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Undo picture contest post

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Started by #61033 at 10,Sep,18 18:11
How do you undo a contest post? I submitted the wrong image to a contest and cannot undo the post. I also cannot post that image to the correct contest because the system says I have already submitted it on another contest. I am basically screwed on both contests now...

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By bella! at 10,Sep,18 20:07 other posts of bella! 
Have you tried contacting the person who is sponsoring the contest that you erroneously posted to and request that they boot you out?

Another thing that might be sneaky, why not modify the original picture some kinda way and make it slightly different? Change it to black & white, crop it differently.... Those are two ways to make the same picture totally different.
By #61033 at 11,Sep,18 17:59
Hi Bella. I think suggestion #1 is best, I will give that a try - thanks!
I guess I should just be more careful in future. Would be nice if admin could give us such a feature.
By bella! at 11,Sep,18 18:07 other posts of bella! 
Yes, I agree. Too bad that there is not a feature where you can just opt out of a contest on your own and it would be understood that the 15 points used to enter would be forfeited.

By bella! at 11,Sep,18 18:14 other posts of bella! 
Remember, there is a 5 day window for contests. The one member may not see your request in enough time to boot you out so #2 option is something you have control over.
By #61033 at 12,Sep,18 12:37
You are right, a small modification would make it appear to be a different image and bypass the restriction. I should be more careful in future, I was distracted and not paying attention.
Thanks again for your suggestions, they are both good!

By #562152 at 12,Sep,18 13:59
Suggestion #2 is faster. Load your pic to windows "paint" and change size to 101% and save in "SAVE AS" with a different name. Then upload as a public pic and enter it. Total time 15 minutes, maybe.Good luck
By #61033 at 12,Sep,18 20:05
I agree, it is the quickest way. Thanks for your input!
By #562152 at 12,Sep,18 21:11

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