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Small boyfriend?

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Started by #316680 at 31,Oct,12 23:15
Just wondered if you guys thought my boyfriend was small? I find him too small for me and can never even feel him inside me but he doesn't think he's small!

[deleted image]

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By Alwaysnude at 25,Feb,24 15:28 other posts of Alwaysnude 
Is he smaller than me am I to small also
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By Sir-Skittles at 25,Feb,24 16:06 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Stupid cunt- responding to a forum from 2012 and the original post is not even here anymore

By #218130 at 02,Nov,12 08:40
Now why would a female create a account on SYC and just post a pic of her boyfriends dick and complain how small it is? Just doesn't make sense. FAKE maybe?

By #311508 at 01,Nov,12 23:51
His dick is not small you just have a huge cavernous cunt..... or maybe you are a huge cunt? Anyway go see a DR and get thing tightened up.
By #291618 at 02,Nov,12 00:31

By bikev at 01,Nov,12 13:04 other posts of bikev 
Looks big enough to me. I could certainly use it and get a load of fun or should that be cum.

By alittlesnail at 01,Nov,12 00:23 other posts of alittlesnail 
I feel sorry for both you and your bf ,I have been with my bf 7 year and i never complain about his size,and he is actually shorter than the pic you show us.I think your bf must be sad if he knew that you talked about him here,and about you,I think probably you butt are too loose,so you can't feel him,you should do more exercise (like swimming )to tight your ass,I told you even my bf use his finger I can feel that,so your ass really loosing ,i suspect you have been penetrated too much or fool around and end up your ass loose it sensitive,please think about yourself and don't blame other people
By #280672 at 01,Nov,12 08:00
Said it how it isss...

By #218130 at 01,Nov,12 07:34
Just my opinion, but I think you are the BF, posing as a female. Nothing wrong with your dick mate, get over your insecurities, move on and enjoy what you have.

By nekekal at 01,Nov,12 06:42 other posts of nekekal 
Small is relative.

He is smaller than me. But he bigger than a lot of guys that I have seen.

The real question is whether he is too small for you. Although having him small is going to be a lot more fun for you than too big.

Good luck

By cupar at 31,Oct,12 23:39 other posts of cupar 
There are many positions and techniques that his dick should have no trouble with

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