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By Moench at 13,Sep,22 21:31
long time ago ,yes but now i have more panties, bra and nylons than my wife

By Moench at 03,Sep,22 21:38
i totally agree with you. i don't care what other people think ,how i dress up and what i wear.i feel comfortable and sexy in my way

By Moench at 13,Apr,22 21:15
me too, i am proud of my little one ,same as you

By Moench at 08,Apr,22 22:07
i love to see, men with small penis wearing big women panties and

By Moench at 16,Mar,22 21:11
now i am 60 with only 4 inches and still waiting my dick growing to full size

By Moench at 20,Feb,22 21:52
i use hair removal creme from armpits to legs, is fast and 100% smooth, some days a lady shaver with 5 blade

By Moench at 14,Feb,22 21:36
some times ,my wife force me to wearing all day long women clothes .from bra with push up big tits, granny panties,nylons and skirt and have to do all housework like this and she call me Ma(name for mother), even in the bed and have sex ,my wife is the dominant gay and i am her lesbian girl. i love this days

By Moench at 12,Feb,22 21:21
at age 8 or 9 , we has to use the climbing pole at school 6 m hight. half way up ,i feel some things amazing at my dick and i hat my first orgasm

By Moench at 12,Feb,22 21:09
59 and yes, this is my every morning exercise and at lunch regularly sex

By Moench at 11,Dec,21 21:35
very small and shaved penis and wearing panties is my favorite

By Moench at 16,Nov,21 20:28
i love to do every morning and at lunch sex with my wife

By Moench at 10,Nov,21 21:42
i married 15 years now to a thai girl, and still have sex nearly every day

By Moench at 10,Nov,21 21:39
in my school time ,going with my class to swimming, i no have a bulb in my swim pants like all my friends, looks like that i have a pussy and not a dick inside, but after some years ,i feel comfortable and love to be on the small size ,going to nude beach is no more an issue ,i love people look at my tiny little dick

By Moench at 01,Nov,21 22:12
long time ago ,i meet a young ladyboy but we are only friends and go around the pups or he show me some history places around her country. so one evening at my apartment after a long day out ,and is wars late so he ask to sleep at my place ,for me no problem because i like only women and he is only a friend, so short story we sleep in the same bed and after some time he start to touch my dick and i feel so good ,so i touch her dick too -first time in my live-not long and my dick stuck in her mouth and he are a master in sucking, after i come in her mouth he ask me to do the same and she teach me how to do, its was amazing feeling and so tasty, i suck her dick and play with her big tits till he come in my mouth. this night i will never forgot

By Moench at 31,Oct,21 21:23
this is how i like and wear

By Moench at 23,Oct,21 21:13
beautiful dick, for me the same 12 cm and is a good

By Moench at 11,Oct,21 21:59
this is maximum small ,wish my little one like this forever

By Moench at 02,Aug,21 21:17
i love to play too

By Moench at 26,Jul,21 07:31

i have only this

By Moench at 31,Mar,21 20:14

for me always like this -small penis and big balls

By Moench at 24,Jun,20 19:54
this is all what i have

By Moench at 19,May,20 20:02

By Moench at 06,May,20 19:43
every evening i dress up in bra and girls sleepwear.i feel so comfortable wearing this ,i am married and my wife like me like this and she bought many dresses and bra for me

By Moench at 12,Apr,20 20:19
many time my wife comes down and see me watching porn and stimulating my dick with her massage vibrator. she only says ,,have fun,,

By Moench at 01,Apr,20 20:10
i like man wearing girly panties and if have a little penis its look more exiting

By Moench at 25,Mar,20 20:16
i am proud of little dick and like to show where ever i cane and i like people look at my little one

By Moench at 31,Aug,19 20:20
i think ,this is small

By Moench at 16,Jul,19 20:38
i love my little softie penis

By Moench at 18,Jun,19 20:30
very nice pussy too and soo big clit

By Moench at 17,Jun,19 20:37
this my GF,s little clit

By Moench at 04,Apr,19 20:47
i love to use the vibrator from my wife, only playing at my penis head and get a mega orgasm

By Moench at 06,Mar,19 20:42

i love my little penis

By Moench at 22,Jan,19 20:40
my wife like my little dick in her pussy and at the same time one finger in her buthole

By Moench at 27,Nov,18 20:32
i have my own panties and lingerie and my wife and my MIL knowing it and accept i wearing but some time i like to wearing some from my wife or MIL and if my wife or her mother missing some stuff, she asks me directly to give it back and no problem at all, both only smiling

By Moench at 30,Oct,18 19:21
my dick is to short to hold

By Moench at 03,Jul,18 21:42
nothing more beautiful as to wearing panties and

By Moench at 20,Jun,18 21:24
this are the big titts and nipple from my wife

By Moench at 20,May,18 20:11
i go to the lingerie section by my self, i like to touch all this beautiful stuff and at the cashier, i like she look at me but she don't think its for me

By Moench at 12,May,18 20:50
beautiful penis in sexy panties

By Moench at 02,May,18 20:37
yes, of course, nothing more beautiful than a little penis in sexy lingerie or panties

By Moench at 24,Mar,18 20:45
i play with my dick and the vacuum cleaner the first time just 2 or 3 years ago and i hat a amazing orgasm super feeling

By Moench at 21,Mar,18 21:04
nothing more beautiful and soo good feeling to wear girly panties,bra and lingerie if i walk,work in my farm or at night in the bedroom.i doing this for many years now and my wife like to see me in sexy lingerie too.

By Moench at 06,Mar,18 21:06
my wifes nice big nipple

By Moench at 27,Feb,18 21:41
big nippel and tits from my

By Moench at 26,Feb,18 21:09
i like to wear and like to see other man in lingerie too.i am not a x dresser only have fun and and see my self sexy ,i dont care other people think about

By Moench at 25,Feb,18 20:16
at the beach

By Moench at 19,Feb,18 20:31
you have very beautiful and sexy panties, your dick looks soo amazing in your stuff

By Moench at 18,Feb,18 20:53
i am sure that i am below 5 inch

By Moench at 16,Feb,18 20:59
its looks and feel soo good in panties ,i cant live with out,

By Moench at 06,Feb,18 20:48
also my wife like to watching lesbien porn,not often but some time together too