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Originally circumcised and now looking like I could use to be circumcised again

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Started by thicknsmooth at 06,Jun,21 05:11  other posts of thicknsmooth
I was originally circumcised as an infant. I recently began enjoying pulling and stretching my penis using the jelging method. I have gained an exceptional amount of girth in my shaft as well as my head. How ever I have also gained a lot of stretched skin that hangs over my penis head and looks like I’m not circumcised. Has anyone else ever experienced this same thing

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By hotcock33 at 08,Jan,24 21:48 other posts of hotcock33 
Was also cut when born, but lately looking uncut more often than not when flaccid. Have different hang days, but have some extra skin, and sometimes if I bend over it will basically retract. I think a bit of weight gain may have played a part. I don't mind having a smaller cock...have gotten more into the idea lately, but I wish it looked more cut like it used to when I was younger. No offense to uncut, but that is my preference. To each their own though. I know some guys purposely try pulling their skin forward, so...

By LGA6969 at 02,Jan,24 13:42 other posts of LGA6969 
I notice when I am soft I have a hood over my glans

By Manitobamayhem at 06,Jun,21 12:07 other posts of Manitobamayhem 
Check out my penis. It looks almost half circumcised
By #631189 at 06,Jun,21 12:27
I do love the head on yours
By thicknsmooth at 07,Jun,21 04:15 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Thank you I’m glad you like it

By greatct at 02,Jan,24 06:30 other posts of greatct 
Best of both worlds cut and halfway uncut

By #635075 at 19,Jun,21 13:11
Circumsized as well but mine retracts so much when soft he is like this.
[deleted image]
By #631189 at 19,Jun,21 13:29
Mine goes the same soft, and I’m not circumcised. I much prefer having a smaller cock!

By Lvphose at 07,Jun,21 19:18 other posts of Lvphose 
I too was circumcised as an infant but now it is like my penis is reverting back. 1stt pic if just exposing it, 2nd pic with a little stimulation & 3rd with more stimulation

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