seeing what's left after the fact, so her comment looks like it is random. At that time, though, it wasn't random at all.

By #59855 at 16,Apr,11 13:39
From Matt's Wife: It surprises me that this turned into a woman bashing thread. Sorry to say but all women and their parts are all different. But most men are narrow minded and only think of their own pleasure. See how stupid it is to paint with a broad brush.
By CreativeOne at 22,Apr,17 01:51 other posts of CreativeOne 
As usual ... You are so right about that . Well , I'm so glad I fall into the category of "Not Most Men" because I have total respect for women and value there well being and feelings !

By bi1953 at 20,Apr,17 03:13 other posts of bi1953 
I love them both, but if given a choice I'll take a cock every time.

By #337858 at 14,Jun,13 02:28
I like looking at them both. I get turned on either way
By #485312 at 20,Apr,17 03:02
l love the cocks and especially the ones in CUNTS *LIX*

By aoneeyedmonster at 05,Jun,13 17:47 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Pussy all the way

By #181785 at 06,Jan,13 00:11
I would like to say that Matts wife is right. I am bi so I do get turned on by looking at cocks and by women. I say women because there are some days when looking at pussy makes my dick rock hard, then other days tits do it for me. There are some ladies on SYC that have pics of their Lips (face) that just drive me nuts. Then there are the days when a cock is all I want to see. Every part of everybody is different, this is what makes them all beautiful. There is no ugly anything or anybody, there is however what you think is beautiful which differs from what I think is beautiful. As far as fake pics, pics are pics if you like what you see then like it. It is after all a pic of someone maybe just not the person that says its them. I even like the photo shopped pics, ya its 2 people but someone took time to try and make it look good. (its kind of an art form).

By 67malibu at 23,Dec,12 04:28 other posts of 67malibu 
I love puss too, but I never really get any interactions from my comments on the show your cunt side, I guess a lot of women are put off by the idea of a man who likes to suck Cock.

By #327529 at 21,Dec,12 19:08
Being that I'm bi, I love to look at both. Though I prefer women over all, I love looking at both. I am equally turned on by women and men when it comes to looking...
As far as there being more variation in cocks than pussys, I think that's not accurate at all...there is great variation in both sexes genitalia. So I completely disagree with that statement. These kinds of comments show a certain blindness...there are ugly cocks and ugly pussys just as there are beautiful cocks and beautiful pussys to put it in simplistic terms...and I would say that Tobes is not really straight at all and is using the cover of that to make such comments....anyhow, this is all so subjective.

By BushPilot at 17,Apr,11 02:12 other posts of BushPilot 
Firstly, I love women's bodies and only fantasize about making love to women. I appreciate a mans body and as a man, find it interesting to check out the competition from time to time.

I rarely, really rarely, check the SYD side of the house. There are enough dicks displayed on SYC and they are usually part of a couples spread or go with photos of a lady. I don't mind seeing a cock, especially when there's a woman in the photo and sometimes, it can be a turn on if the lady is manipulating the guys penis or they're enjoying sex in some form or another.

As for your bet, you might win overall, but as far as I'm concerned, you'd lose. And for those who say, "how varied can a hole be?", I have to respond that your not looking very closely. Every one is different and everyone is wonderful in it's own right. Think of them as being like a Rose - they're all roses but it never gets tiresome to enjoy their beauty.
By #59855 at 17,Apr,11 22:45
From Matt's Wife: Your right, no two are the same, maybe similar but that can be said about anything. I think it comes down to when a guy can't get any pussy he starts bashing. Very sad indeed
By BushPilot at 18,Apr,11 02:02 other posts of BushPilot 
I can't speak to that issue but I think it's what you enjoy. If you look for the beauty in something, it can be readily found. If it's not something someone is interested in, the sameness comes out.

As for me, I love everything about a woman's form; eyes, smile, face, hair, and all the other bits and pieces that makes each of you sexy in your own right.

By #1047 at 16,Apr,11 14:01
show your cunt is how i got here,i love the ladies and felt i should post something since i was seeing all of them.thats how i ended up on show your cock

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