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New addition to fourms

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Started by Ray10754 at 29,Nov,12 21:17  other posts of Ray10754
While browsing the fourms today I noticed that there are mentions similar topics! I think that is a great addition! Hopefully it will help cut down on a lot of the over posting of such mudane repeated topics! It gets rather boreing seeing the same questions asked over and over day after day. Who ever thought of this new feature I say thank you!

Similar topics: 1.What, in addition to size, is important in a good cock? How important are dimensions, looks, etc. How does mine stack up, ove   2.'Nectar of the Gods' and other names for lady jizz   3.You people are funny (and nice)   4.Tantra sex   5.Emoji  

New Comment

By #303133 at 29,Nov,12 21:46
I saw that, too, Ray. I think it is a good idea, but not all of the similar topics listed are actually "similar". Some of them are quite amusing. For example, one of the topics listed as similar to WOULD YOU FUCK A PENGUIN? is WHO WANTS I FUCK IN HIS ASS. Penguins don't have "asses"! One of the "similars" on the HWMNBN story thread is: HOW MANY INCHES CAN YOU TAKE IN THE BUTT? (Which can count, I guess, if both topics are dealing with a pain in the ass...)
By Ray10754 at 29,Nov,12 21:59 other posts of Ray10754 
I noticed that also Will! Another thing I noticed is that a lot of them are from much previous dates dating back into 09 10 and 11 I guess it will make it a little more interesting to see some of them though! Where have you been?I haven't see much of You and the other's for a few days! Thought everyone left me here alone

By #274357 at 29,Nov,12 22:35
If penguins don't have butts, how do they poop?
By #303133 at 29,Nov,12 22:42
Penguins are a higher life-form, and they have moved past the need for pooping due to the fact that they live via photosynthesis. They developed this skill because they deemed pooping to be beneath their dignity...
By #274357 at 29,Nov,12 22:55
Converting light energy into chemical energy enables a poop free existence? Who knew?

I'd like to experiment with the concept, but when would I ever get any reading done if I didn't have to poop?
By #303133 at 29,Nov,12 23:03
As to the "who knew?" aspect of your comment: When is the last time you stepped in a pile of tree crap?
As to the reading while pooping portion: Odd little "getting to know Will" insight...I LOVE to read, but I have never actually read anything while I pooped. I just like to get the job done and then carry on with my day.
By Ray10754 at 29,Nov,12 23:22 other posts of Ray10754 
So Am I detecting a downward spiral developing here?
By #303133 at 29,Nov,12 23:24
The spiral goes in whatever direction it wishes to go, Ray. I just follow its lead...
By Ray10754 at 29,Nov,12 23:36 other posts of Ray10754 
Keep up the good work

By #149276 at 29,Nov,12 22:03
this is a wonderful addiction.. ..

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