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Men: Hands-free orgasm through kegel exercises?

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Started by #568448 at 10,Nov,18 08:25
To all the guys out there,

I recently discovered the joys of hands-free orgasm purely through kegel exercises! It's really intense, and it strengthens all kinds of muscles at the same time. Have I been living under a rock not to have known about this? Anyone else a fan? I was going to do NoFap for a year while my girlfriend's away; now I'm doing this instead 😊

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By Mrjoshua at 23,Sep,23 18:06 other posts of Mrjoshua 
I found a old school tantric type book that explains how to acheive multiple male orgasm and have managed to acheive that i can do hands free with estim and noticed that estim is improving a few things so yeh i think i might just give hands free naturaly a go

By nakedjim at 23,Sep,23 17:30 other posts of nakedjim 
Found Kegel accidently by laying in bed jerking a muscle down there. In my young teens I found I could bring on an erection doing it. Continuing I had my first hands free. It was more than any cum I'd had to that point. I know it was B4 going to High School Because it took much longer that fisting, I only did it when having the time to enjoy. Fisting was faster release of the need to cum.

By #553294 at 06,Dec,18 21:12
I learned how to cum just by rhythmically squeezing "that muscle down there" a couple years after I discovered masturbation, so I was 7 years old. I also learned that I could really intensify my orgasms & prolong the duration of the main peak by doing the same thing while masturbating normally.

When I was older, I discovered that I could hasten or delay my orgasms by flexing my PC muscle just right. My first girlfriend was surprised that I could cum really quickly or delay my orgasm for 30 minutes or more if I wanted to.

Many years later, I learned about Kegels & realized I'd been doing 'em since grade-school!

By #545732 at 10,Nov,18 08:43
I hadn't heard of it until reading your post. I just had a quick look online about it and looks worth a try.
By #568448 at 10,Nov,18 08:47
It was quite an eye-opener for me
By #545732 at 10,Nov,18 08:51
How long did it take you orgasm when trying it?
By #568448 at 10,Nov,18 20:12
When I'd practiced it enough it took about 20 minutes.

By #64328 at 10,Nov,18 15:41
I ha e know about this for years. Had a good friend growing up that could do it. I've tried many times but have never been able to without finishing with my hand. But have gotten oh so close. Handsfree cumshots has alway turned me on since the first time I saw him do it. I was always amazing to watch him cum totally handsfree.
By #568448 at 10,Nov,18 20:06
It's an amazing feeling! And so much more rewarding because you have to work for it. My tip: hold onto something so you're not tempted to use your hand.

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