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Has anyone ever worn or considered wearing a chastity cage?

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Started by Tobes at 16,Nov,12 23:49  other posts of Tobes
I just find the idea of wearing a chastity cage and completely surrendering the power of your penis over to your wife or girlfriend by giving them the key totally hot!

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By #710894 at 22,Feb,24 13:34
I think of it, but with men as opposed to a wife or girlfriend.

By Tobes at 18,Nov,12 00:01 other posts of Tobes 
Just imagine it. You get your girlfriend to lock your penis in a chastity cage for one month. Then you still have to keep on pleasing her. Kissing her, sucking her tits, going down on her etc. If she wants penile penetration you would have to wear a strap on. Worse still, she could chain you to the bed and tease you all night long while you're still in your cage, the whole time, unable to get hard or even masturbate afterwards. Imagine the frustration. And just imagine the releif and explosive orgasm you would have the night she finally unlocks you! This thought just makes me horney as hell. And even when she does unlock you, she might decide one night is enough and locks away your penis for yet another month!
By Lvphose at 05,Sep,21 02:39 other posts of Lvphose 
I like that sceario

By Lvphose at 22,Oct,23 00:19 other posts of Lvphose 
What happened when she took me out of my chastity cage!

By xxx79 at 22,Mar,23 06:52 other posts of xxx79 

I have been wearing it 24/7 for years... I change models, sizes, but always in position.

By #623135 at 03,Sep,21 17:14

By Sir-Skittles at 03,Sep,21 13:09 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
You can see an entire chastity best collection on Lady Tecsan's page
By #574505 at 03,Sep,21 13:16

By Lvphose at 03,Sep,21 05:15 other posts of Lvphose 
Yes this one.

By #499206 at 07,Oct,15 15:40
Yup, it arrived the other day, not had it off since (pardon the pun) - feels great.

By #449272 at 04,Mar,14 04:08

s one I have nicknamed the humbler
By #485312 at 10,Aug,15 07:03
[deleted image]
ld call it the 'make your eyes waterer' *lix*

By #220845 at 17,Nov,12 03:17
I would definitely like to have one, I wonder if they make one for the guy's who have prince Albert rings.
By #266443 at 07,Aug,15 16:22
They do indeed! I've worn one once and it felt so secure. It was when I still peed through my cock so the restroom was a bit challenging with it. Some can also have head covers that fit thru Prince Alberta that can be locked independently from the base/ball container so you can have an erection but not do anything with it

By #201155 at 01,Jan,13 17:39
I love being locked up in mine. I have no keyholder, though, so I have to think of ingenious ways of putting it beyond reach for the required time

[deleted image]
By #164428 at 01,Jan,13 18:21
I SO want to hold the keys!
By #201155 at 01,Jan,13 22:07
It would be my pleasure, Mistress – I think!!!
By #164428 at 02,Jan,13 04:45
By #201155 at 14,Mar,13 15:45
I think I need to be locked up again, sweet Mistress. I am spending so much time masturbating these days. I am a very naughty boy, and I need you to discipline me
By #164428 at 14,Mar,13 20:46
Oooo, you SO deserve a spanking, mister! It would be my divine pleasure!
By #201155 at 15,Mar,13 06:01
I am bent over my desk for you, Mistress, with my legs spread. Oh, and naked, of course. Make me sting...
By #164428 at 15,Mar,13 08:09
By #201155 at 15,Mar,13 08:47
Oh, and I will of course be wearing my cock cage. I wouldn't want to be tempted to touch myself while you are caning me

By #485312 at 07,Aug,15 13:43
l want to leave the key at home and take you to a strip show *lix*

By #358797 at 04,Mar,14 04:29
Do what I do when I get into self bondage play. Freeze a bit of water, plop the key on it, and add more water so the key ends up frozen in the middle of the ice cube. Then you have to wait til it's unfrozen to get it. Just make sure you don't make the cube too big. Unless you plan on being stuck for a long time.

By #447598 at 18,Oct,14 10:06
A little bit.. few weeks at a time or so. A month once.

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #485312 at 07,Aug,15 12:08
a month?!?!? youre lucky your dick didn't drop off *lix*

By #7976 at 18,Oct,14 00:39
Hell no.... I haven't been chased since before my 16th birthday. Thanks to the freedom of the old days, there wasn't any concern of having sex with older women so **** wasn't a concern and luckily, I started early in life learning from some great ladies how to please them and their sex. I can't think of one good reason to put the genie back in a bottle at this point.

By #220845 at 17,Oct,14 08:07
Ordered one on eBay today

By #363802 at 15,Mar,13 16:15
I would love to be locked in chastity by a female, and ordered to eat her pussy, and make her cum, and, as soon as she cums,she leaves, leaving me rock hard with blue balls, with no way of pleasuring myself!!! ONLY HER PLEASURE MATTERS!!!

By #220845 at 01,Jan,13 23:31
Just got one

By #336511 at 01,Jan,13 16:48
I have one, but my wife isn't as interested in locking up my little dick as I am...

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #201155 at 01,Jan,13 17:39
I would love to lock up your cock and tease you until you could bear it no longer

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