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How many women like men wearing panties

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Started by #672476 at 02,Oct,22 00:41
Recently started being fuck buddies with an ex gf from ten years ago. She's been in a relationship for 3 years but the sex has ended.

10 years ago when we were together she would do anything to please me and has said she wants us to explore together.

Already started pushing boundaries together but how do I bring up wanting to crossdress and play together.

Are many women into it?

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By cuntluver at 24,Oct,22 01:08 other posts of cuntluver 
If she does not minn then why should anyone else, besides who cares if they do?

By Moench at 04,Oct,22 21:46 other posts of Moench 
my wife force me to wearing lingerie and bra and she wearing boxer shorts and mans shirts in the bed room and have sex most of time
By #672476 at 08,Oct,22 13:34
With my first proper GF, each month we'd take turns to act out a fantasy/kink with no objections from the other one of us. After seeing ladyboy porn, She picked to roleplay with me dressed.

Obviously she had no idea I had secretly dressed up for years, but was the first time being seen by someone else as an adult
By Moench at 08,Oct,22 20:24 other posts of Moench 
wearing women's lingerie secretly is fun and exiting but now i cane wear 24/7 is like wearing normal mans dress and in my house nobody cares about, is so fun now to life like this

By Lvphose at 07,Oct,22 12:23 other posts of Lvphose 
I have a huge nylon/pantyhose fetish! A now ex gf would endulge my fetish even encourage me to wear pantyhose! Getting to that point begins with a simple discussion of your turn ons! Then you’ll figure it out from there! We got so comfortable and turned on by sharing with one another! Though no other guys or gals with us, for example I’d talk dirty like J imagine I and my friend were touching you etc etc! Heck in this clip J says I want you and S to me at me from behind that way I won’t know it’s you or him!
Watch, listen and enjoy!

By ivansoco at 03,Oct,22 22:50 other posts of ivansoco 
my fwb asked me to put hers on years ago...she loves it. We even go try on together at vics sec in the dressing room...mmmm

By SLUT! at 02,Oct,22 07:41 other posts of SLUT! 
Many women don't like it when you wear hers.
Just tell her you wear your own and she should be fine.

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