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By thicknsmooth at 16,Apr,24 01:47

By thicknsmooth at 15,Apr,24 02:23
That’s hot man dam I would love to be on my knees in front of you and sucking on your cock

By thicknsmooth at 13,Apr,24 03:53
I enjoy cock more than pussy

By thicknsmooth at 13,Apr,24 03:49

By thicknsmooth at 13,Apr,24 03:49
Hot pics man

By thicknsmooth at 12,Apr,24 23:28
Wow that’s a hot story man, I had the same experience with my best friend when we were 15 years old. His older brother bought us Liquior and we got drunk I was sleeping over his house that night and he passed out as well. I had dreamed of sucking his cock for a long time and I finally had my chance. I slowly climbed into the bed with him and pulled the blanket back and slid his soft cock out of his underwear and started sucking on it. I felt it slowly getting spongey and simi hard. I loved the taste of it and the smooth texture of it and his head was amazing. I stroked my cock till I came. Still to this day he doesn’t know I sucked his cock

By thicknsmooth at 12,Apr,24 02:16
The story is in my blog, shortly after I turned 13 my uncle had been secretly watching me and studying my body and really turned on by my bulge in my pants. I was a skinny kid and I always had a pretty big dick. I was much more bigger than the other boys. He lured me into the back of his van and started asking me questions about my cock and how much I jerked off. He said he knew I had a big one because he could see the bulge in my pants. He said my pants were too small for me but it looks hot so I should let the others see it’s a big one. He then slowly started to feel it up and then he told me to lay down. He then started to pull my pants down and then he started to suck on it. Oh my goodness did that feel great. I let him suck on it till I was 18 years old.

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By thicknsmooth at 11,Apr,24 02:33

By thicknsmooth at 11,Apr,24 01:33
Wow that’s awesome I would like to hear the story

By thicknsmooth at 09,Apr,24 04:21
Wow that’s awesome I would love to hear the story

By thicknsmooth at 09,Apr,24 04:20
I was the same way really. I wanted to explore one also I got my first chance when I was 8

By thicknsmooth at 08,Apr,24 19:41
11 is a great time to start as well

By thicknsmooth at 06,Apr,24 01:40

By thicknsmooth at 04,Apr,24 04:46
To have a long high school hallway lined up with nude boys and have to suck each of them and make a decision as to who is the best out of them all

By thicknsmooth at 02,Apr,24 00:51
Wow that’s great beautiful memories

By thicknsmooth at 01,Apr,24 05:23
Dam that’s hot man I bet you miss those days

By thicknsmooth at 01,Apr,24 03:40
Wow that’s hot man
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I was really big at that age also

By thicknsmooth at 24,Mar,24 20:50
The biggest cock I ever had was a 19 year old skinny smooth black guy. His cock was 9 1/4 inches long and 7 inches around in circumference. A beautiful cut cock with a nice circumcision scar I sucked on him regularly for a couple of years.

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By thicknsmooth at 21,Mar,24 22:38

By thicknsmooth at 21,Mar,24 22:18
Lol I would have

By thicknsmooth at 18,Mar,24 21:07
Here is mine, 7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference

By thicknsmooth at 17,Mar,24 20:23
Wow that’s hot

By thicknsmooth at 24,Feb,24 01:17
That’s an awesome story man, I bet you love those memories. I enjoyed playing with the other boys at that age also. Great times for sure

By thicknsmooth at 24,Feb,24 00:44

By thicknsmooth at 22,Feb,24 04:50
Well my first time experience with another boy was the summer I was 8 years old. I was obsessed with my own dick and balls and was very curious of the other boys. I got my first chance with another boy the same age we sucked each other’s dicks and explored our bodies. I fell in love with the taste of another dick and never stopped from that day on.

By thicknsmooth at 20,Feb,24 04:36

By thicknsmooth at 20,Feb,24 02:12
I enjoyed playing with the boys and experiencing the feeling of first getting sucked and sucking on my first dicks

By thicknsmooth at 17,Feb,24 04:04
Here is mine

By thicknsmooth at 16,Feb,24 03:00
I was 11 I started letting the vacuum cleaner hose suck on my flaccid cock. It would suck it up and raddled it like crazy in the hose. I immediately got hard and it felt so good that I kept doing it until I suddenly felt dizzy and I felt liquid coming out of my pee hole. I pulled it out and so white gooey sticky liquid all over it later I realized that I came for the first time

By thicknsmooth at 02,Feb,24 00:22
This one is the perfect size for you! You’re welcome to come suck on it

By thicknsmooth at 01,Feb,24 22:30

By thicknsmooth at 31,Jan,24 01:13
I enjoy being alone and playing with my cock also!

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By thicknsmooth at 21,Jan,24 04:46
Age 13

By thicknsmooth at 20,Jan,24 03:19
This is my dick. It’s 7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference. It’s all ready a nice size and everyone has always complimented me on it. If I could change anything about it, I would like it to be 10 inches long and 6 3/4 inches in circumference. That way I would be able to self suck it again. I used to be able to suck it when I was younger and more flexible. I miss those days

By thicknsmooth at 19,Jan,24 01:11

By thicknsmooth at 14,Jan,24 22:41
Wow that’s hot man

By thicknsmooth at 14,Jan,24 00:06
I would hope not you have a great looking penis

By thicknsmooth at 13,Jan,24 03:59
7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 inches in circumference

By thicknsmooth at 13,Jan,24 03:32
That was a great time for experiencing the other boys for sure

By thicknsmooth at 12,Jan,24 04:04
I understand completely

By thicknsmooth at 12,Jan,24 03:44
Once you start you will always crave it

By thicknsmooth at 12,Jan,24 03:20
That’s a great age to play around and explore the other boys for sure

By thicknsmooth at 11,Jan,24 05:31
What are you waiting for

By thicknsmooth at 11,Jan,24 03:41
I bet that was a great experience

By thicknsmooth at 11,Jan,24 03:41
That’s hot man

By thicknsmooth at 09,Jan,24 03:28
The beauty of seeing some beautiful cock pics

By thicknsmooth at 06,Jan,24 02:59
I love a soft smooth cock myself