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Started by #669054 at 06,Oct,22 09:07
Ever thought about removing your penis and balls? I think it's a hot idea.

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By Ray10754 at 08,Oct,22 15:17 other posts of Ray10754 
Why would any sane person even consider doing this??

By Sir-Skittles at 08,Oct,22 13:31 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
DennisWow You are a retard and site mongoloid
By #680315 at 08,Oct,22 13:50

By cricrilover at 06,Oct,22 13:36 other posts of cricrilover 
Yes, that's my end goal in a few years, to do it very gradually
By #669054 at 06,Oct,22 20:11
That sounds good. Do you cut the balls off first, or the penis?
By cricrilover at 07,Oct,22 11:55 other posts of cricrilover 
My penis will be cut off first, and my balls will be cut off later... having balls orphaned from their tail...
By #669054 at 08,Oct,22 04:23
Very enticing. Will you leave yourself one small hole for pissing? No possible way to orgasm after that.

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