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How often do U Masturbate 09,Mar,22 02:03
How often do you masturbate. 16,Feb,22 19:37
do you masturbate daily ? 12,Feb,22 15:13
What's small ? 02,Feb,21 11:36


By nakedjim at 06,Mar,22 18:15
I stand a bit to one side so he can look. If the look lasts I step back a bit more to see his reaction. I do like showing off

By nakedjim at 06,Mar,22 16:20
If I have time or need to be very smooth I wax. Last longer & comes back softer. No stubble

By nakedjim at 07,Dec,21 13:58
The second pleasure my dick gives is making babies. The primary propose is being hard in my hand giving me pleasure daily.

By nakedjim at 01,Dec,21 12:02
Long & slender. I like the long slippery siding in & out.

By nakedjim at 31,Jul,21 10:37
A very inviting man pussy your showing off. I hope you have a manly dick to open it wide.

By nakedjim at 21,May,21 04:05
We got married because we began very good friends both mentally & phycally. We both enjoy variety. Sex is adult fun. Our real lives is loving, passionate. Her being used by new covks is exciting for us both.

By nakedjim at 10,Feb,21 14:28
learned what masturbation is at Boy Scout camp. Walk into outhouse finding 2 Scout fucking their fist. They showed my how to bring out that total, body thrill.

By nakedjim at 18,Jan,21 20:39
Mine is surely shorter. When 2orking properly 8". I notice it shrinking in my sixties. Now late 70`s I have a limp toy to play with. It still delivers a tasty treat.

By nakedjim at 18,Jan,21 20:34
I prefer dicks under 3". No gagging or choking, just attempting to deep throat me. Yummy

By nakedjim at 03,Jan,21 23:11
Sausages long & short. The sausage can be left in for those that enjoy the need to take a shit. Cucumbers, peeled back a couple inches give a slippery slide in

By nakedjim at 08,Dec,20 14:46
U have no problem, yet. You'll see a real different in 30 ye as rs like I have.

By nakedjim at 07,Dec,20 21:12
6"or less. They can use me as hard & deep as they like without gagging or choking. For the tiny ones I can be to pussy they can't get into.

By nakedjim at 02,Nov,20 16:09
Im learned how to jerk off in Boy Scout latrine. After that, one or more would go there & show off how fast or slow we could squirt.

By nakedjim at 14,Oct,20 18:21
Not so odd, maybe. I would take the office girl in the ladies stall so she could empty my nuts B4 she goes home to her husband. I was second shift and she was horny. I was married & horny. We worked together 3 yrs until she got pregnant. not mine.

By nakedjim at 15,Jun,20 11:33
Being 19 your still have some growing to do. WOW !!!

By nakedjim at 05,Jun,20 12:34
I'd fuck every body fold & crack she has.

By nakedjim at 20,Apr,20 12:31
We should have been doing this, outdoor exposure when we where much younger & virile

By nakedjim at 20,Apr,20 11:52
Able to express my experiences with guys that need to express their pleasures with other people. Perverted & fetish.

By nakedjim at 15,Sep,18 02:16
Usually 2 but often 3/4 day if I could find privacy.

By nakedjim at 14,Jul,18 10:16
Your so lucky to have a friend like this.

By nakedjim at 14,Jul,18 10:12
Years ago a guy at a ABS would ask for guys to dock in his foreskin. I did after he sucked me bring me to the edge. His hood would reach nearly have way over my &= cock. He'd hold his skin over my dick while I slowly fuck against the head of his cock. Only once did he cum while I was fucking him. I always left his loose skin filled. I saw him used many times. I had him 3 times.

By nakedjim at 11,Jul,18 02:40
Looked at them. Your quite big when hard. Still small enuf for me to play with, feel it get hard & suck it like the baby dick it is. Nice pictures of a small cocklette

By nakedjim at 24,Mar,18 12:35
Wonderful confessions. In my car pants off dick standing & edging for my entire drive. Some times naked.

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 13:02
Oh yes, simple pleasures

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 13:00
Guys wearing loose shorts can provide a similar few point & enjoy the same cool

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 12:57
Yes Yes Yes

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 12:56
Knowing my dick head might be seen, like you, is so exciting & often hardening.

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 12:53
LAying on your mattress, cock press against the sheets humping was a way I would wake in the morning, play in the afternoon & relax before **** at night. 'm sure this is a regular plaesure for many of us guys. The usual time was at work, standing at my work bench my mind would wonder I my cock would stiffen. I found I could press against the workbench & edge myself from the normal movement of my working. I, many nights brought myself off, creaming my pants. Having loose work pants on & jockey shorts holding me tight I could continue working without showing a wet spot.

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 12:45
I so know the trill BushPilot was experiencing. I to in my youth would enjoy showin goff the portion of me that mother nature wanted to stand tall. I also would cause my stiff dick down thee leg of my pants affter having my hand in my pocket, playing with it. Depending on the season & style of pants, long, short, tight or loose I was able to show of what I enjoyed playing with. Having the head peeking out from my summer shorts while sitting so I might be seen was a heart pounding few moments. It was often looked at & I know admired when guys & ladies would walk pass more than once or stand in a near/far place to watch while I sat in a park or mall. I was never approached or handle but I always has a wonderful jerking off after I was in private. Oh, Youth can be a wonder time if you know how to use it.

By nakedjim at 06,Jan,18 12:29
I often went to a wooded area were I would find other guy, like me, wanting to show off the things we pee thru. At another portion side was a freeway with traffic hiding at the wood just B4 the road makes a slow turn. Standing at that point we guys could Stand & show off what nature has provide us with . More than once I was with other stiff manly men providing an afternoon show of mother nature other landscapes. We often helped one another bring each other to climaxing & squirting by hand or mouth. Never saw any of us getting fuck at that spot. It was so exciting to know, if they looked up just a bit they'd see one or more of us naked.

By nakedjim at 25,Dec,17 13:01
Shameful things have happened in the western subs, the good people that jerk off watching porn, visit bordellos, suck cock in the woods& cheat on their spouse have gotten together to close most of the nasty, human nature places like video booths. I'm so glad the minds of the ggod people have stopped sexual activities in so many areas.

By nakedjim at 25,Dec,17 12:48
Any place that still has them has me sharing the variety of man meat that cums through them.

By nakedjim at 15,Aug,17 09:18
Age has taken away the hard, stiff dick that once deeply pleasured every hole it found. Now my fist pleasure my soft little wilted dicklett. The intensity now is stronger than the good old hardon climax.